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 Ashley J. Williams W.I.P

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PostSubject: Ashley J. Williams W.I.P   Thu Apr 11, 2013 10:15 pm

-Character Template-


Name: The King
Secret identity: Ashley J. Williams
Race: Human
Age: 22
Day Job: Demon Hunter
Character alignment: Chaotic Good



Hight: 6'1
Weight: 220lbs

-Important Info-


In the beginning, Ash was cowardly and laid back, as well as inexperienced in just about everything. He really didn't believe in demons, or any supernatural things, though that soon changed once his curiosity got the better of him, reading the book of the dead which unleashed several demons. Ash quickly jumped into action, and by that I mean he was fairly cowardly avoiding the demons at all costs, as well as his possessed friends who were being killed off one after the other.

In time however, Ash raised his head in confidence, hesitantly facing his fear of demons in an attempt to save one of his friends, unfortunately unsuccessful. Ash seemed to have strong feelings for his lost love, strong enough in fact that when possessed, his love for his fallen girlfriend Linda, chased away the demon from his mind, returning him to normal. Over the course of several hours, the demons messed with Ash, chasing him around the home, mocking him, forcing him to cut off his arm. This eventually drove Ash completely insane to a certain degree.

After many shenanigans occurred, Ash got incredible at demon slaying, his chainsaw hand, his boomstick, and just about anything else he could use to kill a demon. Ash became egotistical, constantly throwing out one-liners, and being all around irritable and flirty with women. At the same time however, he became much more confident and was even the voice of encouragement and confidence for an army that he lead, leading them to victory of course.

While Ash may view himself as a big deal, and a badass, he is also completely aware when things are his fault, even if he doesn't admit it. He will do his best to solve the things he causes, and most of the time, with the help of some luck, succeeds. He takes it upon himself to take down any demons that cross his path or threaten those around him.


Ash lived a relatively normal life until the events of the cabin. His childhood was normal, school life was normal, teenage years were normal. He had average grades, maybe even below average in some areas. Yes everything was normal for Ash, that is, until he decided to go with his friends Scotty, Cheryl, Shelly, and his girlfriend Linda to a cabin in the woods for the weekend, just as a vacation. Though what began as a simple vacation quickly turned into Hell for our hero. The cabin was dark, dusty, creepy, and abandoned. Many eerie things on the walls such as deer heads, and old paintings along with a mirror in the corner. It had a rug on the floor that was partially moved to reveal something underneath.

Ash and his group walked into the cabin, instantly questioning the quality of it and of course showing their disgust for it, though ultimately knowing they have been here before, and knew it would be fine. They had visited the cabin twice in the past, and had no issues, though this time there was a little something extra. Linda noticed something under the rug, a trap door, leading to the basement. Everyone was fairly hesitant to go down, including Ash, though ultimately Scotty and Ash decided to go down, where they found a book, a demonic dagger and a tape recorder. The recorder had a tape inside of it. Ash inspected the book, it had a face on it, and was made out of some sort of fleshy material, which of course, was actually flesh, and was written in blood inside.

The group took a bit of time before inspecting the items further, Ash bringing Linda to their bedroom, only to give her a gift, containing a silver necklace, which he put around her neck, and they proceeded to kiss.

Unfortunately Ash's curiosity got the better of him, turning on the recorder to hear the voice of a man, speaking about the book itself.

Once the words were spoken, a sudden small earthquake occured, though it only lasted a moment. The group decided to think little of it, describing it as a normal occurrence that happens sometimes, so calmed down, though Cheryl was incredibly worried and scared, Scotty of course trying to comfort her. Though they decided to leave her alone in her room to relax. Unfortunately, more bizarre things began to occur, hearing voices outside, Cheryl went out of the cabin to check it out, calling for the person whispering in her window. This lead to an incredibly disturbing scene, where the trees themselves began to attack Cheryl, wrapping themselves around her and raping her, the possessed demon inside the trees moving into her body. Once she broke free, she ran back to the cabin.

Once getting back, Ash answered the door, letting her in before the demon caught up with her. She pleaded with Ash, her brother, to bring her back to town, which Ash quickly agreed to, seeing that she was legitimately terrified and that something clearly happened to her. This however, was cut short, as the bridge they took to get to the cabin, was supernaturally broken, the bars themselves bent straight up, he wood destroyed, and the water rushing which would swipe away anyone who went into it. They had no choice but to go back to the cabin.

