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 Asgardians Gods

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PostSubject: Asgardians Gods   Sun Dec 02, 2012 12:04 pm


The Asgardians are a extra-dimensional race of beings who were worshiped by the Norsemen as Gods. Their origins are shrouded in myth, making it difficult to nail down the truth of all of the stories written about them.
The Norse Myths tell the story of their origin like this:

Eons ago, the giant hermaphrodite Ymir traveled icy wastes with a giant cow. The cow began to lick the ice, and this constant licking somehow caused a humanoid entity called Buri to emerge from the ice. Buri ran off with one of Ymir's children, producing his son, Bor. Bor also mated with a giantess, producing his family, including Odin, Vili, and Ve. he three boys in time slew Ymir, though his power to reassemble himself has long been documented.

Odin and his brothers then at some point faced Surtur, in a conflict in which Villi and Ve seem to have died. Odin fathered other Asgardians, but at some point, Asgard and its enemies fell in the first Ragnarok. Out of this emerged Those Who Sit Above in Shadow, beings who fed on the continual reincarnation of the Asgardians and Ragnaroks. Buri, going into seclusion, remained apart from this cycle.

The worship of the Asgardians by human beings began at some point after 18,500 BCE. (The first vampire, Varnae, immune to post-Thurian era gods, once stated that he saw the Asgardians emergence: "I watched and snickered as your savage ancestors gnawed their civilization from the bones of the old gods". Who these old gods were is unknown, although Crom might be one of them.)

The cosmic entity the Unbeing, while impersonating the other cosmic entity Origin, claimed that Origin had directed the Asgardians to seek out Earth. Circa 10,000 BCE, Woden (an alternate name for Odin) and other deities were frequently invoked by human beings, and there existed a culture of the Nordheimr, whose people called themselves the Vanir and Aesir. The Nordheimr also worshiped Ymir and his first daughter, Atali. They continued to do so up to roughly 8,000 BCE, when harsh events forced many Nordheimr such as Niord Worm's Bane to migrate to the Vilayet Sea, which became the Caspian Sea. These migrating Nordheimr became the ancestors of the Aryans.


Powers and Abilities

The majority of the Asgardians all have some potential to practice magic, mostly but not limited to changing their appearances, transforming matter and wielding cosmic, elemental and paranormal energies. Though upon a world undefended by any known Sorcerer Supreme, all Asgardian races (like all sentient races of the Marvel Universe, including humans) have the natural ability to harness eldritch energy (magic) far more easily than humans, drawing upon the ambient mystical might of Asgard itself and power-objects found therein, though their magical strength wanes beyond their native dimensional plane, if never fading completely. It has previously been stated by the Sorcerer Supreme of Midgard, Dr. Strange, that personal vitality is a key factor in one's ability to harness magic and since Asgardians are many times more durable than humans they can manipulate far greater magics than most human beings. All known Asgardian races have super-human strength and are extremely long lived, not truly immortal like the Olympians but long enough lived to seem ageless. Each group has especially dense body tissue rendering most of them bullet proof to at least small caliber weapons. Ulik resisted high powered, armor piercing rounds but it should be noted that he is the strongest of Rock Trolls and is probably more durable as well. The Asgardians have been shown to be bullet resistant but not completely unscathed from damage by them, though the more powerful gods, such as Thor and Odin have shown complete immunity to them.

None known.

Average Strength level
The average Asgardian male can lift (press) about 30 tons under optimal conditions; the average Asgardian female can lift (press) 25 tons under optimal conditions.

The Asgardians are not highly advanced in technology, and unlike many of the Olympians or other pantheons, very few relatively wield magic; even Ares has been shown using it for various effects. The Asgardians were doomed to die and be reborn in the eternal cycle of Ragnarok, until Thor ended it, their lives bound to the Norns, Yggdrasil, Hela and Those Who Sit Above in Shadow. Even on Midgard without Ragnarok, it has been shown that "the touch of mortality upon" the Asgardians are greater than in Asgard, and, like Odin, their natural powers are weakened.
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Asgardians Gods
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