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 Adora Pyralis[finished]

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PostSubject: Adora Pyralis[finished]   Sat Apr 13, 2013 1:39 am

-Character Template-


Name: Adora Pyralis
Race: Human
Age: 15
Day Job: Student
Character alignment: Chaotic Nuetral

-Likes and Dislikes-


True form:

Drugged form:

Height: 5 feet
Weight: 90 lbs

-Important Info-
Draconic Personality:
  • Killer: She has no problem killing people, she actually slightly enjoys it. Hearing the other person cry for mercy as she ends their life brings her great joy and she takes great pleasure in ending her prey's life.
  • Battle lust: She loves inflicting pain, hurting others, though not necessarily killing them. She is addicted to that rush of pleasure and adrenaline that she achieves in battle, tearing others apart.
  • Unreasoning: She will not listen to logic, as she simply does not care. She will do what she wants and that's it, no questions asked. Her mind has lost all sense of reasoning, for better or for worse.
  • Emotion Driven: She is completely driven by her emotions and desires, listening to nothing else. This allows someone who she really cares about to bring her to her senses, even allowing them to talk reason in to her. However, for others this is not the case, and this makes her incredibly dangerous, as even the most basic things, such as paying for a candy, become lost to her. To her, she wants it, therefore you will give it to her without asking or getting anything in return.

Drugged Personality:
  • Shy: She prefers to stick to herself, hanging out alone with a stack of good books. Mostly she views others with suspicion early on, taking a while to trust someone.
  • Kind: Though she maintains a distance from most people, she is a very kind person. She hates hurting people or animals, and loves to help others when she can. However, her shyness usually gets in the way of this, except with those who have made the effort to befriend her.
  • Worry wart: She is almost constantly worrying, over thinking every choice. This can lead to points where, when faced with overwhelming choices, she will simply stop being able to function as a person. This usually results in her curling up in a ball and not doing anything for a half an hour or so.
  • Can't stand bullies: She can't stand someone physically harming another for fun, no matter what. When near such an incident she becomes, for the moment, very outgoing and full of confidence, but this is really due to her hatred for harming beings pushing everything else out of the way, allowing her to overcome her normal difficulties.


The Birth of a Witch
Adora Pyralis was born 15 years ago on a hot summer day in July. Her parents were proud people, and were somewhat wealthy, but they also had a dark secret. They were mages, able to use fearsome magic that most would run from. They taught magic to their daughter at the early age of 4, pushing her to learn more and more of the magic that had been past down in the family tomes. School was hard for her, pushing her to her limits between the magic training and her classes. All the kids wanted to get to know her, not so they could be true friends, but so they could get at the money her family had. However, she managed to hold on, keeping herself sane until she was 11 years old.

The Awakening of the Dragon
When she was eleven, a month in to the school term, things started to break down for her. She would shiver at night, her body temperature dropping drastically. Her mind became even more pressured, and more changes started to appear, slowly but surely she started to take on the appearance of a draconic being. Finally, her parents realized that they could not hide her, and they kept her at home. This only made things worse, her mind slowly moving closer towards the bestial being she had been transforming towards. Finally, realizing they had no choice, her parents called a special institution.

The Torture of High School
The men came in, quickly subduing Adora and carting her off to some strange medical facility. There she stayed for a few days before the doctors there figured out how to make a pill that suppressed her genetic deviations. However, she did not return home after this, instead she was moved to a special school, one that was a front for the institution which had brought her from her house. While there were some normal students in this school, the majority of them where teenagers with superpowers, but had been deemed too dangerous to roam free. Here, such students were forced to take drugs that kept them from being a danger in the eyes of the government, but they would never leave this institute. Stuck in the school, Adora worked through her grades while being forced to take drugs to suppress the deviations she had in her genetics. Now she was a sophomore in high school, and she couldn't wait to finish.

-Powers -


Dragon Based Abilities:
Half-Dragon Breath Weapon: Using this ability she lets forth a cone of flames from her mouth, the cone has a range of 60 feet.

Immune to Fire: Her entire body, inside and out, is immune to fire, and can stand immense amounts of heat. Due to her cold blooded nature her body will automatically adjust her inner temperature to match temperatures outside her body. In addition, being surrounded by flames heals her wounds, allowing her to continue when she would normally be unable to stand up.

