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 Tsuna Fukuda

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PostSubject: Tsuna Fukuda   Sun Apr 07, 2013 9:17 pm

-Character Template-


Name: Devan Masterson
Secret identity: Tsuna Fukuda
Nickname Crimson Dragon
Age:Looks 23 (real age ???)
Day Job: Idol
Character alignment: Neutral Evil (lawful evil tendacies)

-Likes and Dislikes-
Likes: Ice Cream, Pizza, Video games
Love: Women (can be kinda a perv), People who struggle, Destruction, Money, Killing
Dislikes: Cats, Broccoli, Beer
Hate: Children, Men, Cowardice, over arrogance
Fear: Doesn’t have any
Passion: Music and the art of murder


As Tsuna Fukuda (God)

As Devan Masterson (Human Appearance)

Height: 6’1”
Weight: 175 lbs

-Important Info-

Personality: Tsuna is the kind of person who seems to be kind however that is just a surface personality that he had constructed in order to get away with his evil deeds. He appears to be kind and caring. He listens to people’s problems and pretends to be an upstanding gentleman. However under the surface he is cold and calculating. He can be extremely violent and revels in destruction. However he has the sound of mind to understand that he is not always able to go on a rampage. Because of this repression of his desire to kill and commit acts that even some criminals would find disturbing he has created a second personality that manifest as a voice that whispers destructive thoughts too him on an almost constant basis. When his second persona appears all of his carnal desires are released and tsuna becomes several times more dangerous due to the fact that he has stopped caring about how things need to be do0ne and just does what he wants. Almost like a wild beast that can only be tamed if Tsuna reclaims dominance over his mind. Despite this he still functions in society quite nicely, to the point where people don’t truly see his underlying personality. He he were to allow people to see his true self he mind be considered a functioning sociopath with repressed sexual and destructive desires.

Background: Tsuna is an asguardian god that did not appear a lot in mythology. He is a god of utter chaos, atleast that is the way he likes to think of himself. He always hid in the shadows and caused absolute mayhem. As a child His parents thought him all the good things about life and how to cherish it to the uptmost. However the more they tried to drill these values into his head the more he began to loathe them for it. Tsuna from a young age showed a high capability with fire based magic as well as being more powerful than his parent. His Parents, not being very strong to begin with were over powered by their own child and slaughtered. Tsuna burned their bodies to the point where there was nothing left. Till this day people still think of it as a mystery how the two parents of the child were suddenly missing. However, some people suspect that tsuna had a hand in it because instead of being sad he seemed more at peace with them dead than when they were alive.

Over the years Tsuna honed his abilities and got more powerful as an Asguardian and made his way to earth. Here he became known as the concert cellist as well as a beet boxing cellist and climbed the ranks of society. Acquiring wealth and fame which he uses as a mask to cover up workings of villainy. Able to create clones of himself and several other powers allows him to appear in two places at once to give himself an alibi and his ability to change his appearance makes it extremely difficult to pin him for any crimes he may commit. He currently lives as Devan Masterson an 23 year old idol with many musical talents. Under the surface he takes on his Asguardian appearance and has been nicknamed the Crimson dragon

-Powers -

Magic Abilities
Shapeshifting : Tsuna has the ability to change between a few different forms. The most distinguished of his forms is his ability to shift some of his body parts/ all of his body parts into that of a Crimson Dragon. He also has 2 animal forms, a wolf and a Raven. He can change his physical appearance however he refrains from changing into women because of personal reasons he does not like to disclose.

Fire magic: He has full control over crimson yellow flames. It is what he uses most often when ifhgting although he does use his other abilities on occasion. It is the powers that helped establish the misconception that he is a mythical beast and not an asguardian. This misconception is something that Tsuna allows the populace to keep because it is beneficial to him that no one knows about his abilities. They are several times hotter than normal flames able to burning through almost any material. They can incinerate a normal human’s body within seconds of ignition.

Flight: Pretty straight forward. He can fly up to around 200 mph. However his aerial combat is not the best he is still able to hold his own. When fighting in the air he tends to make solid platforms in midair rather than flying around trying to attack an enemy. He finds this form of aerial maneuvering much more effective than flying around. Although fast he tends to use his speed of flight to make the needed get away.

Magic Solidification: He uses this mostly in the forms of force fields to block attacks. He finds other forms of it taxing and un needed. Other than force fields he also creates invisible constructs in midair to make up for his lack of aerial combat skills. His magic contructs come in many different forms however he never truly practiced the skill and thus he confines himself to strictly the combat uses.

Eldrich Magic: can create beams and blast of pure magic energy to shoot at the enemy. Able to charge it up in his hands or feet to give their already superhuman might that extra punch to send even some of the stronger asguardian flying back. He is also able to charge eldritch magic into his sword allowing for trails of energy to be emitted from the blade during his swings as well as extending the length of the blade.

