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 Qilem 216

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PostSubject: Qilem 216    Mon Apr 08, 2013 2:37 pm

-Character Template-


Name: William Cruise
Secret identity: Qilem 216
Race: The Zerms
Age: 172
Day Job: High School Student
Character alignment: Chaotic Evil



Human Appearance:

True Appearance:

Height: 5'7
Weight: 500lbs

-Important Info-


Qilem considers himself and his species to be far above others, considering humans to be nothing but a nuisance that are in the way of him taking over the planet. This feeling of course, spawns from his species, who all feel as though the Zerms are the greatest race in the universe. Qilem considers everything about humans to be inferior, from their organs to their minds, and isn't afraid to say so. He will however, try not to bring attention to himself when he is pretending to be a human, though he frequently has slip of the tongues which indicate he thinks less of humans. He is not afraid to show dominance over them, in school he constantly does whatever he wants just to make people want to beat him, but of course, Qilem can easily take them out without effort, and then laugh about it.

Qilem is also not afraid to take lives of those who he feels are inferior, which is everyone except for fellow Zerms. He has no mercy towards the ones he kills and has no specific way to kill them, just so long as it gets done, he will do it in whatever way he feels like. It is difficult to track Qilem down due to his different personas, and the fact he only kills in his real Zerm form.

Qilem seems to view human emotions as odd, seeing a human sob over the death of another is strange to him, since no Zerm actually acts this way. It intrigues him, but more in a mad scientist looking at what a rat does sort of way. One of Qilem's jobs is to observe the humans culture and take notes so that if they are going extinct, they have data on them and other species. Qilem also loves to test devices he creates on the humans, not really caring if they cause any bad side effects or anything.

Qilem has a strong love of inventing, whether it be a new weapon, or some sort of device that makes his life easier. Either way, he enjoys testing them on humans, but only when he needs to, and is very careful about his inventions as to not get found out by the police or heroes.

Qilem rather enjoys doing things that are rather cliche in a "villain" character. Things such as evil laughs which he takes great pride in. He isn't afraid to make the people around him miserable, doing things such as taking someones phone, tossing it to the ground and stepping on it for no reason other then to see how the human reacts.

He seems to prefer animals to humans, thinking humans are taking everything they have for granted, while animals are using their instinct to use what is around them and grow stronger from it. Qilem would not think humans are the dumbest species on the planet, he feels they are definitely still idiots and definitely don't deserve the planet they were given, only fueling his want to get the job over with faster.


On Planet Zerm, all new children are partially clones of former Zerms, except with slightly different personality traits. Qilem is number 216 to be cloned with a specific mix of DNA, though the details are far too complicated for humans to understand. Qilem was born already 3 feet tall, instantly filled with the knowledge of every Zerm on the planet. He was put into self defense and weapon use classes at a young age, learning how to use his ray gun and light saber rather quickly, he was much better then most at using them.

He seemed to have a strong love towards researching creatures of other planets, given his first job at the age of 10 which was to go to a nearby galaxy and study the life forms of the planet before it was to be destroyed by The Zerms. The planet had quite a lot of animals and he was not the only one to do this job, with him was a Zerm named Gul, a friend of his which had similar interests, though was a little lighter hearted then Qilem, though not by much, seeing as all Zerms were fairly violent. He spent 10 years on the planet, taking note of the many different animals, keeping research notes which were beamed to the mother ship to be documented and recorded for long periods of time.

Once his work was done, leaving the planet only for The Zerms to devour the energy and metals of the planet for themselves, he coldly didn't care about the planet he spent such a long time on. Spending the next few years traveling planet to planet, he began having a love for conquering. He loved the feeling of dominating over a planet and viewed all other species as inferior to The Zerms.

Qilem eventually gained the rank of Zuuf, which was fairly high in The Zerm society, though the rank only meant he got a specific job. He was brought to a new galaxy, hearing word that a planet known as Earth was immensely rich in energy and metals, Qilem getting the job of investigating the planet, documenting the life, setting up energy suction devices and drills which tunnel into the earth to obtain metals. Qilem of course agreed, immediately being sent to earth, his ship stuck in the sky with a cloaking device on it, creating a signal for his computer to monitor the entire city he was a part of.

