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 The WolfsBane

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PostSubject: The WolfsBane   Sat Apr 06, 2013 10:40 pm

-Character Template-


Name: WolfBane.
Secret identity: James Mckane
Race: Mutant
Age: 17
Day Job: Working at a Pizza Shop, its known as: "Happy's Pizza!"
Character alignment: Good.

-Likes and Dislikes-
Likes: Meat, the forest, the sky.
Love: Living a normal life, being happy.
Dislikes: His abilities.
Hate: When his mutant power taps in.
Fear: If he hurts a civilian.
Passion: Helping people and being able to control himself.


Hight: [cm or ft] 6'2
Weight: [kg or lbs] 180

[left]-Important Info-

Personality: He is usually quite, even when he goes to work. When his boss screams at him he just looks down and stays quite, but if he sees a neighbor or anyone who lives by him he will usually wave with a smile or say. "Have a nice day." While going to work on his bike, he doesn't have the money for the car. The only reason he has the old house is because his mother had been shot whilst protesting in Chicago for more money for teachers.
The only thing he remembers in his life is that one day he had woken up in a tree in the forest, and when he looked to his right there was a half eating deer next to him. But his story still remains inside of his head, behind that of when he first discovered his powers. His abilities caused him near insanity.

Back as a kid around 12 he always loved the forest, and his father took him out for a walk. One day when they were using the forest, his father said: "Hold on, James, I'll be using the bathroom, just a second." His father had walked off, and minutes later before he could get out of the forest, a scream exploded through the air along with the slap of blood on several green and brown trees.

His mother was crying over his bloody body, and James just stood there looking at the body with several claw marks all over that of his body, and his face. His mother seemed angry instead of sad.

The man who had died there was not his father, for it was only his step father, but James did not know this. The thing that had attacked his step father, was actually his father, a mutant, a creature of the night that struck its prey and ran off. But it didn't waste its parts. It took his Step father's legs and arms and ran off on all fours, James could see the shadow running off through the forest, and before the creature could go in the shadows, James caught its yellow eyes staring into his soul.

His mother never talked about the moment that of his step father died, and never told James that he was not his real father.

[center]-Powers -

SuperPowers:He has the ability to transform into a creature that looks like a werewolf, 7'3 when standing on its hind legs, it has black fur and light blue eyes. He has super strength and super speed while in this form, and in both his human form and 'Werewolf' form he has enhanced senses. His fingernails can also grow and turn into sharp claws, and are hard as bones. He can run only for a medium amount of time, and can lift up to about 5 cars at once using all of his strength. He is able to go up to 80 MPH.

Strength: 5 metric tons
Speed: 80mph

Weakness:A silver bullet to the heart, and he also has a problem against poison darts and knockout gas, but he can hold his breath, though only for the shortest time.

-Weapons andEquipment’s-

Weapon(s): His claws

Equipment(s): N/A

[left]-Roleplay Sample-
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PostSubject: Re: The WolfsBane   Thu Apr 18, 2013 2:10 pm



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The WolfsBane
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