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 Embla, Goddess of Silence {W.I.P}

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PostSubject: Embla, Goddess of Silence {W.I.P}   Wed Mar 06, 2013 12:28 am

♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦




♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦

♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ General Information ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦

Name: Embla

Goddess of Silence - Cover up

Goddess of Death - Unknown Title

Elements: Death, Earth
Secret identity: N/A
Race: Asguardian
Age: ?? (Looks 21)
Day Job: Guard
Character alignment: True Neutral
Current Relationship: N/A
Residents: -Golden Gates-
Organization: -None-
Locations to be found: ((Anywhere she so pleases))
Sexual Orientation: Straight


Golden Gates is a lost world were only those who are wondering or lost will appear, it is deep space. A deep space that no man has yet wondered, in the deepest darkness pockets of space. This world was found only by chance not on purpose... It is a beautiful place were nothing is wrong, no magic expect the one who runs this place; Embla. This entire place is a gigiantic stage, as the entire planet is under a curse. A delightful curse at that, Embla had created a machine of tragedy; a machine which wrote a story... A story that keeps anyone expect those who don't see this place as perfect from leaving; then creates a story for them alone. Again; a portal to this world will only to those who are lost and feels as if they don't belong. This place has almost all types of alien races; even Frost Giant... This is where people are safe... Any magic that Embla doesn't allow is nulled by Death Magic.

♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ Personality & History ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦

Likes: Silence, Magi((Sorcerer/Sorceress)), her brothers.
Love: Gardens, Magic, Dancing, Studying her magical books, Harps, Animals
Dislikes: Thor. Sour foods.
Hate: Dead plants or hurt animals; Fire magic, Betrayal... .KRIS.
Fear: Never able to talk or even cast Magic... Not able to study... Massive Fear of disappointing her father.
Passion: Nature and Necromancy

Personality: Meet Embla; The timid beauty that is Embla... Now Embla is that type of girl who will not approach you whatever, she is one who admires from afar. It is not the fear of other gods, just protecting herself from any pain. She is that person who lets only those who really want to get touch with her or someone who finally comes over to her out of pure curiosity to befriend her. Loki, Being only one of the brave souls with even knowing who she was until later on; is her friend; will never judge him either. It the fact that Loki and Her had more the same common issues, as she well believes that Loki should be King of Asguard, besides Thor. Thor to her is complete moron who drinks, fights, and hogs the attention away from Loki even then, tries his hardest to impress his dad to most of the magi on Asguard wishes for Loki to be King. As Embla, she is quiet, clumsy and timid. Her tick doesn't help her at all as she freezes up and falls over like a complete moron randomly so every three or four post, there will dice roll. It is tick, a Magical flaw to the beauty, and it is really nothing she can do being Lady's Death partner. She is extremely apologetic, when ever she bumps into people, drops her books or anything. It just a bad habbit of hers. She is very shy around male's she adores, will try to do what she can for one that she deems worthy, she is devoted... To her everyone is just someone else... that will not become friends with her, unless they make moves... Black and white indeed. Quiet, She is more then quiet, people don't notice her at all as if she didn't exist. Like say Tio the Asguard she liked, just walked passed her even bumped into and his attention span would not catch her figure at all and continue on. Non-existence, indeed. Since she can no longer able to talk... It is even harder for her to trust people, since Kris cursed wire and decided to craving into mouth so Embla would be imperfect to everyone, to know she is forbidden..


It was the factor that Embla was not born, she appeared like a story herself would in Asguard; given a random family that appeared as well... As a goddess of Death would do so silently; Embla was attached to the family. It like how death appeared, The family of four brothers and a father... A father who was disappointed in Embla to all points and allows payed attention to Halder. God of Vigilance. As her brother looked down of her no one knew who she truly was. Not a single word of being the Goddess of death yet of the Goddess of Silence just circled around her. Embla's Father, Klin had promised her hand to random god one of the seven blessings yet this completely unknown to even Embla. She had thousands of years to study under Death, of Death magic... Nothing but Death would fill her mind completely, making her emotionless, shy to all otherwise.... If it wasn't too long before her life, until spark was lite in her world of darkness. Loki, the very man many might dislike or hate even just light a candle in her world. Upon meeting him, she didn't even know who he was, she had simply bumped into him by accident as she had exited the library with several basic fire magic books... He caught up to her for one of his books simply got mixed into hers then the pact was kindled. Loki was the one person... the one friend, she had ever had truly... He was royalty as She...could not tell him the truth about her secret. He brought the green; life magic into her book, plants, healing, and several other types into her knowledge as she was fair good at it. By the end of one night, she had mastered it, as it seemed to make Loki...Happy. Everything she wanted to do was to make him happy. Everything... She was in his debt... no she was his friend...even if he was evil or not.

