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 Porky Minch

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PostSubject: Porky Minch   Tue Mar 05, 2013 2:57 pm

-Character Template-


Name: Porky Minch
Secret identity: Paul Morgan
Race: Mutant
Age: 35
Day Job: Governor of Texas
Character alignment: Lawful Evil

-Likes and Dislikes-

Likes: Eating, Playing with toys, Candy, Insulting others
Love: Ruling, Being Loved, Destruction, Power
Dislikes: Vegetables, Boredom, Failure
Hate: Those who are not his friends, Those who have more power then he does, Betrayal
Fear: Death, Loneliness
Passion: Strategist



Hight: Varies, but usually 5'7
Weight: Varies, but usually 200lbs

-Important Info-


Probably Porky's largest trait is his immense narcissism. He feels as though he is the closest thing to God if not is God and believes everyone should worship him and never stop. He tends not to care about other people because they are just so beneath him. His mindset is that he will never fail anything he does, and even if he does fail, he will consider it a fluke or destiny that will lead him to further victories in the future. In his mind he never does anything wrong and everything he does is acts of a divine being. He feels that everyone that is not him is pathetic in comparison and hardly worth his time unless he can get some use out of them. To Porky, he is the only one who deserves the power to control everything, saying such things as, "The world doesn't end... Until I say so!" Implying he is the one who will control when the apocalypse happens. Even if someone of God status(Asgardians) were to talk down to him, he wouldn't even consider it an insult, because those who are beneath him cannot possibly insult him, because since they are not him, their words mean nothing if he does not wish them to, of course this doesn't stop him from executing them if he wishes. As for everyone around him, he views people as something that is either loyal to Porky, or needs to die at some point, unless of course he can get something out of them, or is unable to kill them.

Besides his God Complex, Porky is also immensely immature and childish. He does whatever he wants and if that includes insulting others, lying, cheating, then so be it. He will tend to always ask for sweets to eat, or perhaps potato chips, and never eats vegetables, in fact banning any vegetables from even entering his building. He will often use toys of all kinds to develop strategies against his enemies, whether it be toy boats or action figures, albeit usually using ugly characters to play his enemies, which is pretty much how he views them anyway.

Despite being immature and childish, Porky is INCREDIBLY intelligent. He has made many plans in the past to cause loads of trouble and never getting caught as well as worked his way up in the world and becoming governor of Texas simply by lying and cheating his way to get there. He seems to have not made a single mistake either, or if he did, he immediately fixed it with another plan of his, regardless, he is clearly in power over Texas now, despite being a despicable person who doesn't care about them at all. Escape plans seem to be his specialty, if he is ever in danger of being caught or killed, he seems to always get away somehow, whether it be running into an escape pod or flying away on a jet.

Despite the fact he has a god complex, that doesn't seem to stop him from being envious of people. Though he tends to keep this side of him inside, he has a strong jealousy of people who have friends, people who like them without the use of power, which Porky never had as a child. It makes him angry to see people who either have more power then he does or more friends then he does, which only serves to feed his greed and want to take over the world faster.

Porky is also incredibly lazy and lustful, often using his powers to control women's emotions and having them feed him grapes while he relaxes on a arm chair or throne. He even had his own room be done in a royalty style with fancy pillows, a heart shaped bed, and many expensive equipment, having just about anything he needs in his room, making leaving it completely pointless. He abuses his power a lot, using it to have henchmen do practically everything for him if he doesn't wish to do it himself, and because of his size manipulation, never actually gets entirely out of shape.


Porky was born July 18th to his mother and father Lardna Morgan and Aloysius Morgan. His father Aloysius was a business man from a popular marketing company, making a bit more then what an average working man makes, his mother Lardna however, was a stay at home mom and would always spoil Porky. From the beginning Porky was a misbehaving boy, picking on kids who were smaller then him and seemingly always getting away with it except when his father caught him, issuing spankings if he did. Porky also had a younger brother a couple years later who was named Picky, who looked similar to Porky and seemed to be more well behaved and nicer to others. This didn't seem to harm Porky's mind at all though, seeing as he cared for his brother.

At the age of 6, Porky had a rather average childhood, looking to his neighbor who was the most popular kid in town, Nick, and always tried to befriend him, though it was never really developed between them, Porky seemed to just want to be popular. Regardless, Porky seemed to be jealous of Nick, seeing as Nick had many friends while Porky had none, in fact, was often insulted by others who called him Porky when his real name was Paul, but eventually Porky didn't care what they called him, and felt the name was fine. Porky was a pretty cowardly boy, running away often if trouble were to happen, unlike his brother who seemed to not really care about danger at all.

At the age of 9, Porky was still the same as always, however, over the years of not having any friends, quickly grew into more of an obnoxious jerk, treating those smaller then him like pests and bullied them constantly. Despite being talked to by Nick to stop, he still treated Nick like a friend, it was pretty obvious by everyone that he was acting out his inner depression, so no one seemed to stop him considering he never harmed anyone physically. This of course, was a mistake by them, as it only began to feed Porky's ego, looking at those who treated him like a leader made him want more power, but he never thought he really had any talent for it.

