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 CANON CHARACTER: Phantom Stranger!

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PostSubject: CANON CHARACTER: Phantom Stranger!   Mon Apr 08, 2013 6:27 pm

-Character Template-


Name: Phantom Stranger
Secret identity: (Unknown, which falls into the Phantom Stranger title and name.)
Race: Is seen as a New God since he has a limited omniscience, and can use magical abilities.
Age: Is told to be hundreds of years of age, around the times of Jesus Christ.
Day Job: He watched over heroes, and on rare occations he comes out from his home and fights in a physical way. He will talk to the heroes to choose the path of Good, and Justice, not Evil, and revenge.
Character alignment: Good.


Appearance: [Include Picture]
Height: 6'5
Weight: Unknown, because of how his particles are barily told to weigh anything, but within the simplest magic he can make his weight drop, or even go up.

-Important Info-

Personality: Phantom Stranger doesn't really have a personality, but is not directly having an attitude against evil men and women. He is somewhat enemies with The Spectre, but he does not fight him only if he insults Phantom Stranger's own law he had made, to not intefere. The Spectre has done many wrong things before, and Phantom Stranger has cleaned up his messes more than once.
Background: His orgin is unknown, but he has lived long enough and has done enough things through the world to have tales and wonderings of his background and history. One proposes the Stranger was originally a private citizen during biblical times and was spared God's wrath. An angel was sent to deliver him from divine wrath. After questioning God's actions, he commits suicide. The angel forbids his spirit from entering the afterlife, reanimates his body and condemns him to walk the world forever to be a part of humanity but also forever separated from it. He then discovered his divine charge, to turn humanity away from evil, one soul at a time. Some versions of this story imply that the angel to do this was not just a random angel but the incarnation of The Spectre of that time period.
In a variation of the Wandering Jew story, he was a man named Isaac with a wife (Rebecca) and a son during the time of Jesus' childhood. When King Herod heard that there was born a child who would be king of the Jews, he ordered the deaths of all baby boys in order to kill the Christ child. Among the people killed were Isaac's wife and son. Blind with anger, he spent the next 30 years in a rage against Jesus. Later, after being tried in part by Herod's son, Jesus was subjected to torture. On learning this, Isaac bribed a guard to assume his role in the flagellation of Christ. Upon this Jesus sentenced him into exile from his home and to wander until Doomsday. After the crucifixion, Isaac recognized his mistake and let go of his anger. He has since spent the rest of his life helping society, even declining an offer from God, father of Jesus himself, to release him from his sentence.
Another was a proposal that the Phantom Stranger is a remnant of the previous universe. At the end of the universe the Phantom Stranger approaches a group of scientists studying the event, warning them not to interfere in the natural conclusion of the universe. The story concludes with the Phantom Stranger passing a portion of himself to a scientist, the universe is reborn, and the scientist from the previous universe is the Phantom Stranger in the new universe.
Another tale postulated that the Phantom Stranger was a fallen angel who sided with neither Heaven nor Hell during Satan's rebellion and thus condemned to walk the Earth alone for all time.

-Powers -

SuperPowers:The natures of these are as mysterious as the Stranger himself, who seems to be effectively eternal, never aging. The Phantom Stranger has demonstrated enormous powers and capabilities, the exact origin of which is undetermined. He can travel enormous distances in a very short period of time, such as to the JLA Watchtower and Apokolips, as well as to mystical dimensions, such as Heaven, Hell and the realm occupied by the Quintessence. He can fire energy bolts of great force, travel through time, dispel magic, reveal illusions, and survive in space without any type of life support system. The limits of his power have not been defined. In many cases, despite his obvious capabilities, he claims he is not allowed to end a crisis directly, only to guide others to take the necessary actions (this restriction allows the Stranger to guest-star in virtually any title without becoming a deus ex machina whose actions would immediately end the story).

The Phantom Stranger's greatest and most well-known power is his mysterious omniscience; he seems to know nearly everything about any character and situation he encounters in the DC Universe, and in the JLA/Avengers crossover this extends to the Marvel Universe as well. This allows him to provide helpful advice and assistance to others. He claims that "nothing remains hidden to him". His knowledge has even allowed him to come to the aid of DC Universe characters trapped out of their own times. In Animal Man #19, Animal Man had found himself trapped in the 1960s in a ghost-like state in between reality and non-reality. He wandered listlessly, until the Stranger met him and offered a helping hand. The Stranger was already aware of Animal Man's current state of despair, and even knew that he was from the future (i.e. the late 1980s).