From being a simple mage, her father had forced her into the guards line of work. Which she was fairly good at being who she was. Loki had seemed rather furious as ever with the brother and her father, yet Embla had calmed him down before any chaos had broken out. Being a guard for the royal court was not as bad one would thing, Loki didn't want her to get hurt. Once a ball had come about, Odin had told Loki about Goddess of Death and how he brought her into the party, which made him white of a ghost. Loki had confronted her about it, and he accepted this without even shunning her away as many other gods would... One night on guard duty, Kris had appeared, Kris the Goddess of MADNESS, capturing an Ice giant as her intentions were to take Embla as her Asguardian card... for her collection. Embla denied Kris of her powers and walked off to do her normal route. As Loki had randomly disappeared, Embla was left wounded from him disappearance. Nothing came too soon as Kris came back up and murdered a bunch of healers, then a royal court member in front of Embla then... Kris had frozen Embla's entire body...expect her beautiful face... with a needle and cursed wired... Sowed those beautiful pink lips shut forever; then Kris had disappeared... Odin had forged an magical harp in honor of Embla's courage through the murders of Kris, had her brought as a court member. The harp was the Harp of tongues.

Upon Loki's return, He was disgusted by what had happened to Embla's beautiful face. He looked in horror and swore to her that he would revenge her... No matter what it took. He would hunt down Kris until she was dead. Embla smiled in pain with tears sworn in her eyes, and hugged her prince in shining armor; despite his future actions. Upon Loki's return, Thor went to Ice Giants realm and when saved by Odin was banished. So on so forth, Loki was king as Odin was stuck ill... Embla was one who stood as his advisor, beautiful as ever... shy and sweet about her opinions which he valued... Confessing something that he would not tell another soul; on what he was truly, didn't shy Embla away... Embla was even more open as both of them shared deep secrets with each other. Now one fateful night... Embla was 'killed' by an Ice giant, yet her body was send to GOLDEN GATES where she would find herself for the next couple of years...Able to portal herself across the worlds... Golden gates, is the world of Embla's where she had created a machine which would create portals for the weak hearted and lost souls across the universe.

♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ Appearance & Others ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦



Height: 5'11
Weight: 358 Lb
Hair Color: Raven Black
Hair length: Down to her knees
Eye Color: Emerald Green

Natural/Magical abilities:

● ▌ ● ▌ ● ▌ ● ▌ ● ▌ ● ▌ ● ▌ ~Natural Abilities ▌ ● ▌ ● ▌ ● ▌ ● ▌ ● ▌ ● ▌ ●

● Understanding Undead & Sight of spirits
She has the ability to sense the undead and how they speak. Able to do this she feels that could help any unfinished business. If anyone uses death energy to control the undead then Embla would able to see it within them. She can also see the sight of spirits around folks; it is her supernatural feelings... All the feels.

● Un-Noticable.

There is a unnatural thing about Embla, that if a human tries to see her true form; he will be forced to look away or even he would see something completely different. She was un-noticable on Asguard, because no one wanted to see her expect Loki who actually wanted to see her... The fact they would see her form just not interesting at all. Only the those about to die, can see her death wings, her black robes and her scythe.

● Extremely Intelligent
She is the female who will be able to answer most of the question. Embla tends to be rather secret about it. She uses her intelligence to find weak points in her opponents, even overcoming disadvantages she has through thinking on his feet. Mastery Summoning is also even with the gift under Genius’ belt. She had plenty of time master and learn the creatures that she could possibly summon, some Embla created herself so Faust doesn’t even know about them. It is simple on how you know how to deal with them over a good time. Necromancy is a trait that Embla mastered to by herself.

●●Knowledge of Tongues
It is basically knowing tongues and able to speak it back to the other person. It is key aspect of being a able to speak with Death... So common human languages are the easiest, to something deep from some galaxy she would not know as easy.