When Porky was 12, there was a sudden meteor that landed outside his house. Quickly running out to check it out, his parents were out to dinner at the time. He took Picky with him to check it out, the police officers eventually leaving, Picky and Porky went up to see the meteor, only to discover a powerful force coming from it, a dark red spirit came out of it, engulfing Porky entirely and Picky squealed a bit, but that was it. Afterwards, Porky quickly rushed off back to his house, only to look back and figure out he had just lost Picky, rushing to Nick's house, he explained to him that Picky got lost. After convincing Nick to come with him, they made it back to the meteor and found Picky, who explained that Porky ran away which embarrassed Porky a bit. Once getting back, his father and mother had returned, seeing that their kids had only just then got back, they were punished with spankings by his father, and Porky was told he was not going to get dessert for a year, which pissed him off. After he was left alone in his room, he began getting a massive headache, a powerful force could be felt inside of him, and his pissed off attitude grew further and further, fusing with his envy thoughts towards Nick, he grew to suddenly hate Nick, while at the same time, felt friendship towards him, in this confusion he passed out on his bed.

The next day, Porky was talked to by a voice in his head, a creepy, foul voice that sounded like a demon, telling him to do things, rotten things, while at the same time, things that made a lot of sense. After walking downstairs to see his parents, he was suddenly told by the voice to think certain things towards his father, the thoughts included his desires of what he wanted to say to him, what he wanted his father to say back to him, in the end, the dark red force shot out of Porky's head, going into his fathers head, of course, only Porky noticed, it seemed to be invisible to everyone else. Suddenly, his father explained that he was sorry, why? His father never said sorry in his life, and yet he just did, completely forgiving Porky, he gave him his favorite breakfast and told him he would get extra dessert, which confused and shocked Porky, this voice in his head seemed to be teaching him things, powers that he now possessed, no, it was more then that, it was his destiny. His mind began to corrupt further throughout the day, his desire to control, to gain power, to be famous, it grew from desire, to need, he began to plan with the help of this voice, that seemed to slowly fade into a less and less demon sounding voice each day.

A month later, after finishing this plan of his, the voice spoke again, only to shock Porky once again, the voice, had become, his voice, it was as if he was talking to himself this entire time, no, it was his mind, his emotions, his desires, his destiny that was speaking to him, he developed this plan by himself, no ones help, he felt big, very big, immense, suddenly his body grew to be twice as big as he was before, looking at himself, he smiled big and shrank back to his normal size, with his new found power of size manipulation, he felt he was destined for greatness, no, to be the greatest.

Over the next month, he began to talk to the leader of a cult, his emotion controlling powers seeming to slowly influence this leader of the cult known as Hans, slowly making Hans like him more and more, until finally handing the power of the cult to him. Porky took to leadership immediately, looking at the small group of cultists who followed him like their king, it felt amazing to him, it felt incredible. While he could of used them to do pranks or horrible things, he instead had them do loving things, planting trees, rescuing cats in trees, things that good guys do, and while Porky was not a good guy, he was a bad guy with a plan. His emotion manipulation had the cultists go from respect to love of Porky, calling him King P, or Master Paul.

While the cultists were doing that, he sat back and relaxed, until he decided to bring out the next part of his plan, the cultists who got in good with the people of his home town, began gather information for him about investors, many investors, the best investors, whom they brought over to Porky. After talking with them, Porky used his emotion manipulation again, gaining their favor, and hearing their opinions on investing into certain things. With their help, Porky invested the short amount of money he had, along with the money he got from donations, into several different companies, that seemed to be booming.

The next year, Porky had been sitting back monitoring his cult and the investments he made, completely flying under the radar of everyone as he was doing all of this legally, and his cult was not evil looking, they were doing such good things. By this year, he had made 100s of thousands of dollars from his investments, his helpers the investors, who at this point were great friends of Porky due to the manipulation, continued giving him advice on what he could do with the money he had. They came to an understanding of what he could do, Porky of course, not wanting to deal with it, gave it to them to decide as his new fame made him out to be this incredible child prodigy, a nice child at that, a little angel. Porky was always a good liar, he began talking with people from all over the state, including one by the name of Monotoli, the leader of a massive company that dealt with several different objectives such as investments, weaponry, ect. This intrigued Porky a great bit, and decided to focus on Monotoli next. His connections with Monotoli got him a fancy coat which he seemed to love a lot, a red with black stripes shirt and fancy pants. Eventually Porky began messing with Monotoli's emotions, making him incredibly depressed and scared, along with adding a hint of happiness whenever he saw Porky, which eventually had Monotoli considering Porky to be his savior, handing the company over to him. At this time of course, it just made Porky millions of dollars, that he continued to invest and double it up.