As the group began trying to think of what to do, Cheryl, who was looking outside the window, began speaking in evil tones, as though she had 2 voices, "Death... Torture.... Suffer...." Only to turn her head around, revealing a much more grotesque face, her skin was completely pale, and you could see large blue veins on her face with her eyes completely pink, white, and blank. This terrified everyone, she floated into the air, "You are all going to die! There is nothing you can do! Become one of us! Die! Die! Die!" after speaking, she fell to the floor, still grotesque, and silent. Everyone quickly checked to see if she was okay, Ash moving in close, only for Cheryl to open her eyes, grab a pencil, and stab Linda in the ankle with it brutally. Ash in response, tried to knock her away, only to have her toss him all the way across the room, doing the same to Scotty soon after. Though after being distracted by Shelly, who was scratched badly by Cheryl's nails, Ash and Scotty knocked her into the cellar, closing it above her and chaining it up to trap her inside.

Ash brought Linda to bed, hoping she would feel better after a nap, walking out to see Scotty and Shelly trying to make sense of what happened, questioning the look of Cheryl who was all demon by this point, with mutated skin, blood coming out of her mouth. Shelly went back to her room due to being unable to take the new appearance of her old friend. Upon entering her room though, she was quickly surprised by a demonic force, smashing through her window and entering her body, causing her to scream loud enough for Scotty and Ash to hear.

Scotty went in to check it out, only to have Shelly jump on him, scratching his face with her nails, hard enough to rip her nails off, Scotty yelling for help, Ash quickly smacked her off of him, before being tossed into a bookshelf and was trapped underneath, Scotty facing off against Shelly, along with the possessed Cheryl cheering her on. Shelly picked up the demonic dagger they had found in the cellar, quickly stabbing Scotty in the shoulder with it, only for Scotty to push her off, pulling the dagger out and tossing it away, Shelly holding him against the wall and choking him. Ash quickly grabbed the dagger, stabbing it into her back, making the possessed Shelly let out a loud demonic groan, falling over.

Thinking that it was over, they quickly tried to relax, only for Shelly to stand back up, Ash grabbing the axe to bash her in the head, though in fear, backed up to a wall, Scotty ordering him to kill her, Ash petrified with fear, Scotty grabbed the axe, chopping Shelly into pieces, thus finally killing her. They tried to relax, only for Scotty to insist there must be a way out of here, telling Ash he didn't care if Linda could walk or not, and that it wasn't his priority, so he left the cabin in search of a way out.

Ash, wanting to defend Linda at all costs, went to the bedroom to check on her, though to his horror, upon moving the covers to look at her wound, he found the wound released a plague of some sort, covering her entire leg only for her to wake up, possessed, just like the other girls. Ash in fear quickly backed away in disbelief, running back to the main room, only for the door to open, Scotty entering, covered in wounds, "The trees are alive.. Cheryl was... right... They don't want us to leave!" He yelled, Ash quickly putting him onto the sofa, smacking him a bit, "Is there a way out of here!? IS THERE A WAY OUT OF HERE DAMNIT!?" He yelled to Scotty, Scotty stating there was a path, but the trees would most likely stop them.

At that moment, Ash heard a creepy laughter behind him, turning to see a possessed Linda, sitting down, laughing constantly, only to have Ash walk over, slapping her over and over to make her stop, though Linda continued to laugh, "We're gonna get you... We're gonna get you... Not another peep... Time to go to sleep... We're gonna-" She was cut off by Ash, dragging her outside, laughing as he did so, leaving Cheryl inside, slowly breaking the cellar door.

Ash brought Linda to the shed outside, setting her on the table and chaining her up, bringing a chainsaw to her, but hesitated, unable to cut up his girlfriend, he unchained her, bringing her outside, and began digging a grave for her, dropping her inside once it was done, burying her. While this seemed to work, Ash reached for the necklace he took off of her, only to have her arm come out of the grave, grabbing his arm and attacking him, scratching his face and his leg, Ash began slamming a block of wood against her head repeatedly, falling down, only for her to jump on him, Ash grabbing a shovel and swinging it at the falling Linda, slicing her head off, the body still moving, kicking it off of him, only to have him rush to the cabin again.

