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 Confictura [Finished]

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PostSubject: Confictura [Finished]   Thu Apr 11, 2013 8:43 pm

-Character Template-

Name: Confictura
Secret Identity: Grey/White/Black
Race: Other
Age: Three Years Old
Gender: Non-Gender (It)
Day Job: N/A
Character alignment: Neutral/Good/Evil (Depending on personality at the time)
White - Lawful Good
Grey - Neutral Neutral
Black - Chaotic Evil

-Likes and Dislikes-

Likes: All forms of artistic expression, sentient beings, inventions, chemistry, fire, computer games, comfortable chairs, humor, learning, sarcasm, and museums.
Loves: Drawing, fighting, testing its skills, enhancing itself.
Fascinations: Death, robotics, shiny gems, brains, stars, and erasers.
Dislikes: Things which ruin art, its other personalities, pollution, imitators.
Hates: Those who do not appreciate art, individuals or things that stop it from achieving its goals.
Fears: Death before at least one of its ambitions comes true, gaining more personalities, becoming weak, and being trapped for eternity.
Passions: To create the most brilliant piece of artwork that all sentient beings can appreciate. To embark upon a journey across the entire universe. To learn everything remotely possible about art. To become a savior/destroyer/watcher of the universe. To finally separate its personalities into three separate beings, or at least overcome two.


Appearance: Appearing as a stick figure in its most basic form, Confictura is a creation of art and has the ability to change its appearance by the means of its creation based powers, being able to turn into a two dimensional object, alomost like a shadows, to being fully three dimensional being, it can grow more arms, and attach weaponry to its body, and warping its body to do incredible things. It can take the forms of humans and other races, but it would always maintain an artistic look to it, as if it where a painting or a sketch, for example. It does not always have eyes but when it has facial expressions its eyes and features float inbetween the lines that make up its head. When it is two dimensional its head is clear, instead of white, so one could literally put their hand through Confictura's head. When it is three dimensional its body takes on the image of tubes, so its head and arms are cylinders. It has three main colors, white, black, and grey. Each color symbolizing a different personality of itself.
Image Two:
Height: Spanning in height from mere centimeters, Confictura constantly changes its height to better situate itself in all situations whether they be combative or social.
Weight: Its weight can be changed just as its appearance allowing it to change its weight disproportional to its size.

-Important Info-

Personality: Confictura is a being of three personalities, one more different than the next, the simply they call themselves collectively as Confictura, they each have their own individual name as well. Namely, each of the three personalities also tack on their name to the end of their name Confictura. The three names are as follows White, Grey, and Black. Each one of their names being tacked onto the end of Confictura, showing Confictura The White/The Grey/The Black. While each different personality will vie for control of the one body, when they take over the body fully their color will display across the body, giving its stick figure appearance a color of white, grey, or black respectively.

As a group they constantly squabble among themselves, each one have different characteristics. White being one of the more classic hero personalities, it follows its own moral justice, while being sure to check with the laws first, it commits itself to following these laws, as it believes they were put in place for a reason. Though it does not fully trust those which create laws, it will follow and enforce them as it sees fit. However, it should be noted that White does not follow laws that it deems improper, such as excessive tithes and rules that are set out to harm the innocent.

As it enjoys art just like its other two counterparts, White is a strict but humorous being, it is one to start off a conversation with a joke, and knows how to keep a conversation going. It is extremely social, but when it comes to combat it prefers to keep talking to a minimum but it is not above using taunts or under handed tricks to survive and win. White can be seen as a blunt person, not one to sugar coat things, but it has its own way with giving advice to all who are willing to listen. It has the characteristics of a grandparent, wanting to spoil it grandchildren with treats. All in all its a kind being, though it does have its temper when those do not follow laws which it deems correct.