At the age of 15, he was living in luxury, though for some reason, the voice in his head, his voice, it seemed to mess with him more, he wanted more, even with all of this, he still wanted more, he needed more, he desired more, it was his destiny to have more. He began getting together with his old cultists friends who considered him a King, demanding they never reveal his identity as the new villain, "Porky Minch". This of course, took the cultists by surprise, after all the good deeds he had them do, now he would have them do evil deeds, but, they didn't seem to complain or question him, to them, by this point they were so corrupted, they loved Porky, and would do anything he said. They began stealing diamonds, hacking into companies computers to discover passwords to banks to gain millions more, it was incredible, and yet whenever the cultists were caught, they didn't say a word, they were simply locked up, they talked about the one named "Porky Minch" but because no one was actually named that, it didn't lead anywhere.

At the age of 20, Porky eventually decided to have Monotoli nominate him for Governor of Texas, a big step in controlling the state was of course being the top rank of it. With the many advisers on his side, he began giving speeches, talking about many good things that he felt the state needed, of course, lying most of the time, as most politicians do, but he used his emotion manipulation whenever he did a speech, which had all the weak willed and normal people, even if they disagreed with him, start to nod their head and agree in some places, and slowly succumb to his "Charisma". This of course, eventually lead to him becoming the Governor, to which he makes most of his minions do the work for him. There was a group of people who seemed to try and stop him from being Governor, but there was absolutely nothing bad they could say about him except that he was a bully in grade school, even though no kids from back then really would of cared because he didn't hurt anyone. The cult he had sure it was a cult, but all they did was good deeds, and he achieved all of his money legally and with a polite attitude. There was nothing that could stop him.

He began to talk with many leaders of the state, including the president himself, slowly using his power to manipulate his emotions into letting him basically do anything he wanted, which included of course, changing the rules, making himself Governor for as long as the people want him to be, which would be determined every 2 years with an election, which of course, because of his ability, he would seem to never actually lose, especially since all of his advisers and workers were doing their best to better his image, while at the same time letting him get away with all the things he wished.

Despite being at the top of Texas, governor, getting anything he wanted, he still desired more. At this time he was 35, though because of his age manipulation, he looked to be 25, in the public square he was Governor Paul Morgan, a polite business man who wants the best for the country, but really he is the evil Porky Minch, a dictator who only wants to feed his own greed and pride. He began making preparations to try and find a deserted island that he could create an empire on.

-Powers -


Size Manipulation: Porky is capable of changing his size, meaning he can make himself thin, fat, giant, or tiny. His limitations for this allow him to grow to as big as 700 meters tall, and shrink to the size of 5 inches tall. He is also capable of growing or shrinking individual parts of his body without effecting the rest, such as making his body average size, but his index finger could be 6 times normal size. Thus ability also seems to effect the clothes he wears as well, meaning they grow in size if he does and they shrink if he does.

Super-Strength: Porky is strong enough to lift 5x his body weight no matter how heavy he gets, meaning if he weighs 200 pounds he can lift 1000 pounds, and if he were to weight 600 pounds, he could lift 3000 pounds, and so on.

Age Manipulation:

Porky is capable of changing his age anywhere from when he was 4 years old to when he was 80 years old in appearance, basically at any point in time where he could remember things clearly in his life and beyond. Due to being able to control his age, he is technically immortal as he cannot die from being too old.

Immense Durability: Porky's skin seems to be much thicker then an average person, which further thickens as he grows or becomes thinner as he shrinks. This allows him to take more hits then an average person can, as well as takes less damage from fire or energy, albeit it does not negate it entirely, it only shortens the effectiveness by about 50%.

Emotion Corruption:

This ability allows Porky to tap into the minds of those around him with a maximum radius of 100 meters. This ability can also not be used if he is taller then 20 meters. The ability begins when Porky releases an invisible force, to him it is red in color and in the shape of a terrifying face, once tapping into the minds of the weak willed(such as normal humans or mutants with emotional issues) he is capable of bending their emotions as he sees fit, even capable of making a person fall in love with him if they are weak enough. The amount this ability works depends on the individual he is trying to tap into, as stated before, if an individual with a strong will is hit by it, it will simply not work, or if an individual with mind powers is hit by it, it will also not work, only on those with a weak will or those who are an average human. This ability also lets him control his own emotions as well, which makes him nearly entirely immune to mind control powers used against him.


Porky is incredibly slow, his large body tends to hinder his speed, so even if a massive form, he cannot move himself around very fast, and is pretty sluggish when he does try to attack.

His emotion manipulation is also unable to be used against those with strong will or mind powers, however it varies from person to person. So long as a person has a strong will or mind powers though, they are unable to be effected by it.

If his size is small, he is easily beaten. Even though his durability is high, it becomes thin depending on how small he is, so if he was stepped on when he was at his smallest, he could be defeated immediately, even killed.

-Weapons andEquipment’s-

Weapon(s): None

Equipment(s): None
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Porky Minch
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