After entering the cabin again, Scotty was still resting on the sofa, seemingly near death, and to Ash's surprise, it seems the cellar door was open, quickly closing the front and back doors to keep Cheryl out, he picked up a shotgun he found, entering the main room again, beginning to hallucinate due to all the insane things that had been occurring around him. The room was spinning, the mirror was made of water, voices began playing in his head. Ash put some shotgun shells into his shirt pocket, in case he needed more, Cheryl quickly making her entry by smashing her arms through the door, grabbing Ash, Ash smashed her hands, getting free, aiming at one of the holes she made, and fired the shotgun once her face was revealed, shooting her square in the head, not killing her, though knocking her down.

Ash relaxed a bit, reloading his shotgun, onto to have a possessed Scotty come up behind him, pinning him to the wall by the neck, Ash quickly pushing his thumbs into Scotty's eyes, blinding him, trying to grab his shotgun, though was pushed down by Cheryl who entered the cabin. To Ash's surprise, the Necronomicon caught on fire by the fireplace, quickly trying to throw it in all the way, Scotty grabbed his legs, clawing at them, having Cheryl above him graving a metal pole, smacking it repeatedly against Ash's back. Ash took out the necklace he gave Linda, tossing it to the Necronomicon in an attempt to grapple it, and eventually succeeding, tossing it into the fire, causing the possessed Cheryl and Scott to begin to rot, decomposing into broken skeletons and roaches.

At this time, Ash walked outside, the day had finally come, surviving the night, relaxing outside, only for a mysterious invisible force to break itself through the cabin, picking up Ash and sending him flying through the air, tossing him into a large puddle, only for his head to raise to reveal that he himself was possessed with a grotesque face, though, it was short lived, as when he looked up to the sun, the demon was pushed out of his body, grabbing his face in horror, he began heading back to the cabin.

On his way back to the cabin, he looked behind to notice an unseen force chancing him. He rushed back as fast as he could, going into the cabin and blocking the entrance with a door, holding himself against it to keep the demon out. He took some pieces of wood the demon had broken, he began to put the cabin back together, blocking the windows and finally giving himself some breathing room.

Once the night came once again, he heard giggling coming from outside, peeking outside, he saw his girlfriend, standing, headless, doing a dance of some sort. She put her head back on her neck and ran behind some trees. Ash, completely confused, terrified, and shocked at the same time, didn't realize that his girlfriend had appeared at the cabins window, reaching in and grabbing his neck, smacking his head against the wooden blockages that were over the window, quickly pulling out his shotgun and firing it at her shoulder, she came through the window and tried to bite his face, only to have Ash awaken, screaming in the chair he had been sleeping at.

Ash, completely insane from the events had occurred, tried to breath, "Thank god.. it was a dream..." He stated, only to have Linda's head break through the roof, landing on his laugh, "Hello... lover..." The head of Linda stated in a seductive voice, biting onto Ash's right hand roughly, causing Ash to scream and smack her head against walls, though she didn't seem to let go.

Ash in panic, brought her to the shed outside, trapping her head in a prier, getting his hand off of her, he looked for the chainsaw, only to realize it wasn't there. Linda's body came crashing into the shed, holding the chainsaw and attempted to attack him, though Ash quickly picked up a crowbar and as Linda slashed down at him, he knocked the chainsaw up, causing it to fall on her body, slicing it in half. Ash then took the chainsaw, turning it on, and sawing Linda's head in half, killing her for good.

Ash brought the chainsaw in with him to the cabin, blocking up the entrances even more to keep the demons out. Afterwards, his hand began to tingle, looking at it, it was covered in black veins which went down to his wrist, and it began to move on its own, completely out of Ash's control. The hand poked Ash's eyes, thus causing Ash to pin his own hand to the floor with his knees, "Bastards.. you dirty bastards... GIVE ME BACK MY HAND!" He yelled, bringing it over to the sink to try and wash it in some sense, but it was no good. The hand began grabbing some plates, smashing them over his head, even grabbing his hair, and flipping him. The impact with the ground caused Ash to be knocked out. The hand noticing a knife across the room, began to drag itself with Ash's body towards it to try and kill Ash. Ash, awakening without the hands knowledge, used his good hand to pick up a sharp piece of wood, stabbing it into the hand to stop it, "HAHA, YES, WHO IS LAUGH NOW!?" He yelled to the hand, grabbing the chainsaw, turning it on, "WHO'S LAUGHING NOW!?? AAAAAHHHHH!!!" He screamed out, though he didn't seem to feel as much pain as he thought he would, getting his blood on his face, he sliced off his hand with the chainsaw from the wrist.