Doppleganger: Although not employed much in fighting, tsuna is able to make multiple copies of himself. These copies have all of his abilities however they are greatly diminished. For combat purpose it is not the more effective method however it is extremely useful for creating an alibi.

Mark Of Ambrose: When Someone enters into a contract with Tsuna he is able to place this mark on their bodies. It allows him to know where they are at all times. They are not able to allow other to know his true name. People who have this mark are not able to say or write Tsuna's name. in nor way are they able to convey who Tsuna is to anyone, or else the mark will cause them severe pain. All information about Tsuna that the person learns is protected by a strong mental barrier to stop others from learning any information by use of mental intrusion. If the barrier is bypassed, all information about his true identity will be wiped, leaving only the information on his Alias, Devan Masterson, and the information of the Crimson Dragon. Nothing pertaining to the fact that he is tsuna Fukuda can be learned from those who wear this mark.

Natural Talents

Music sense: He has a great taste for music and an amazing ability to play many string instruments. He is most proficient in playing the cello. He recently has grown fond of using his Alias as Devan Masterson in which is a popular singer. His vocal skills, although good, are not on the same level as his ability to play an instrument.

Intelligence: tsuna is highly intelligent. He has learned to split his mind between several different task. He can be cold and calculating. Always thinking of solutions to get out of certain situation and what would be the best avenue for completing his goal. Although some people may state that he is more cunning tsuna tends to think of intelligence and cunning as going hand in hand. Like most asguardians he is not the best with technology so he is not the kind of genius.

Martial Arts: He has always had a knack for picking up different techniques. Although like most people he still had to work hard to learn them. He tends to pick up on things faster than others however the application of said skills he mostly learns through using them on others and finds many useful applications for different holds and many different sadistic torture methods for more devious applications.

Regenerative abilities: His healing factor is superb. Although his stamina will still drain. He can heal from most wounds and he is barely effected by fire. If his arm is cut off he can grow a new one or possibly reattach the old one. He tends to like the second option because growing a new arm takes time and he can not do so during battle.

High Stamina reserves: Because of the exertion that his powers tend to bring Tsuna has large reserves of stamina. If you hit him he will stand, throw him into a building and he will rise. He doesn’t tore easily and can go on fighting for hours on end without breaking a sweat. It makes him a formidable opponent. However his stamina will drain faster depending on how many abilities he uses in unison. If he is using several abilities at once his stamina will drain faster however that is only a semantic point considering that a normal fight wouldn’t last longer than a few hours to begin with.

Enhanced Strength: Like most asguardians Tsuna is much stronger than the average human. However he is consdered a bit above average in physical strength for the normal Asguardian. He can enhance himself using magic and hiw own equipment however without those he wouldn't match an asguardian who specializes in strength.

Speed: Although his strength is is only so so for an asguardan his speed is excellent, able to respond to attacks with amazing speed. In terms of a fighter he would be a speedster. Able to make up for the fact that he is not the strongest by being fast and hitting them hard with fire and pure magic power.

Mana reserves: Tsuna has a large amount of mana to pull on for his attacks. Considering the amount of magic used in a fight it can be inferred that his magical stamina is extremely high for an asguardian and Tsuna uses it in many versatile ways. When his mana runs low he usually has to keep his distance enough with speed alone until his reserves replenish.


-Weapons andEquipment’s-

Weapon(s): Blutsauger: A violet and black sword. Made from a mysterious metal found on Asguard and is able to cut through most metals on earth. It has the ability to absorb magic from its user to perform a variety of different attacks. It can change form as well. However it is restricted to changing into bladed weapons. It usually takes the form on a bracelet around the upper arm of Tsuna’s right arm.

Armor set: He has “light” armor made on Asguard. Although they are fitting for his speedy assaults they were made to be extremely durable. They were specially made to be almost as strong as heavy armor without the weight and allowing for versatility of use. The magic armor is concealed as a braclet on the opposite arm of Tsuna. He is able to call upon the braclets anytime he feels the need to use them and is even able to make only parts of the armor appear. The armor is enchanted making him 50% stronger in physical aspects.

-Roleplay Sample-

Roleplay Sample: (RP sample from a different site, the stuff about vampires just ignore, it's only a sample)

