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 Michael The Herooo!

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PostSubject: Michael The Herooo!   Wed Mar 06, 2013 9:36 pm

-Character Template-


Name: Swordplay.
[b]Secret identity:
Michael Sanders.
Race:Mutant. Here]
Day Job: Michael works at a nearby hospital somewhere in the city of New york city, but it was soon let to rest when his power was revealed to everyone int he office.
Character alignment: Good.

-Likes and Dislikes-
Likes: Helping people whenever he can in any kind of stress.
Love: He loves the innocents, who go about their business, and others like him who wish to help.
Dislikes: People or so called Villains who wish to hurt the innocents, and people who do not use any of their abilities for good.
Hate: The police, and the non-innocents.
Fear: Water, and drowning.
Passion: He is passionate for helping people and doing the right thing, and he is also passionate in being a hero but he is only shunned by the people he helps.


Hight: 6'04
Weight: 145

[left]-Important Info-

Personality: Michael is caring, but when any of his friends are hurt or himself is stuck in a bad situation, he won't hesitate to use his full strength on anyone who would disturb all of the peace he had. He himself has been in a bad situation with his family and began to go dark with his personality, and hid in the shadows and began to only help people, and leave before a thank you was done. He has never faced any villain or hero with abilities like him.
Background: When Michael was a little child, his father was an agent for a company that worked under the government facility. And his mother was at home, helping his other two brothers with their homework. His brother, Aaron, who was 13, and his brother Luke, who was 14, both went to school and grew up to be great business men in New York City. His father, Michael, passing down the name to him, was indeed a great agent, until the day he revealed his powers on a special mission, flying when the fugitive had been able to push him off a building. The men saw him, and Michael knew he could not be able to be back in the force. He went home and packed him and his brothers up, his brothers were sent off with their uncle, until they were 18 and moved out to school and college. Little Michael and his mother were sent to go live somewhere in New York city, another house where they couldn't be found. Michael sent them money for food every week. Michael was found dead on the news, hung by the top of a skyscraper where business men and women saw him through a high window. Nobody knows who did this, but after Michael knew this, at the age of 17, he wanted to get revenge.
At age 17, his birthday April 30th, which was the day his powers came. He began to go through weird things. He got in a fight in school outside the college building, where he broke a boy's neck, and another boy's two arms. He left his mother a note saying goodbye, but not what happened. He found out he could fly when he attempted to commit suicide off the building his father died. He traveled all the way up the building to kill himself. He found himself floating, and was grateful to his powers. He began to help people, but was still haunted by his father's death and getting in the fight with those two boys. He sulks in his apartment, and once in a while comes out to get coffee and help citizens.

-Powers -

He has the ability to fly, and has super strength. The super strength also causes him to be immune to most things. Like sickness, cancer, swine flu, fire, and smoke getting into his lugs, none of this would be a problem.

Weakness: When his rage builds up high, he begins to lose control and passes out. Poison darts or arrows or swords or any kind of poison would slow him down, going into his system. Poison would cause him to lose his power for 24 hours.

-Weapons andEquipment’s-

Weapon(s): His fists, but picks up things around him to use.

Equipment(s): None for now.

[left]-Roleplay Sample-

Roleplay Sample: Michael stood there at his father's grave. His jet-black hair moved through the wind as his mud brown eyes trailed over to the grass that blew. In his right hand were the flowers that he bought from the cheap plant store across from that of his old, dusty apartment. He truly did miss his father, he wanted to do what he did, work for the government, but it was to risky, he would end up in the same situation of his father, an outcast. And that is already what he is now. He set down the flowers in front of the grave as the tears were held back on the side of his eyeballs. The flowers at the bottom were now gray, crushed from his strength.

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PostSubject: Re: Michael The Herooo!   Thu Apr 18, 2013 2:08 pm



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Michael The Herooo!
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