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 THE ZERMS(Custom Race)

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PostSubject: THE ZERMS(Custom Race)   Mon Apr 08, 2013 4:42 pm


Zerms range in many different body shapes, however they will always have fairly rounded heads. Their skin is green colored and they have bug-like eyes that vary in color, with no hair. Each one has 2 Antenna on their heads with varying lengths and sizes. Each Zerm has a tail, again in varying lengths and sizes, that is thin and tube-like with a hole at the end of it that leads all the way into their body. A Zerms tongue has a striped pattern on them, along with a hole on the tip which is capable of spitting acid. All teeth of a Zerm are sharp and capable of biting through any type of metal. A Zerm's hands and feet only have 3 fingers and 3 toes.


The Zerms are from the planet Zerm which is located 3 galaxies away from Earth. The planet is near 3 billion years old and is approximately 10x the size of Earth. The Zerms are the only species on the planet due to exterminating all other signs of life throughout their evolutionary path. To make up for their lack of food, they are able to feast on metallic substances such as Iron, Steel, aluminum, ect... Which after processing through their body, will be released from their tail as a liquidized version of said metal, burning at 2500°F, which they can reuse to create buildings or weapons. Eventually the planet began needing more metal and energy to develop new devices, thus developing space crafts to travel to different planets in search of them. After taking over several planets in their galaxy, finding small amounts of metals, more and more the deeper in to the planet they go.

They eventually found a planet with many metallic ores and substances, as well as a mass amount of energy. The planet was Earth. Setting their eyes on Earth, they traveled to the galaxy, creating a base on Jupiter, due to it's size being more at home, they used cloaking devices to hide their base and their space craft. Due to the usual ease of their operation, they will normally only send 1 member of their species to check out the planet and take it over, more if they hear the one needs help. All of the Zerms seem to have no compassion towards other species unless they meet one they truly connect with, though is highly unlikely, it is possible.

Powers & Abilities

Iron Skin & Bones:
Due to their constant ingestion of metals, the way it is processed into their body causes their cells to harden. This of course causes their bones and skin to become as hard as steel, making them immensely hard to break, though not impossible. If a Zerm has not ingested a type of metal for 10 days, their skin and bones will become as soft as a humans body. The one exception to the 10 day law is a Zerms teeth, they are always strong enough to be able to bite through any type of metal.

Acidic Saliva:
Whenever a Zerm wishes, they are capable of making their saliva into a powerful acid, used to help melt metals in their mouth and to lube them up for easier ingestion. A Zerms tongue is tube shaped, a hole in the middle which is capable of spitting acidic saliva. The saliva can be shot out 20 meters tops and is produced naturally in their body, thus there is an unlimited supply of saliva in a Zerms body.


The Zerms are very advanced in their technology. They have developed many different devices that can be used easily and effectively without having to carry around anything heavy. Each Zerm has a suit that varies in appearance, that is capable of changing the appearance of the individual into anything they wish, thus granting them a shape shifting ability.

The Zerms have powerful space crafts which can travel to other galaxies within minutes, along with several technologies which can be placed anywhere, not just a space craft, that can survey long distances and determine what life forms are in the vicinity.

The Zerms also have many weapons in their arsenal, such as laser guns, light sabers, metallic appendages, robots, ect... All with varying degrees of power.

*The Zerms was created by Keten*
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THE ZERMS(Custom Race)
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