To tell the truth Tsuna was well adept to many fighting styles, his favorite being Jujitsu. He always had people underestimating his abilities but has always showed them otherwise. After learning of many different martial arts Tsuna soon created his own that he only uses if the need arises or he just feels like playing around with humans. He also used the data from april’s fights to incorporate into his own fighting style. Mainly he used the fighting blindly. Sight wasn’t the greatest sense for a vampire. It was mostly smell and hearing. He found that closing his eyes made it easier for him to fight. However, He has many other ways of fighting that are just as good. He had researched fighting styles from back into ancient times. Martial arts were used to kill ones opponent and not as a sport. By using this knowledge he was able to learn different kill styles along with one to incapacitated his opponent. Underestimating His ability was a grave mistake. Most who did, if he were to fight them for real, met their demise in a short amount of time. Tsuna wasn’t the type to get into meaningless fights. He has a carefree attitude and really doesn’t care for fighting, only when he needs to will he fight an opponent. Tsuna looked April straight in the face as it came fairly close to his own. Her first statement was referring to Tsuna having what most would call the gift of gab. He was never very fond of quiet places. When he was little he lived in a mansion belonging to the more rich families of the vampire community. In such a big place it was fairly quiet. This is where he first started to hate quiet places. He lived there for a long time. While in such a large yet quiet place he needed to find things to do. This is when he first found interest in the creatures called humans. After martial arts practiced he would hack into the human TV network and used it to learn many different things. Of course many things weren’t different from his own culture. In all honesty there weren’t many things that weren’t the same. During that time he also learned much about mechanical engineering and created a traning chamber in order to get stronger. But that is a story for another day.

Tsuna listened to her questions. Her first was why he was stalking her. He wasn’t thetype to be dishonest with his answers but he also wasn’t the type to divuldge any information about himself he deemed wasn’t things he wanted people to know. However this wasn’t one of those things. “Well it’s not so much that I’m stalking you, more like observing your battles.” Tsuna collected data on many different humans. It was just something you would call a hobby of his. He didn’t care much if people knew, that’s why he didn’t bother to conceal his reitsu. He did conceal his pressure though, most humans wouldn’t be able to handle it, in fact the only ones who could were Vice captain rank or captain ranked individuals. “I do have to say you’re not the only one I “observer” but I do have to admit you are my favorite” Tsuna said with a smile. Her face only being two or three inches away from his own he didn’t feel especially awkward. Yet again his smile gave off the carefree attitude that it always does. His hair was lush with color which only adds to his persona. Most cases he has been described as a expression which was meant to uplift peoples spirits. Of course April might not notice seeing as she had her eyes closed. He knows her way of fighting and her eyes being closed she could make an outline however, because he only knows the basics he doesn’t really know how detailed her outlines were. Even though her incorporated her style into his own he doesn’t use it mush if not ever. “I gather information on humans, it just a personal hobby of mine, it’s really nothing to look into.” This was the truth. It wasn’t really something that meant much, just something he liked to do. “If I go to your first question, I’m just interested in fighting styles in general” He made sure not to reveal the fact he researched martial arts meant to kill. That was a secret that only he knew. He didn’t want to divuldge that information to anyone. Even those he shared many things with he didn’t want that particular one to get out. For someone who doesn’t really like fighting for no reason. Knowing martial arts that were meant to kill would most likely cause people to look on him differently. Atleast this is what he thought, That was something that he didn’t want to happen. He liked his cheerful look. It was the best to compliment his persona. You could say he was somewhat afraid of how people might judge him for knowing things that were meant to kill his fellow being (except hollows and anything of the sort).

He did take notice to the way she talked. It was definitely something that had caught his attention. It had a certain grace to it. Atleast that’s the best he could explain it. He would have likened it to an anges voice but he never had one thought to believe in such things. However, people change, no one has any idea of what might be in store for them next. Her last question was why people called her a vixen. This was probably the hardest question she wanted him to answer. He wasn’t good at saying such things. He knew the answer, atleast the answer he was going to give. “As for your last question,….errr, how do I explain this,” Tsuna was having a hard time getting the right words “Well if I were to say it would be because you’re a beautiful girl” Even if he struggled to find the right words they seemed to roll off his tongue to easily. He meant what he said, there was no doubt that she was a very beautiful girl who would attract the eyes of men in the area. To Tsuna this seemed obvious so he didn’t really understand why she asked the question nor did he know whether this was the answer she was looking for. “People in general would judge a person based on outer appearance, you don’t seem like the type open up to people fairly easily so getting to actually know you wouldn’t happen”. Tsuna knew only a little, he definitely didn’t know about her peace offering deal. Whether I be human culture or vampire that just wouldn’t cross many people’s minds. “well now that I’ve answered your question I have one of my own” Tsuna doesn’t like to ask many questions. But there are times he feels that he just wants to know. “I do have to ask one thing, you seem like the type of person to shut people out, but then it’s almost as if your not doing it intentionally, it’s like you don’t mind friends but there seems to be something in your own mind holding you back from making them, mind telling me that much” Tsuna said. He doesn’t often try to pry information and if she didn’t want to answer it was all up to her, he doesn’t ask twice. He did start to take notice that their faces were sorta close. Although he didn’t really react to it very much his face did turn slightly red. This was a natural reaction for anyone. However, most people would probably show more of a reaction. Tsuna was definitely an odd person, even if most of the time he didn’t really take notice to this fact himself.

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PostSubject: Re: Tsuna Fukuda   Sun Apr 07, 2013 9:44 pm

Approved . Just be careful with the being incredibly durable aspect . I'm trusting you to play fair!


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Tsuna Fukuda
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