Although the Phantom Stranger does not wear a mask, the shadow of his hat almost constantly cloaks his eyes. When shown unmasked in the Madame Xanadu miniseries, set in Arthurian age where the Stranger's disguise was a simple cloak, his eyes appear as white and devoid of irises and pupils even in broad light, and his eyes sunken in a gaunt, sad visage, thus perpetuating the shadowy look around them.

Weakness:His weakness is quite easy. People can easily overpower him because he has not trained in the physical acts. But Phantom Stranger focuses on tactic, really. Stronger magic can hurt him and overpower him. The ancient, magical language known as Enochian is said to be basic poison for him.

[right]-Weapons andEquipment’s- He can be struck down with a powerful energy, easily, but he can easily teleport. Magic and even swords can hurt him, but bullets are unknown. Phantom Stranger is not a God, but is seen as one because of his great knowledge of the universe, but does not known everything.

Weapon(s): Unknown

Equipment(s): His pendant that has 30 pieces of silver, it is said to be made of 30 pieces of silver, 29 now from when he defeated The Spectre, destroying his plans. It was seen to be a punishment for betraying Jesus from God himself, or so people think.

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PostSubject: Re: CANON CHARACTER: Phantom Stranger!   Tue Apr 09, 2013 8:36 pm

Within the coldest of nights, the man walked down the dark allyway, the police sirens wailed through the air of Gotham City. The man had a White Sox hat atop his head, and wore a dark trench coat. He was shivering and continuously looked back, turning the corner the flap of his coat moving through the air.

News was spread that the big Bat wasn't around, and the commissionaire couldnt really do shit with that of all these gangs entering Gotham City. With Batman gone, they had the opportunity to move into a full on gang war of Cocaine and Guns, women and sex. The man took off his hat and entered that of the house slowly, pick locking it before he had opened it.

The door creeked, only for a bit to let the man then leap to the right and hide behind that of a corner, shaking as sweat hit the ground, closing the door with spreading four of his fingers outward, grasping the knob.

The only reason Chris, this man, did this was because of how he wanted the money, and how he wanted to be seen to Gotham City gangs, a powerful man. But what was he? Only a snitch for multiple gangs, and a hitman. And assasssinating, you could call it, was what he was about to do now.

Before he could move into the bedroom of the Gang member, Rico Sanchez, A bright light extended through the air. Chris was so suprised the gang member didnt awaken with that of the thought of the holy light spreading outward. The sound of a flapping cape exploded through the air, and a blue substance wrapped around Christopher, moving him into the magic of the cloak itself.

Chris floated through the void, and was terrified. " T's only an illusion do not be afraid." A deep voice boomed through that of the cosmos, two stars twinkling, then moving close to each other. Then a giant man appeared, his legs stretching down through the cosmos. "You do not choose the path of Justice, Christopher." The man said.

He looked forth and his color finally let himself become in full detail. The giant man was wearing a blue cloak, and had a matching blue hat atop his head, the stars that had almost came together seemed to be his eyes. His skin was pale, but it was also hard to see. The collar of the cloak popped out, and then folded. A triangular chain stuck to left and right of his cloak and moved into the shape of a triangle, letting it dangle, it was made of silver.

And then, a giant skull appeared from the cosmos, and then from the giant skull another giant man appeared in the cosmos, the man wore a green cloak, simple as that, with a green hood on his face. But that was not all. He had green glowing eyes, and pale skin like the other.

"Choose the right path, Christopher." The man in the blue said.
"For do not fear me, My name is the Phantom Stranger. I am here to let you upon the path of forgiveness." The man in the blue said, now introducing himself.

"Why forgiveness? Why be a little good boy?" The man in the green said, with a deep, dark voice. Darker than the Phantom Stranger's. "My name is The Spectre. I am the spirit of vengeance." It said, and let its voice once more boom through the cosmos. "Why let the man live, he is scum. And do you not remember? That old man, was the one who killed your father, with the rest of his gang. SEE FOR YOURSELF!" A green light exploded through the air, and a portal appeared, grasping the cosmos and ripping it away like a cartoon.

Soon, Christopher stood there next to the Spectre and the Phantom Stranger, who were smaller, about 6 or 7 ft tall. Christopher looked to the right, it was a child dressed in a football jersey, and he had blue eyes and blonde hair. It was Christopher in his young form, about 12 he was. "Yes, this is you, now let us move back in time, more, Christopher." Spectre waved his hand once more from his cloak and grinned, everything changed, into that of the streets of Atlanta, Georgia.

