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 Claire- a.k.a. Titanite

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PostSubject: Claire- a.k.a. Titanite   Sun Apr 07, 2013 5:19 pm


Name: Titanite

Secret identity: Claire Aldridge

Race: Mutant

Age: Nineteen

Day Job: News Photographer (But wants to do more with her life that involves photography.)

Character alignment: Chaotic Good

-Likes and Dislikes-

Likes: Acting like a normal teenager. Cameras. Photography. Beating her rival to beefy stories and headlines.

Love: Getting her way. Being right.

Dislikes: When people correct her, talk down on her, make fun of her, etc.

Hate: When people touch her, crowd her, etc.

Fear: Being stuck in crowds.

Passion: Photography, protecting her friends (which are really just the very few people she grew anywhat close to).


Appearance: Very slim, has a bit of a muscle tone. Lavender blonde hair, green eyes. Skin is a bit pale. Usually seen wearing a tan short-sleeved half-jacket over a grey tank top with riding gloves, shorts, striped tights, and brown knee-high boots.

In costume, she is in black and white spandex (arms, legs, hips, and face are white) with a yellow T on her chest. The mask part pushes her back so it stays out of her face.

[Picture will be made soon]

Height: 5’7”

Weight: 140 lb.

-Important Info-

Personality: Claire has a lot of sass. She may be nineteen, and she is quite mature, but sometimes she tends to be a bit childish and immature. She tries to act tough, and she is a stubborn, powerful girl—but she still does have her insecurities, after all.

Background: Claire lived with her parents in a small town in Rhode Island. As a mutant, she was born with her strange powers, but it never really started to show until she gradually became older. In middle school, she started picking up thumbtacks and nails, figuring out how to control it bit by bit. She kept it a secret for almost a year from everyone, including her parents, but it started to backfire on her.

She was always afraid that everyone would hate her, call her a freak; it was always on her mind that nobody would like her, and the stress built up the entire time she held the secret, until one day when her parents started to suspect something. Her grades had been dropping, and she was becoming more and more aggressive and rebellious towards them—towards everyone. It was quite normal for a young teen to become this way, but she had stayed so innocent and harmless that they were surprised. Out of all the prodding they had been doing, she finally told them—but it wasn’t very pretty. She started by picking up simple things, like silverware and metal appliances, but it was fairly evident that they were scared, even though they tried to hide it and understand. It seriously hurt her to know that they were afraid of her, and from then on her attitude only got worse.

She became more and more defiant, and it started to get out around the school of what she could do. People started calling her names, or were terrified that they would no longer speak to her. Eventually she stopped showing up at school to where her parents tried to homeschool her in high school, but she wouldn’t even do that. At seventeen, she had it in her mind that she could do whatever she wanted, and was rarely ever home. She went as low as robbing banks for money, breaking open the doors and causing so much distress and damage. Police, and even sometimes normal people, would try and shoot at me, but with EMWs she was able to stop the bullets, and even rip the guns from their hands. In her head, she was unstoppable. She became way too cocky and angry at people that it ended up hurting herself.

One night she actually came home and her parents tried to talk with her, as scared as they were. They knew what she had been doing (considering it was all over the news) and tried to convince her it wasn’t the right thing to do, but it only angered her more. She ended up breaking down and screaming at them—she felt as if they didn’t really care because they were afraid of her. They never attempted to enforce any discipline as she grew older and more aggressive. The last thing she remembered was her father saying “I’m sorry”, and she blacked out. When she came to, the entire house was trashed and she was breathing heavily. She saw her mother cowering in fear over her father, who was limp underneath the television. She was in so much shock that she couldn’t even speak—she couldn’t believe what she had done. She threw the television off of him, causing him to stir and groan, which was a major relief. Her mind was wandering everywhere, until she realized that he needed to go to the hospital.

Needless to say, she was able to rip a strip of metal off of a car to hold her injured father, and with the help of an adrenaline rush she was able to carry him to the hospital. There were police at the emergency entrance, and immediately held their guns at her, but she showed them her father to let them know she wasn’t there for trouble. While the paramedics and cops were preoccupied with him, she managed to slip away, and ran as far away from everyone as she could, far away from civilization. She never meant to hurt anyone, especially her own family. Now the only thing she thought she could do was stay away from everyone, so she wasn’t dangerous.

Claire picked a quiet patch of woods in an isolated area to stay in, and eventually was found by a man named William Gregor, also known as Psigon. William is a psychiatrist for the super-humanly gifted, and had heard a lot about her through the news—he was able to find her with his helmet, which gives him the ability to read minds. He took her in to his mansion in New York and taught her how to control her powers; William figured out that her power focused solely on electromagnetic waves, and worked from there. While living there, she was also able to learn how to control her waves so she could fly.

William is a billionaire by inheritance, and was able to get her a job at a news station in New York City. She helps out with crime around the city with him, but one day she hopes to be able to live out on her own.

-Powers –

SuperPowers: In a sense, Claire is a “metal-bender”. She had the ability to control pretty much any type of metal using electromagnetic waves, such as levitating, manipulating, breaking, forming, and literally “bending.” (Think the show, Avatar.) Claire doesn’t always emit these waves, only when she wants to. She also can shoot EMPs (Electromagnetic pulses), as well as create a field of the waves, like a shield. It’s also the way that she flies—She is able to control how powerful the pulses are, as well as how big.
Weakness: Even though she is able to attack with pulses, she’s almost useless without any metal around, which is why she sticks around in the city. She’s also claustrophobic, so she never sticks around in the crowds, but she starts to hyperventilate and shut down.

-Weapons and Equipment-

Weapon(s): N/A

Equipment: She’s always carrying a messenger bag that holds her camera and a few other simple things, like paper and such. Nothing too important.

-Roleplay Sample-

The house was silent—she didn’t like it at all.
Claire dropped the thumbtacks onto her computer desk from the air; she was so bored, especially since nobody was here. Dramatically sighing, she sheepishly stood up and walked to the hallway, then continued down a flight of stairs into the living room. Normally, John would be in there watching television, but since he was out on a job call for wrestling and William was out at a meeting, the house was eerily empty.

Her wandering mind started formulating mischievous plans—maybe she could go in his room and find something to do. Nah… a cruise into town sounds a lot better. William did tell her to stay home to watch the house, but where’s the fun in that?

She made her way down another flight of stairs into the garage; she was never comfortable in big cars, which was why she demanded William to get her some sort of motorcycle. She pleaded for a sports bike, but no—she had to be “safe.” So, instead she got a moped. In the beginning, it was quite embarrassing for her to be seen riding around on it, but once she figured out that it fit between cars in a traffic jam, she believed it was the perfect vehicle for her, especially since she was downtown so often. Jumping onto the small bike, she pulled out her keys, starting up the ignition and giving it a bit of gas.

“Jeeves.” She said aloud. Suddenly the wall lit up, and a computer-generated face appeared. She looked up at it. “Open up the garage, and close it once I leave. Make sure the security is still on. Oh, and if Wil gets back before I do, then tell him I went on a joy ride.”
“He did tell you to stay in the house, didn’t he?” The computer contested, and she smiled.

“Of course he did.” She said, her smile curving a bit more mischieviously as she watched the door rise. Sunlight began to enter inside and brighten her eyes. “But he tells me to do a lot of things. Doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll listen.” Claire glanced back at the pixelated face, and winked before riding out into the road, enjoying the smooth breeze on her face and in her hair.
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PostSubject: Re: Claire- a.k.a. Titanite   Sun Apr 07, 2013 5:28 pm

Approved. Run free sexy magneto lady.


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Claire- a.k.a. Titanite
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