●●Memory of a Book
What this means, she memories things after going around it once, and it will be stored within her mind. She won’t forget things unlike many people, birthdays, events, and her spells are the major things. That goes for dislikes and likes for those she cares about greatly. Locations are normally easy for her because she only has been to Demon World, Human World, and with the Soul Society (The portal of eyes Don’t count…)

●●Speechless Chant

This is gift that even Ran or Faust didn't gave her that she doesn't have to chant to summon her monsters or even speak about. That from her father's side she gain this ability, despite not that much information is given about him. So yeah, Summoning and any spells since she memorized them, she only has to do the hand motion. It is quiet amazing..

●●Medical Expert
This is the one person you want to come for help if terribly wounded. Due to her being death companion, she knows a lot about any type of body... Made her own discovers about any alien types, it is easy to work on others. Plus she fixed herself up half the time.

●●Facial Reading

IT is comes to the unless passing of games and the watching of people just talk... It is the fact that she is more able to read people's faces on how they currently feel. Like the common knowledge of someone just frowning 'Oh she must be upset'. Just the basics nothing too deep. Her eyes are sharp but they are not that deep...


●●Silencing Magic

Who says she able to be a whimp, this is passive ability that she push on others. Most magic users can not use their for four posts and really. Only way to

●●Sorcery in Green/Ice/Death magic

● Immune to Poison and Sleep
Due to the fact that she is a necromancer, poison doesn't affect her at all; she comes to see that poison is her child plus it is said it runs through Embla’s veins after all she is witch. Sleep as death is within her, she is completely immune to it. She is ultimate sleep.

● Feeling no Pain
Thanks to her ability of necromancy, she learned so some degree of being a doctor and one her natural abilities is to feel no pain. For example, she slice her arm open to replace bones or repairing herself if needed. You rip her arm off, she will just smile sew herself back together. It basically like fighting a punching bag, she can take it.

● Asguardian's Skin
Unlike most demon’s her blood is actually worth something, it is enchanted with magical goodness. It will heal you; all wounds will be healed, with a boost of energy to feel good and ready to bust a move. Bad thing about this is her blood is worth a quiet a bit, and a good bit of hunters already killed a good amount of witches for their blood only to find out other’s blood is nothing but poison. People can get addicted to it easily as well, like any other drug.

● Body Creation
Over the hundreds of years, Embla has mastered things and the art of the body is one thing. She is able to create beautiful beings from scratch due to her sources *Aka Portal of Eyes* and able to make some of the most mind blow masterpieces.

●Death's connection

●●Emotion Link to Death

● ▌ ● ▌ Immense Demon & Death Energy ▌ ● ▌ ●

It is shown through the thousands and thousands of skeletons she summons, but it is rarely sensed because she covers up her spiritual power if a simple a pair of earrings that she wears just so she doesn't draw hollows or anyone stronger.

●Absorbing Death Energy
It is passive ability that goes with the increasing energy every single day, it is because she can adsorb the energy that death has spread all of the please, according to folks everyone, it doesn’t matter what they did, Hold hands, simple contact of the skin, kiss, hug, snuggle, or sex. Everyone has death energy, and Embla is the veil who gathering it.

●Death’s Corruption

It is well known Embla is fighting a constant struggle against the complete take over her body as the time is coming closer and closer for her to fulfill her destiny. Of being the Death’s Body… Slowly as more and more Death energy comes her way, this corruption is wrangling her bodies no matter what happens. This corruption quickly based of how strong she is feeling. Saying if she pissed off and her body is pouring out with death energy and her own aura. It is when she feels most hopeless is when the full corruption well take over.

That is the only way she can stop the Death’s Corruption is increasing the output of it! Her emotion’s Love, Anger, and Happy are the only things that prevent it from taking over her completely. The passion of love, Despite Embla being a virgin (Lawl), It outputs her raw emotion out there; a kiss, hug, anything will transfer it back. Anger when she is searing pissed off, and her aura is flaring immensely it might take over half of her body but after the Anger disappears, the corruption level will disappear. Happy? Pure Happiness is what makes one person want to live for so many years; it doesn’t drain it but it stops it.