Blood of the Dragon: Due to her draconic geneology, she has become a cold blooded being, becoming weak and sluggish when her body temperature falls below 70 degrees fahrenheit, but her body becomes stronger and faster if her body temperature is higher then 110 degrees fahrenheit. The further her body temperature is from these two points, the larger these effects become.

Darkvision: She does not require light to see, she can see in pure darkness. However, without any light she can not see colors, everything is in black and white. Colors dim as less light is available to her, going from a full spectrum yo just black and white, with gray shades.

Wings: Her genes have changed towards draconic genetics so much that she has grown a pair of dragon wings on her back, allowing her to fly. Her speed in the air is four times as fast as her normal speed, and her maneuverability is perfect.

Scaled Skin: In most places her skin is covered with a thin layer of draconic scales, protecting her from attacks. A normal human punch wouldn't even phase her, and most bladed weapons can barely scratch her. Among guns, armor piercing bullets meant for tanks are about half as effective as normal bullets are against normal humans.

Fireball: A small pea sized bead of bright orange energy appears in her hand and flies towards the target area. Upon reaching its destination, or if it impacts on a solid object while in flight, it explodes in a 30 feet wide orb of burning flames. These flames are 2,500 degrees hot, but do not give off smoke as normal flames do.

Scorching Ray: She fires a thin ray of compressed flames and heat at her target. Due to their compressed nature they are extremely hot, reaching temperatures of 50,000 degrees. However, their compressed nature also limits the area this ray can affect, it is barely a centimeter in diameter.

Shocking Grasp: She charges up magical electricity in her hand before attempting to touch something, transferring the electricity from her hand to whatever she touches in one big jolt. The electricity will dissipate from her hand if not used within the first minute though.

Fearsome Strength: She infuses her target's muscles with her magic, temporarily making them 50% stronger then usual. This effect lasts for 15 minute, and while under its effects, the user is twice as likely to damage their muscles due to using them.

Invisibility: Her target completely disappears, completely invisible. This effect only lasts for 30 minutes, and will be dispelled if the target makes sharp movements, like those needed for combat.

Draconic Rage: increases her body temperature to extreme amounts for a short amount of time, after which she becomes severely exhausted.

Calorie burning spellcraft: Her magic eats up her body's own energy, using it to power the spell. However, if she uses her magic too much, she will simply pass out, having no more energy left in her body at the time.

Weak against cold or water based abilities: As she is cold blooded, cold slows her down, making her sluggish and weaker. Water puts out fire, and in addition to negating most of her abilities, is acts like acid towards her, slowly burning through her body.

Genetic Deviation Suppression Drug: The boarding school she currently attends, which is really just a front for a government facility for dangerous super powered youngsters, devised these pills in order to suppress Adora's draconic genetics. This causes her to go in to a drugged state where she loses her dragon based abilities, her body returns to that of a normal human, and she loses her weakness to cold and water, though she retains a dislike for water.

-Weapons andEquipment’s-



-Roleplay Sample-

Roleplay Sample:
The woman waited until the last second, hiding in the darkness. Her eyes were hard and cold, ready to kill these men when the time came. What did she care if a few pesky humans died, it was only a job to her. These human flies were barely worth her time, it was only the money she was being paid that got her here. Finally, all the guards looked away from her hiding spot, and Shani leaped in to action. Moving quickly behind the armed guard, her sword sliced through the group with one slash, and she was already moving on to the next group. By the time these people had realized what was happening, half their guards had been taken down by this woman, and she was not slowing down. As guns were raised she cut down another group, as bullets flew towards her she rolled towards another group and cut them down. As the final group shot at her, a bullet finally made it to her, hitting her arm. However, the woman grimaced, and time seemed to reverse itself around the wound as it disappeared, as if it had never been there. With a quick swing her sword ended the last guard's life, sliding her sword back in to its sheath.

Looking around, it was only now that the young woman noticed the being curled up beneath the odd black cloak. Taking large strides she reached the being quickly, attempting to rip the cloak from her by force. If she managed to do so, a gasp would escape from her mouth. The woman could remember it, clear as day, the images of the thrones of shadow fall she had been shown as a child, and this being in front of her, the resemblance, she looked way too close to one of them. Glaring at her, she would talk, showing emotion for the first time since she had been seen.

"Where is my father? You have to know where he is, dammit! Where the hell is my father?!?!"
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PostSubject: Re: Adora Pyralis[finished]   Sun Apr 28, 2013 3:46 pm

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Adora Pyralis[finished]
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