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 To become a hero or warroir (OPEN)

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PostSubject: To become a hero or warroir (OPEN)   Wed Mar 20, 2013 6:22 pm

It been few since he was apoted by a very loving mother since he also learn little about he had his new found freedom to do what he want. He had pondered on nice sunny day what to do with his life form here on out he hard for him getting used to thinking for himself but know he got tiny bit hang of it he finally made a choice. He wanted to to avoid people not to have the life that he did the darkness the pain the loneliness he close his eyes he was shirtless wearing gray shorts and was barefoot. His mind was tracked in loop for past for first few minute and so before and open them he standing on right edge on the safety bars on the rooftop of the hotel.

He open his hand and start practicing his martial arts skills while balancing skills this he never did before putting his own will being on the line willingly this to tecth him self disciplin. " I will let any other child go thought what i went thought, They won't be alone was I was till now and I never let anyone control me ever again." He going to protect every child form the darkness in world that wish and turn them into freaks like him. He was punch kicking nearly losing balance with each one but for every naer miss he learns and slowly becomes better he won't perfect now but in time he will. He then back flips into the air and reblanceing himslef each time the langing getting ever to naerer to textbook.

"I will protect those have have kind to me i owe them that much right?"
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To become a hero or warroir (OPEN)
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