Confictura The Black, or simply known as Black, is the counterpart of White. Black is defiantly seen as a chaotic being, it not caring for the world or the universe at all. It likes to watch the world burn. Black is violent and reckless, though not suicidal, in its movements. It has the same intellectual capacity as its other two personalities but it usually disregards it and fights with rage. It is a cruel being, and not above using trickery and deceit to obtain its ambitions. Though in its heart it still has a soft spot for artwork, especially if it is made of blood and gore.

However, Black is not an idiot by any means, when finesse is required it will use its genius to be more passive. Grey, on the other hand, is the neutral personality of the three. It has a passive personality and tries not to be loud or outspoken on its thoughts and opinions, though it will try to follow its own rules and enact its own form of vengeance when slighted by others. It is a moderate version of the other two, and seeks its own ambitions aside.

Background: Drawn to life by a human, Confictura came to be in a dismal suburb of Chicago. At first it was just a doodle on paper, a simple stick figure, drawn by an aspiring artist, whose days were spent at home, bedridden from birth deformities. Though the child did not know it the had within a power of reality creation, life giving at its purest and concentrated form. With this, Confictura came to life as a two dimensional figure on the old lined notebook the child used.

It had no emotions as of yet, it simply moved about the pages on its own, entertaining the child by doing so. Moving across other creations and fighting for its life, not knowing why it was made, nor how it would escape such a prison that was the notebook. The child who continued to draw, knowing their power to imbue life into reality, but not caring for the consequences or the emotions of their own creations. The child merely wanted to have fun, but as time passed, Confictura was given a consciousness by the child, and by doing so Confictura began learning, and growing, soon the child had an interest in its simple stick figure, as it gave it weaponry, abilities, and soon the figure grew powerful and escaped the journal. From their it used its powers given to it by the child and killed it, for all three years of torment that it had been forced to stay inside the book.

-Powers -

SuperPowers: Versatility is Confictura's most important aspect of its power, by the power of art creation Confictura crafts weaponry and all of its abilities through its artwork and imagination. It is able to create walls, swords, energy blasts and the like with mere thoughts from its brain. It can warp its body as well, being able to change its arms, head, and body for combat or even just simple social actions such as turning its hand into a pair of scissors. Confictura's body with this ability allows it to become stronger, faster, and durable, among other things, of course there are always consequences to using this ability, seen in the weaknesses section. This ability also allows Confictura to have other abilities by using its creation ability. Think of it as an Omni-Creation ability to the point where anything can be made, but there would alsways be a drawback, as seen in the weaknesses. Confictura could create bazookas, hammers, fire, water, and the lack there of things such as creating voids where elements do nto exist such as nitrogen or oxygen, etc.

The user can create objects and beings by drawing them. The user can also create a new world by drawing it and redraw themselves if they wish such as drawing a sword and armor for their usage and get around quickly by drawing doors and portals. The user can even draw into existence creatures or any other objects. The user can create, manipulate and otherwise shape paper and/or paper-like substances, such as papyrus and parchment.

Weakness: Using such a powerful ability it does have its own drawbacks, Confictura will always have a vulnerability when it comes to this power, if it wants a ranged weapon its close combat power will weaken proportionally to its ranged attack being increased. Of course it is possible to have both with a more moderated middle between the two. Furthermore, Confictura is able to manipualte its stamina, strength, durability, speed, and other abilities at the expense of another general ability decreasing. For example, Confictura could have massive strength, able to lift hundreds of thousands of pounds, but such a powerful strength would cause something else, such as its durability, to decrease significantly to balance it.

-Roleplay Sample-

Roleplay Sample:
Sample One:

Sample Two:

Sample Three:

Sample Four:

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PostSubject: Re: Confictura [Finished]   Fri Apr 12, 2013 12:39 pm

This post is for future modifications to this application. Think of this as a change log for future reference.

-Modification One-
Time Stamp:
List of Changes:
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PostSubject: Re: Confictura [Finished]   Sun Apr 14, 2013 8:10 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Confictura [Finished]   

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Confictura [Finished]
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