A black limo sat next to the side of the curb, and inside was the younger form of the crime boss, Rico Sanchez. He had a tuxedo on with slicked back hair, and brown eyes, much skinnier than he was before. Next to him sat a man with a hat on his head and he had blue eyes, blonde hair stuck out a bit. Smiling. He was about in his 20's, dressed in a simple leather jacket and dirty shoes and blue jeans. His smile then faded slowly.

"So.. you mean to tell me I have to assassinate that man, in that cleaners shop, for what, give me a reason?" The man with the blue eyes said. "Because I SAID SO, David." Rico said, revealing the man's name to the three watchers. David's smile dropped more and he got out of the car, moving across the street he then moved into that of the cleaning store, the smell of clean clothes drifted through the air.

David looked over at a man in that of a blue t-shirt, and was happily washing his clothes, putting baby clothes in the washer machine. David shook his head and held up a gone slowly, and put his finger on the trigger, aiming.

Suddenly, Rico busted through the window and hit David in the side of the head with his pistol. David hit the ground and let his pistol slide across the floor. People screamed and ran out of the store as quick as possible. "Why, Mr. Sanchez? Why?" David said, blood all over his face. "I know you ratted me out to the cops, you're no hitman, you're a cop." David looked up at Rico as he said this, seeing his plan had failed. "Have a nice life." Several shots moved through the air and screams of pain from David, and then it went silent.

The Spectre grinned and purred with amusement, closing the film. "Do you see now, Christopher? This is why you must let vengeance take course!" The evil man, smiled now.

Phantom Stranger shook his head and waved his hand through the air, and let another scene from the history come, the words came again: "You're no hitman, you're a cop." Phantom Stranger then slowly closed it and moved his head down once more, he knew this case would be set with either one, with no doubt, he knew The Spectre's, also known as his enemy, case was legit.

"He was a police man." Phantom Stranger said, slowly, head still down. "Vengeance is not the case, you wish to have it and let that of the weight of life lift off of your shoulder, let it all come back? Karma comes back and puts it back onto your body, Christopher." Phantom Stranger slowly turned, and began to walk away through the void. "He was a police man, yes, and you can be also. Life is not all about good things. With good things done from you, good things will come in return. And so within the path of vengeance, only pain, and it will let your heart become cold like the heart of Rico Sanchez." Phantom Stranger put his hand up, and it began to close into a fist. "Do not become like Rico, you can be better than, and you can build a life, with children."

A bright light exploded through the room, and there Christopher was, hiding behind the corner and looking at the old man sleep peacefully. Phantom Stranger and The Spectre watched him. There was a scale in the middle of the two that stood in complete darkness, except for the giant screen like box that showed Christopher. The scale had two cups. On the right side was Christopher standing their with two kids, a boy and a girl, and a beautiful wife. On the left, where the Specter stood, there was a picture of Christopher murdering a family, and was very obese, another greedy, wealthy, crime lord. Christopher was making his own choice, and this is what the two wanted. But Specter wanted his OWN choice to be his, and so did the Phantom Stranger.

Christopher looked at the old man and looked up. "I will do what God wants me to do. And this is choose the path of the holyness. DO YOU HEAR ME YOU TWO?! I AM A GOOD MAN!" Christopher smiled up and put his hands up. Rico got up and then slammed his hand on a button on the desk, sirens wailed in the big house.

Several men with guns and in tuxedos, ran in and pointed the guns at Christopher. What was going on?.. Karma.. or maybe it was something up. It wasnt one of Sanchez's guard groups, it was the police that had came into the house, having proof of many deaths from the crime lord, all connected to him from his underlings. "FREEZE! NYPD!" One said, pointing the gun at Christopher. "No.. you don't understand. I'm good now.." Christopher walked forth, and moved his hands to the guns. "Just put those dow---" BAM, BAM BAM BAM! The police men shot Christopher in his chest. Christopher gaped, and looked at all of the bad things in life, and slammed to the floor. He tried to do good, and he did within changing his mind.

The box showing this death closed, and the Phantom Stranger looked over. "I am indeed.. pleased that this man has chose the right path, I can feel his soul moving into heaven. Yet.. it was indeed weird how randomly those police men showed up." The Phantom Stranger said, dully, but curiosity moved through his words.

"Indeed.. weird." The Spectre gave an evil grin, and the both of the two men then dissapeared.

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PostSubject: Re: CANON CHARACTER: Phantom Stranger!   Sat Apr 13, 2013 7:48 pm

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PostSubject: Re: CANON CHARACTER: Phantom Stranger!   

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CANON CHARACTER: Phantom Stranger!
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