He picked up the hand, putting it under a bucket, "Here's your new home..." He said, putting books on top of it as he wrapped up his arm with a bandage, sitting down on a chair to relax until he heard the bucket move. He looked over to see the hand had escaped, crawling into a mouse hole and giving him the middle finger, he grabbed his shotgun and pointed it at the hand. The hand quickly moved behind the wall, and upon hearing a noise in the wall, he shot the area it came from, only to have the bullet hole in the wall leak blood. As Ash took a step back to relax finally, he sat down on the chair, though the chair broke underneath him. The knock on the head made him dizzy, though he looked up to see the deer head that was mounted on the wall, it looked to him, and began laughing, he stood up to look at it as it just kept laughing, looking to the lamp, it began laughing as well, as did the books, and every other piece of furniture. This, was the breaking point for Ash's sanity, he began to laugh along with the furniture, dancing to them even, until finally he used his shotgun and shot the lamp to pieces with it.

-Powers -


Demonic Strength:
Ash's strength is above an average humans level due to being possessed by a demon in the past. Ever since he had been possessed before knocking the demon out of his mind, he seemed to be able to be strong enough to lift approximately 2 tons over his head.

Demonic Speed:
Ash is also capable of running at speeds that are of the highest levels in an average human, meaning he could run track and have a high chance of winning.

Demonic Sensory:
Ash gained the ability to sense the presence of demons and other creatures who have dark ties towards them, such as warlocks or aliens like Thanos, though it only seems to be able to sense them if they have some form of evil motive, thus Doctor Strange most likely wouldn't be sensed despite falling under the wizard category.

Demonic Endurance:
Ash is capable of taking damage more then an average human, another trait he obtained from being possessed. His endurance is not enough to take a shot gun round, but it is capable of taking a pistol bullet from 10 meters away and only suffering a minor gash in the flesh. Swords would be able to cut him, though not very deep, only about a 3rd as deep as an average swordsman would normally cut.

Demonic Stamina:
Ash is capable of continuing to run and fight for long periods of time without getting tired. Capable of fighting at his full strength for approximately 10 hours non-stop before he would start to feel tired.

Pain Tolerance:
Due to being possessed by a demon several times, another trait he gained was the pain tolerance of a demon, allowing him to ignore pain to a certain extent. His pain tolerance is not quite at demon level, though it is high above a humans, a pistol bullet shot to his arm would probably be shrugged off with the feeling of a pin striking it despite causing a gash. Another example would be when Ash cuts off his hand with a chainsaw, not going into shock at all, though still feeling like he had just stabbed his arm all the way through.

Immunity to mind based powers:
Due to being possessed several times, Ash has gained a complete immunity to possession, mind control, or any type of mind altering ability. This is due to the demonic energy in his mind which repels everything from it, as well as his massive amount of insanity and willpower.


Ash has little control over his Demonic Sensory, not being able to tell what the sensed being actually is, just knowing it is an alien, wizard, ghoul, or demon of some sort. It is also unable to tell how powerful the being is.

Despite Ash having pain tolerance and high endurance, fire seems to have a normal effect on him as if he was just an average human. This is because the demons that possessed him were weak to fire themselves.

-Weapons andEquipment’s-


Robotic Hand:
A metallic arm crafted by Selena Biegler. It is capable of catching steel swords and breaking them with a grip without receiving any damage.

Chainsaw Attachment:
Ash has a chainsaw hand that he can attach to his robotic one. Powered by demonic energy from a magic spell casted by the necronomicon, making it take a very long time to stop running, and recharges quickly. The chainsaw was originally just a normal chainsaw, though was altered later with Necronomicon magic. The chainsaw weighs about 50lbs, though can be swung like a katana due to Ash's demonic strength. The magic from the necronomicon sharpens the chain and strengthens the metal, giving it almost as much strength as adamantium, making adamantium the only thing it cannot cut.

12 Gauge, Double Barrel Remington, S-Mart's top of the line, walnut stock, cobalt blue steel and a hair trigger.

Explosive Bullets:
Ash's shotgun rounds are filled with an explosive substance, upon contact after being shot, the rounds will explode, making the shotgun rounds easily 15x as powerful as they would normally be. He developed these shells himself and carries around a lot of them.



The book of the dead. Crafted with human flesh, written with human blood. This Book is capable of teleporting Ash to the past or future, however Ash seems to have little control over it. It also has many spells that only he and demons can use due to his demonic side caused by the possessions he went through.

Ammo Belt

Shotgun Sheath

Machete Sheath

Axe Sheath

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Ashley J. Williams W.I.P
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