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 Godmod aka Bryan Done

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Langdon Xristo

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PostSubject: Godmod aka Bryan Done   Wed Apr 03, 2013 4:50 pm

-Character Template-


Name: Godmod
Secret identity: Bryan Ramos
Race: Meta-Human
Age: 21
Day Job: Works at a comic book shop
Character alignment: good

-Likes and Dislikes-
Likes: he likes to read Comics
Love: Comics, Watching Anime, Role Playing
Dislikes: bullies
Hate: Taking meds for his ADHD
Fear: Getting cauing by an ocean current
Passion: Music



As a Superhero
Hight: 5'9"
Weight:185 lbs

[left]-Important Info-

Bryan is a nice guy who likes to hang out with his friends, Bryan loves to read, he loves books, comic books and manga Bryan can almost always be seen with a comic or a book in his hands. Bryan at times can be an annoying guy but its not his fault he has ADHD but doesn't take any meds for it due to when he takes it he becomes like a chair, not moving, and not making any sound.

Bryan is real protective of his friends and family, if you mess with anyone he cares about he will kick your ass he doesn't care if you are a child or an old man messe with his friends and family and you are dead. Bryan doesn't really care about what people say about him of even mess with him because he is used to it due to being bullied alot in middle school so he won't react at all if you mess with him.

When Bryan is around a girl he likes he is very shy and will sometimes stutter on words but that is due to him having very low selfesteem, because when he was a kid back in elementry school he had a teacher who picked on him beacause he had ADHD.

Bryan was born in Orlando Florida but moved around alot when younger and never really lived in Orlando, His parents are both Brazilian and he an older brother and one annoying younger brother and two older half-brothers. Bryan is very close to Ahir his brother from both parents, they are one year apart and are always seen talking to each other talking about Anime, Comics, TV Shows, Video Games, and Girls. In 2007 Bryan's life changed, Bryan and his brother Ahir discoverd somethign called Role Playing, they joined two sites one based of an Anime called Bleach and another a Naruto site, both sites would change their lives for ever.

Sicne both of them had just found out about role playing they needed someone to teach them the art and thats when they met their Teacher and friend April the brothers learned alot from her and were very greatful to her, and so the two of them got her to join the other role playing site they were part of, and when they were on the bleach site Bryan inspiered a boy named Ravana to join and Ravana brought his friend Tsuna to the site Tsuna, Bryan, Ahir and April became good friends. Some years later they all drifted apart due to Drama in a role playing site and they never heard from one another again....unitl the year of 2013 when Bryan and Ahir made a Super hero role playing site, on that site they got ahold of their old friends and started to have fun, on the site Bryan made friends with a guy named Orange and Kano.

One day on Bryan's site Heroes among us, Bryan and Kano were talking and looking at a super power list wikia page where they say a comic book powers and Kano told Bryan that he should make him self on the site and Bryan liked the idea and did make him self on the site and so after Bryan created him self on the site with the powers he listed he found out that he had all of powers he had listed and with the powers his weakness, but for him to use the powers he had to use the same Catch phrase his charecter on his site uses "Come At Me Bro".

-Powers -

To activate his powers Bryan must say "Come At Me Bro"

Comic Narration: The user can manipulate reality by making comic books. The characters, actions, speech, etc will happen in real life. This can also affects others that the user has not created. For example, if the user makes a comic of their friends becoming superheroes, their friends will suddenly become superheroes. The user will be affected as well if they draw a comic of themselves. Any being the user puts in the comic book will also come to life and will act the way they do in the comic.

Cartoon Physics: The user gains the ability to re-write the strict laws of physics in their universe to their convenience and is allowed to overwrite the laws with more lenient and much more absurd physics.

Video Game Physics: One can alter the laws of physics to mimic any and all video games. It is a sub-power of reality warping limited to mimicking video games only. This power can be similar to magic in that it gives the user a wide variety of abilities and can even give the user magic.

Dimensional Travel: The user can travel between different dimensions and universes and cross over different planes of existence or travel across various forms of reality.

4th Wall Awareness: Users have the capacity to be aware that their Universe is false. Through this, they may be able to carry out acts that, within the Universe, would otherwise be impossible.

Entertainment Empowerment: This power allows the user to become powerful when they are reading their manga, comics, or books; watching their favorite anime, films, and television; listening to music; or playing their video game. Though he will have the same powers as what he was watching, the strienght of the power will be much less then of the tv show, video game, comic etc.

Ritalin and Adderall if anyone has a bottle of ether Ritalin or Adderall on them and is near Bryan he won't be able to use any of his powers, even if someone has consumed one of the two medication and is near Bryan he won't be able to use his powers. The only power thats not affected by this is 4th wall awearness and Dimensional Travel.

-Weapons andEquipment’s-

Weapon(s): his mind

Equipment(s):He has some comic book pages with him so he can get the power of the heroes

-Roleplay Sample-

Roleplay Sample: [Show us what your made of]


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Psyga//William Xristo

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PostSubject: Re: Godmod aka Bryan Done   Wed Apr 17, 2013 11:29 am

Approved for the lulz
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Godmod aka Bryan Done
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