Upon using his technology to manufacture money which had all the same marks to become perfect fakes, he bought a home and immediately turned his basement into his lab, setting up his giant computer and many other devices he uses. He used his suit to transform himself into that of a teenager, enrolling himself in high school which he heard to be part of the human culture which seemed to be the dominate species on the planet.

After enrolling he seemed to notice different social statuses of individual groups, such as the bull-e's and jucks, or something, its hard to make out the alien language, though he learned rather quickly seeing as a Zerms brain more easily takes in information then a humans. Qilem enjoyed pushing his luck, poking fun at the tough people in the school to cause them to get angry and start fights, getting away with beating the ever loving crap out of them because he can use the excuse it was just self defense. He didn't kill seeing as it would partly blow his cover. He continues his research and preparation for his species to take over the planet and destroy it by wiping it clean of its metals and energy.

-Powers -

Passive Abilities:

Iron Skin & Bones:
Due to their constant ingestion of metals, the way it is processed into their body causes their cells to harden. This of course causes their bones and skin to become as hard as steel, making them immensely hard to break, though not impossible. If a Zerm has not ingested a type of metal for 10 days, their skin and bones will become as soft as a humans body. The one exception to the 10 day law is a Zerms teeth, they are always strong enough to be able to bite through any type of metal. Due to his skin and bones being hard as steel, Qilem is much stronger then a human, despite not looking it, approximately 10x as strong as the strongest human.

Acidic Saliva:
Whenever a Zerm wishes, they are capable of making their saliva into a powerful acid, used to help melt metals in their mouth and to lube them up for easier ingestion. The acid is strong enough to melt through any metal that can be found on Earth, excluding adamantium and vibranium. A Zerms tongue is tube shaped, a hole in the middle which is capable of spitting acidic saliva. The saliva can be shot out 20 meters tops and is produced naturally in their body, thus there is an unlimited supply of saliva in a Zerms body so long as he continues to eat metals within 10 days.

Advanced Speed:
Due to Planet Zerm's gravity being heavier then Earths by a good bit, Qilem is much faster on Earth, running about 3x as fast as the fastest human (NOT SUPER-HUMAN *FLASH* DOESN'T COUNT) capable of running 3x as long as a human as well.


Antenna Sensory:
Qilem has a rare ability that not many Zerms have, his Antenna are capable of picking up signals from a 200 meter radius around him, thus allowing him to see everything in that vicinity, provided the one he is sensing has no way of blocking out the signal. His antenna will also twitch instinctively when danger is nearby, thus allowing him to react quickly. This ability is 100% accurate to his surroundings as long as it is not interrupted by an ability that messes with his brain or antenna, allowing him even to see a bullet flying at him.


Any ability that can mess with Qilem's head such as telepathy or mind control, will interrupt Qilem's sensory ability, thus making it not 100% accurate anymore and only about 30% effective.

-Weapons andEquipment’s-


Laser Gun: Qilem's laser gun is capable of shooting out a blast of energy that moves the speed of a bullet. The energy gun can fire off 50 bullets before running out and needs to be recharged. The energy blast is powerful and hot enough to pass through steel in an instant.

Saber: Qilem has a rod which he keeps in his coat which can be turned on to create a purple light saber that is capable of cutting almost anything, exceptions being adamantium and vibranium. The light saber can be active for 10 posts before it needs to be recharged.


Zerm Computer: At Qilem's home, disguised as a humans home, in his secret room he has a computer that is capable of locking on to specific locations in the city. This is done via a signal given to him by his ship which is above the city, cloaked, allowing Qilem to view any life form or any area in the city with simple pushes of buttons.

Zerm Suit: All Zerms are given an outfit which can transform their appearance into whatever they wish, thus allowing Qilem to appear human or animal, anything.

Metallic Gloves: Metallic gloves made out of steel, the fingers of the gloves seem to be able to stretch out to approximately 10 meters long, having points at the end of them making them capable of grabbing things from far away, and a potential weapon as well.

Metals&Devices: All Zerms have many different devices they use to create more useful items that can better help their journeys depending on what the culture is like on many planets.

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PostSubject: Re: Qilem 216    Wed Apr 10, 2013 12:31 am

~Approved <3~


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PostSubject: Re: Qilem 216    Wed Apr 10, 2013 11:45 am

Edits are made, and Re-Approved.


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PostSubject: Re: Qilem 216    

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Qilem 216
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