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 Black Moon

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PostSubject: Black Moon   Wed Mar 06, 2013 7:21 pm

-Character Template-


Name: Black Moon
Secret identity: Rena Lisola
Race: Eternal
Age: 23
Day Job: N/A This being does not have a real job.
Character alignment: Lawful Evil

-Likes and Dislikes-
Likes: Rum, Cigarettes (Since neither can negatively influence her body)
Love: Cats
Dislikes: Hospitals
Hate: Goody-two shoes
Fear: The Void - An entity of nothingness which can consume all who comes within it's influence. She has not personally seen this entity outside her constant nightmares but is certain it exists.
Passion: Murder



As seen in the photo above she is a slender young woman with blue eyes and fair complexion of skin while sporting very long beautiful dark brown hair, though some may argue it is black, and she generally wears the same outfit at all times which is black leather custom fit to her body sizes perfectly. Though she wears what appears to be boots they are padded on the bottom to help keep noise creation down to an absolute minimum. She also seems to fancy black leather gloves.
Height: 5'6''
Weight: 96.7 LBS

-Important Info-

Personality:She views the world as a bottomless pit of filth and has no hope for the future. She see's the glass as half-empty all the time and because of this can be viewed as depressed though she herself does not suffer from actual depression. She does what she feels she needs to to survive finding solace in the fact that she exists simply to exist and needs no reason other than this to avoid suicide.

She has been shown to follow facts more than theories as facts are proven to be true by multiple entities most of the least in her mind. She tends to see things from a cause/effect, black/white, this/that, or true/false angle because of this and never allows her own emotions, some claim she has none, to cloud her judgement or thinking.

She is able to remain serious to the point of making those who know her well wonder if she has any sense of humor at all, though she does in odd ways, she focuses on the goal or goals ahead of her and does not stray from the path she has set for herself.

She has been known to be somewhat uncomfortable with other people and often find interacting with them as more of a chore than as a pleasure. She would rather meditate alone in a quiet room than deal with a group of chatting friends, though she is not so above being in such a situation as even she can sometimes feel lonely. Because of this she is often seen as cold and though still capable of emotions she generally exhibits no sign of it.

She is one of those people that can stand up for their goals and ideals even when they are afraid. She often shows capable of staring death in the eye and not flinching or even laughing at it while it threatens to destroy her. She is viewed as completely self-assured and as such is often said to be arrogant, though she herself does not like being viewed as arrogant, she is well aware of her limits and abilities and puts the priority of her own life above that of completing an objective. If she thinks there is no chance for success she will most likely run to fight another day.

She is highly capable of seeing through plans and deceptions, and pretty good at making her own as well. Having the ability to draw an entire battle plan inside her mind in just a few seconds and able to alter it easily when new information is obtained which changes circumstances within her plan. She also prefers to be neat and organized, maintaining a controlled environment within her "place of stay" and rarely "wings it" in a situation.

Background: When Rena was born her mother immediately died after naming her. The process had been so draining of her life force because of Rena's special abilities already being present that her mother couldn't survive the birth in a way it could almost be said that her mother died giving her daughter the powers she would possess for the rest of her life. Her father, having secret evil intentions for his daughter, had her sent to earth as a child and had the ship she was sent in programmed to teach her what she would need to know, as the trip would take several years because of how it was programmed to get there. Her travel was pretty much non-interrupted because of the out there ways it was travelling..however during the entire time she learned the "current" history of the planet earth.. about her self..her race..her overall mission as planned by her secretly evil father.. and even a high level of earthly education and some virtual simulations for combat training, though this would never be as good as actual experience it would be useful.

When she landed on earth she was already eight years old, but she was alone and had no way to take care of herself.. which would have been a really big problem if it wasn't for the fact her abilities allowed her to go without bodily needs for extended periods of time..much like a roach. she wandered into the nearest city which turned out to be New York and found her way into Social Services custody, by her own will of course since she had knowledge of it due to her education while in her ship, from there she managed to get a family that would take care of her and give her the time she needed to grow up. While going to "human" schools and such she used all of her free time, all of which she managed to keep hidden from her "parents" to train her body and skills for combat. She was meant, by her fathers twisted designs, to be an assassin in the service of the evil of this world. His reasoning, which she agreed with since she was raised on it being said to her, was that good could not exist without evil and evil was a necessary step in bringing out the best of justice. As an assassin she could do both good and evil at the same time..