● ▌ ● ▌Expert Dancer & Singing ▌ ● ▌ ●

Embla was raised in the royal household of the demon world, Mino, there for the young girl had to take what humans would take. She had mastered ballet, along with several many more dances in which were ‘essential’ things needed. Enough at times that she dodge half of her enemy with simple dance moves. Her voice? The only thing she doesn’t do in front of anyone is sing because it might draw attention like her appearance does.

● ▌ ● ▌ Witchy Good Making ▌ ● ▌ ●

If there was anything that she is really good at it has to be the art of poisons & Potions. She could make the poison of many types. Strong to weak then Extreme to the weakest. With all type of effects, just ask her to make the magical wonders. She also makes love potions, charms all that good stuff. There is nothing she can’t brew; and she will tell you that right off the bat. Plus she enchants items as well but customs must being items to her.

● ▌ ● ▌Childcare ▌ ● ▌ ●

If there is one thing about Embla her skills give her an upper hand in, is that of act of taking care of children. Despite her common love children, this is the one woman who you seek all information and taking care of your children. Embla loves children but she will right off the bat reject to raise anyones; even if the mother of the child begged her do so, she will not.

● ▌ ● ▌Motherly Tasks ▌ ● ▌ ●

From all of her years if there was thing about Embla that men love, Embla knew how to clean, cook, almost do everything a housewife would do. Due to the late 1920’s of model of learning how to be a great housewife and mother, well fake mother to another god’s child. She knows how to sew, knit, all that yarn and pin and needle art work. These tasks were also displayed as when others was little tike, Embla created a blanket out of soft and fuzzy yarn, then after that he would pull the large ass blanket ever he went. Of course, he still has it, because cleans his room, like any mother-like figure would. Her crafting items? She keeps them in a chest at the end of her bed.

● ▌ ● ▌Brew the Brew ▌ ● ▌ ●

If she can make potions, she can make beer, liquor, and wine all as well. She was taught back in the true golden age of ale,wine and other goods. the medival times which a man gave her all his recipes when he ‘died’ that night by a whore, who was clearly poisoned her own serve plus being an asguardian who make can make ale is amazing. When other were tarven wenches, she was the tender always a kick the male’s ale with a pinch of dragon scale or a simple thing like that.

● ▌ ● ▌ Guardian ▌ ● ▌ ●

Name: Achilles (NPC)

Race: Lion

Type of Demon: Nemean Lion

Tier: 1-3+

Personality: Achilles is Embla’s loyal and faithful animal companion. To only Embla, he will act cuddly and warm to her , he would be beg for her attention. Whenever little Embla began to sing while stroking his fur and purring loudly. He loves Embla, her singing and her song. He always rest in Embla’s room not bothering to come out and keep his territory well kept. When company is around, he will stand by Embla to intimate the enemy and growl at him until Embla tells him to back off. If Embla is not in the room, and someone is wondering around it is, he is extremely aggressive towards anyone other then Embla.


Natural Abilities:

*Spell bound Strength*

A lion’s strength is no match to normal strength but when it is spell-bound strength slap four or five Shinigami down with such a mighty strike of it strike. He was given this gift by Embla herself for choosing her as his master. Believe the cat to be stronger than Aya Mino, Embla’s first creation and attempt to attach a soul to unnatural body.

*Poisonous claws and teeth sharp as Diamonds*

Another enchantment given by Embla again; those fangs could cut throw almost everything nawed but large cement bricks. In comparison, it might able to pierce his skin only but nothing more. His claws were given coat of poison, that poison will only the effect the being if it really dug into the flesh to break the skin.. It is only slow down the reaction time in general, it last 2-3 posting period.


- Her Magical Hiccup -

Like say about every two posts there will be a time when she completely freezes for a post or two that. It was because she is why too overpowered, this gift is basically a curse upon things. Unless it helps her cuteness; and the fact that others will feel bad.

-No Voice-

Thanks to Kris; this sweet angel is no long able to express her feelings through talk expect with help with item; so without the item she can't talk.

-Item dependency-

Most of the summoning require items to summon; so without those set items it will be pointless.

-Emotionally to distract-

She can be easily upset, that it can be used to save your life or even the aspect, she will be on your side if you do something for her...


Equipment(s): N/A


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Embla, Goddess of Silence {W.I.P}
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