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 Vermillion and The Army of V

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PostSubject: Vermillion and The Army of V   Sat Apr 06, 2013 12:34 am


Name: Vermillion
Secret identity: ???
Race:Unknown (inferred to be human).
Age:Unknown (inferred to be in mid adulthood).
Day Job: Serial Killer
Character alignment: Chaotic Evil

-Lusts and Distastes-

Likes: Blood. Self Mutilation. Homicide.
Love: Control, Screams, Chaos.
Dislikes: Difficulty, Opposition
Hate: Dusk, Heroes, situations going awry, his past.
Fear: A World without Heroes.
Passion: The sight of Blood and Power.


Height: 6'2
Weight: 208

-My Wretched Story-

Personality: Vermillion is maniacal in every sense of the word. A visionary that inspires many as Manson once did, but on a much larger scale. A very lively, laid back soul for a wicked being that so enjoys quenching his thirst for a person's last scream. It is as if he is always working you towards his next goal, whatever that may be, he's not even sure sometimes. A lost mind has been corrupted, making him cooky but unimaginably dangerous. It is bright to stay on this man's... Or whatever Vermillion is's good side.

Background:Vermillion's past is now entirely unknown. The maniac leads on that he too, has no idea what exactly created the madness that he's become. Although, murmurs amongst the underbelly of numerous cities have put together bits and pieces of the homicidal enigma's rantings to form some sort of checkered past to the wicked being. The slums of New York claim that a tragedy happened. The higher corrupts confirm this statement, murmuring about some sort of wife he used to have. The criminal underground of Chicago seems to believe that it was the woman's death that caused him to go bonkers. The gun traffickers speak lightly of how he hunted down the bastard that killed his wife like a pathetic puppy, spreading his intestines across the down spouts of the house like some sort of twisted Christmas decoration. The punks in San Francisco seem to disagree, inferring that he would have murdered the man anyways, what really made Vermillion crazy was the thought of how corrupt and dark the world had become. Seattle's shipping lords say he kills because he sees that humanity has no hope left, so he is cleansing. Las Vegas's loan sharks are down right terrified of him, saying that he burnt his face to make himself look like how he was on the inside, and more importantly, less of a human.

Vermillion has his own vast cult following, spreading all across the states. Young teens and adults were in awe and inspired by his merciless revenge. A fire was lit within them that all who wronged them would face their wrath. If but one man could become such a legend in defying the system and its wrong doings, they figured they all could do so as well. The police, despite all this, like to pretend Vermillion doesn't exist in public hearings or questioning. Possibly because all have failed to catch him, with a line of bodies for those who have tried. However, the cult following of this legend exists. Some speculate if that's all it is, a legend to inspire the anarchist group that invokes havoc across the USA, bearing similar but varied masks in his tribute.

"But you know I'm real don't you...?".

-Apathy -

[Power(s): Vermillion has an unexplainable resistance to pain. It is almost as if he feels nothing. Witnesses have seen him shot by the police while escaping and continue running as if someone had flicked a toothpick at him. Some have whispered that the villain may be undead, but no one could be sure. Those who have seen him also explain an aura of malice that forces them to sweat and quake. Although no one knows whether this is a supernatural power, or if the very presence of the maniac throws all life into peril. Vermillion also seems to appear and vanish as he pleases, as if he is teleporting.

-Torture andBrutality-

Weapon(s): People who have seen Vermillion usually depict him carrying a raven black steel bat, stained with a crusty copper color. This bat has hundreds of nails splintered through it near the tip, mirroring the wounds on his victims. The legendary murderer is never short a few pistols and ammunition. He also seems to favor combat knifes every now and then. The monster is nothing short of an army, packing anywhere from grenades to concussion blasts. Depending on what he is trying to accomplish, the violent maniac has even been heard wielding launchers. Many murmur quiet whispers about the many torture devices he has locked away in various locations like shackles, stretchers, etc. Various explosives are also in his plethora of pain.

Equipment(s): Vermillion himself doesn't have much equipment. However, The Army of V, as they are called, have plenty of equipment. Anywhere from small to large vehicles as well as various bases and hideouts. The equipment varies on where the Army is operating out of. Some serve as more bar like settings, allowing liquor and even instruments, amps,etc. Others are strictly focused on the anarchy battle and have more military grade equipment.

"You'll accept me won't you...? I promise I'll play nice..,"".


From Dawn to DUSK, I will bring justice!
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PostSubject: Re: Vermillion and The Army of V   Thu Apr 18, 2013 2:10 pm

Approved (It is because Carter is no longer Admin, just need a repost for a person who is Admin.)


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Vermillion and The Army of V
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