She continued this routine all the way through high school without any real problems, other than a few violent fights at school throughout the years, which she passed with straight A's without even trying hard due to her space travelling education being imprinted in her mind for several years already. Upon leaving it, while maintaining a normal relationship with her "parents" as part of her cover, she devoted more time and energy into the growth of her combat capabilities.. The problem now however was that she had no idea who or where to start looking for the "evil" to which she would render her services to.. She began discreetly searching for one in New York but found nothing that was like "true" evil..just the normal gangs and mobs. She did not give up however.. She still continues to search for the "evil" so she may be of service to it. Figuring only those with like minded goals as her father did/does would be worthy enough of being her leader.

-Powers -

SuperPowers: Quintessence Force: Users of this ability will be able to generate their own energy instead of always depending on the energy around them. The energy produced can be utilized for a number of uses such as enhancing their own physical or mental attributes to superhuman level or above and firing off attacks made of this same energy. Drawing too much from this energy has the same fatiguing effects as overusing any other source of power.

Self-sustenance: The power to remove the need for bodily necessities. Such as eating, sleeping, moving, breathing, or anything else that the body normally requires to sustain it's living functionality. She is capable of this for weeks on end but has been shown to have an enormous capacity for eating food when low on energy.

Regenerative Durability: The Power to endure far more damage than an average member of the user's species and rapidly heal from whatever damage the user does suffer with the exclusion of the head being destroyed. (Brain damage being decapitated etc) She is able to close all wounds, but not fully heal the wounds, immediately after being inflicted by them (Prevents bleed out) but must actually expend further energy and some time to fully recover from any wound greater than a normal gash (Such as from a blade or a gun graze).

Telepathy: The Power to mentally receive and transmit information. She has been shown to trasmit within any point of a large city with relative ease, maximizing her range to any one person on the whole planet, though the latter tends to leave her mentally fatigued after more than a few minutes of use.

Animal Shifter: The power to transform into any animal, though her power is limited to those native to earth.

Vector Manipulation: The Power to control the motion and direction of an object and manipulate the magnitude of the vector values. User cause stagnant and unmoving objects to travel in a controlled direction regardless of the users physical strength or speed. Moving objects can too be redirected, essentially creating a "Absolute Defense" that prevents any physical energy or matter from coming into contact with the user.

Weakness: Ability Limits: Vector Manipulation - Attacks of a different dimension (i.e. Spatial Slicing and Teleportation) may bypass the "Ultimate Defense" unless the user can manipulate vectors of different dimensions as well( She cannot ). Telekinetics of a higher level than the user may have their powers bypass the "Ultimate Defense" allowing them to attack the user.

Telepathy - She cannot enter the mind of one who is hostile to her and she is only capable of basic thought reading. She cannot delve into their mind and learn everything there is about the person..only what they are currently planning/thinking.

Energy Reliant - All of her abilities are reduced in effectiveness when low on energy, some, like vector manipulation, being rendered totally unusable if energy is too low.

Physical differences - Though she is an Eternal, and they are commonly superhuman strong, she herself is more focused on energy generation and her abilities being used than physical strength. She can only lift as much as a double decker bus before finding it far too heavy to lift above her head. though she does retain an Eternal's toughness and overall speed output.

-Weapons andEquipment’s-

Weapon(s): Two hidden blades on forearms that can auto-retract and auto-extend as she wants them, one katana, one .45 caliber pistol with 16 round mag and two clips of ammo at any given time.

Equipment(s): Her outfit is specially designed to grow and expand to fit her shape in complimention to her ability to change into animals (yes an animal wearing a leather suit.)

-Roleplay Sample-

Roleplay Sample: It was the dead of night and "Black Moon" was stalking along the rooftops of the city as quietly as possible. She had found a gang ember who seemed to be the pawn of a much greater power than was normal for standard gangs and it had caught her attention.. So she had been following the oblivious fool for quite some time trying to find out who, what, or where this "power" was so she could determine it's worthiness of being her master. After a few hours of doing so it looked like the man was finally entering a building..very very carefully too. When he disappeared into it she waited a couple of minutes before hopping down and checking the area for traps before entering it herself. Upon entering she had to quickly dip into a shadow filled corner however because armed guards were spotted nearby patrolling.

With a quick sleight of hands and a dash she had downed the two guards with her hidden blades before they realized what was going on.. and continued on to follow the original prey she had set her sights on. Upon finding him however she was highly disappointed.. What she thought had been a power of evil greater than the mafia turned out to be it was indeed just mafia business happening with some gang punk.. Disappointed but still undetected she left the building and vanished into the night. Swearing to herself she'd find the organization that was worthy of her time and talents next time almost like singing a litany to herself.
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Black Moon
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