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 The Jokes on You (closed)

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PostSubject: The Jokes on You (closed)   Wed Apr 03, 2013 1:45 am

It was the busy season after all. So it's no big surprise when a large amount of people show up at a hotel. However, to say they were suspicious is a understatement. Several men in large trench coats bustled through the door each carrying two to three bags apiece. Followed behind them....another man dressed in a trench coat. A very large brimmed hat pulled down shadowing his face. The coated men stacked the bags just next to the check in counter. They were followed and passed by their hatted companion as he made his way up to the check in counter. He rang the service once. Crossed his arms and waited. Minutes passed and nothing. The man sighed and made a motion to one of his companions. The companion pulled out a bowl made of what seemed to be fine china then a very large hefty thermos. The man in the hat took both of these items setting them up on check in counter. He even went as far as to pull out a napkin and utensils from his own coat. He rang the bell again. A man from the back room called out saying he would be there momentarily. This caused yet another impatient sigh from the man in the hat. He tapped his foot as he looked around the hotel. He was looking for something. He seemed to find it when a young man walked by. "Ah...excuse me sir." The man in the hat asked. "Could I bother you for just one moment." The young man nodded in agreement as he walked up to the man in the hat. "How can I help you sir?" The young man asked. "Well you see my wife packed me this soup...she's such a dear. But i'm afraid she just isn't much of a cook and my stomach is...well weak. Could I get you to try this for me first just to make sure?" The man in the hat asked. It was a strange occurrence sure. However in a hotel like this he had heard stranger tales. The young man nodded. A grin played on the hat mans lips as the young man bent over to take a quick waft of the soup. The man in the hat placed his hand on the back of the young mans head and shoved his face into the soup. The soup bubbled and the young man struggled. Vapor rose from the bowl as the mans hat fell off. His grin widened as the light hit his red lips. His pale face, his green hair, that purple suit that stuck out from his coat. There was no mistaken who this man was. "Oh dear...i'm sorry old chap. Didn't realize you had such bad acid re flux ho ho..." His snickering grew into a laugh as he rang the bell again. "Oh garson! Theirs a dead man in my soup! I demand to see the owner for such horrible service!" His laugh echoed through the entrance and down the halls. The Joker had finally arrived.
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PostSubject: Re: The Jokes on You (closed)   Wed Apr 03, 2013 3:32 am

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"The Queen of Hearts doesn't fall for the a peasant ... I made a 'grave' mistake at that..." - Hoshi Redwood

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From the side in the dark side of the Hotel in the bar, there was observably an uncover cop about to pull out his 89'maginum, yet he was a bit too busy ... Kling!~ Being knocked out. The ringing of a pure solid metal baseball bat blow against his left side of his head, all you hear is above is a skull just taking a nice crack that would be wise to receive. There stood the rather ravenous Hoshi would rather looked like that girl who liked her leather... A lot. She wore a rather baggy bomber leather jacket that had the sleeves pushed up to right about her elbows, White steel boned corset that was just the right size for her, with a part of dark wore out jean booty shorts. To cover those fine ivy legs were black fishnets that met up with knee high combat boots. Around her neck held tighten, spiked leather collar... As the face area; They could not see her narrowed icy blue orbs because of the copper tinted glasses hide them so very well; her lips glossed with ruby red lips stick and lollipop was stuck in her mouth. Her hair was draped along the bomber jacket, as it was the pop color. It screamed hardass and rather Oh fuck. Most of this men were staring at her bouncy tits as she glazed forced at them.

The damage for the cop; He would not able to talk for years to come from what the damaged Hoshi just caused him; just not enough to blow his head off. It would be rather distasteful... Her right foot kicked the young policemen down onto the floor 'Thud' and down he went like a bag of bricks. "Eh... Sorry but I am not going to have a little bitch ass cop, ruin my day. I just replaced these fucking windows." The bitter words spat out at the unconscious bacon before her. Now it was time to deal with the other problem... When she brought her attention towards the lighten area, the dame didn't have enlightened expression just took a moment to clap her hands, a grin as one would so know very well. It was the same grin, where she had a problem with one of Bat's little mini bats were trying to blackmail her. That sinister look when laughter was just ringing through out the entire first and second level of the hotel; if anyone knew that laughter it had to be the one and only Hoshi. It was the fact that Hoshi, Madam Cherrie may share the same interest. Couple steps exiting 'The Wishing Cradle', her body moving like one way as the other side was bouncing another, that figure eight body was something that you don't see almost every day unless you are ... Lance. The sight of the poor collage student dead on her floor was not really new to her; but it made her pull off those cop glasses as she ruffled her hair back. You could clearly see the sight in her eyes, this female didn't have enough to fear about his lackies.

"I do believe you are a bit early don't you believe Joker?" Hoshi spoke loud enough to gain his attention, as she placed the sunglasses in the middle of her breast, and clapping her hands happily. "Did the little bat present, Lance sent you..." Moment to flash back of a boy who was no more then 21 years old; black dusky hair with green emerald eyes who had plan to make Hoshi regret laughing in his face because she didn't want to 'join' his club house of heroes who weren't heroes. That was utter bullshit, She remembered tying him up, gagging him, and almost completely torn up clothing and beating the shit out of him with a note on his chest 'Please enjoy this party gift. The one of the mini bats who decided they could fuck with Madame Hoshi' then tying him up onto one of his thug's backs; with scribbles like 'Bat bait' 'Twat' and all types of different silly things like swirls on his face. "Make in it time?" The beauty stood there leaning on one side with hand on her mother baring hip awaiting an answer.


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The Jokes on You (closed)
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