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 Genosha's Reign.

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PostSubject: Genosha's Reign.   Sat Mar 16, 2013 11:33 pm

Magneto reigns over Genosha, mutants free, but they weren't before. The humans aren't aloud in the island of Genosha, or will be killed on sight on the territory. Magneto believes that all mutants should be on the island, for protection, and he thinks that no people will accept any mutants for what they can do, or who they are.

Magneto sent a team of mutants from Genosha to kidnap other fellow mutants. It was indeed going well until that of the Sentinels came, finding the mutants and improsining them in a new lab, who is the boss of the new Sentinels? This is unknown, but they have been shown to be having big information of Genosha, and have already planned an attack.

Under the Sentinels in the ranks, are the agents who track down mutants and kill them, or bring them to be tested on in the lab that is located somewhere underground in the US. Special teams are sent out to take powerful mutants out, and if good enough, only one is sent.

The Sentinels and the Agents were soon sent across sea and flight to the island of Genosha, and moved in in an army and several groups that busted down homes of mutants, and moved to the kingdom. Heroes have been called upon to protect Genosha, along with Mercenaries. The agents seem to be focusing on the large tower, the statue of Magneto has already been taken down. Villains have been brain washed to do work for the Agents, people like the Juggernaut and the Blob are already victim to the Agents and Sentinels.
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Genosha's Reign.
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