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 Ansatsu Sha - The Eastern Executioner

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PostSubject: Ansatsu Sha - The Eastern Executioner   Wed Mar 06, 2013 7:57 pm

-Ansatsu Sha-

-His Shit-

Name: Ansatsu
Secret identity: Ansatsu Sha
Race: ¼ Human, ¾ Robotics
Day Job: Contracts
Character alignment: Lawfully Neutral *to money and his friends*

-Fancies and Fuck Thats-

Likes:Hardcore and Metal. Lounging. Hitting on women. Pizza.
Love: Long Distance Headshots, How badass his sword his, Women.
Dislikes: Missing. Contractors that don't pay. Stomach aches.
Hate: Getting rejected. People stronger than him. People of his past.
Fear: Loosing the last of his human body.
Passion: Weaponry, Swordplay, and Rock N Roll.

-This is what the fucker looks like!-

Height: 6'1
Weight: 130 lbs (170 due to robotics).

-TheCrucial Dumb Stuff-

Personality: Ans has had a very tormented life, but despite this, the man is very carefree and outgoing. For a infamous assassin and warrior, you'd be surprised to find how immature and playful the guy can be. Don't be fooled though, Ansatsu will be quick to stab you through the back just as easy as he can shake your hand.

Background:Ans has lived a tormented life. His father was a hopeless drunk who constantly abused him. While his father came from a long lineage of ninja, his values of honor were long gone. A sore veteran took out his frustrations on his only son. The only time the two really hung out was when his father was giving him the basic training his grandparents had taught him. Although, each mistake was met with physical abuse.
As a result, the young man left his home city of Tokyo and became an American Citizen at the age of eighteen. Poor and out on his ass, Ans put his hand into the black pool of murder contracts, using his ninja training to his advantage. The boy was a prodigy. However, his father learned of his infamy and came to bring down his legacy out of jealous. Ans's father got the boys address and sneaked into his house. His dear dad set fire to the house, burning his son. The damage was so severe that most of his body had to be amputated. Though, with his dark connections and massive amount of money from his contracts, Ansatsu was able to be rebuilt as a cyborg hybrid.
He learned real quick to enjoy the time you have before someone comes and fucks it up.

-Penis -

SuperPowers:Look at the gadgets dumbass, he's just a guy.

[b]Weakness: Massive amounts of water, Large EMPs, Money persuasion, and the need to kill his Father.

-Weaponry andBadassery-

Weapon(s): Katana that can be charged with electricity so it may cut through anything (like a lightsaber). Top of the line Sniper Rifle and Handguns. Various ammos (Explosive, posion, paralyzing, etc.), His suit may release its own anti-gravity wave that pushes opponents back for a short period of time. He has shock cables that he can fire and attach to objects or opponents. His body is a weapon (Ju jistu, kung fu, karate, etc). Flame thrower is a one time use per day which resides in his wrists. Various Explosives (Small missles, timer grenades, etc). Not really a weapon, but he does have small laser beams he can omit from the tips of his fingers. He may also emit electricity from his hands.

Equipment(s): Ansatsu is made ¾ up of robotic replacements. These give him increased speed and reflexes. He may leap great bounds. He can bring a glass shield down over his face that gives him data to aid in his battles or assassinations. Ans can emit anti gravity waves for short periods of time (a window of a minute at the most). Can emit small EMPs. Can "after-image" himself, making him appear in several places at once as he moves. His robotics give him improved strength as compared to a normal person. Can go into an Omitted Verified Reflex Defense Initiation (OVRDRV) were his robotics go into extreme speeds, reflexes, strengths, and powers, but only for a short time before he returns to a weakened state. The robotics also give him a hefty durability and an immense will since he cannot feel pain (unless you hit him in the face). His boots and gloves can also cling to any surface using magnetics. He may also create a brief shield out of electromagnetic energy that is near impenetrable for a few minutes. He also has a scarab bot who can repair damages, but not in intense movement.

-DaFaqIs ThisShit?-

Roleplay Sample: [Show us what your made of]
No. I already did this shit.


From Dawn to DUSK, I will bring justice!

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PostSubject: Re: Ansatsu Sha - The Eastern Executioner   Thu Apr 18, 2013 2:08 pm



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Ansatsu Sha - The Eastern Executioner
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