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 United Assassins Association (UAA)

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PostSubject: United Assassins Association (UAA)   Mon Apr 15, 2013 1:30 pm

United Assassins Association

Creator: Michelle Redwood
Owners of UAA: Hoshi & Lance

What is United Assassins Association?

This is where assassins come to test out their might, by gaining rank by killing the previous number, then working you way up to number one. UAA is basically the best of the best of the best of assassins with human world. For example, you didn't know the person who you just killed because you were just fighting them for kicks and giggles. You will be greeted by Madam Cherrie herself, and given the rank... You may accept the assassinations quests from both Lance and Madam Cherrie given to you, once in this organization.. Their ranks go up to 1-15, if one so wished or may remain at that current number but beware others will fight for your rank.

~How to set up a match~

Now, you must send a message to Hoshi or Lance for a match up and you must let the current number know you wanting to battle them; you will be forced to battle either way. Just like the way of Assassination go.

Note: If you are filling in for NPC, you win instantly.

Payment Members of this org. get a payment of 30,000 dollars weekly

~How to win a rank~

Killing the previous rank, or making they give up, they will be taken to an area where their memories will be wiped; to gain the rank.

~Ranks Of UAA~

Rank 1:Black Moon

Rank 2:Death Metal

Rank 3:Slick

Rank 4:Oneshot

Rank 5: Knifey

Rank 6: Bad Girl

Rank 7:Destroyman

Rank 8: Holly Summers

Rank 9: Dark Star

Rank 10:Shinobu

Rank 11:: Letz Shake

Rank 12: Speed Buster

Rank 13: Charlie Macdonald

Rank 14: Nathan Copeland

Rank 15: Million Gunman

~Application to get in~

Nickname: - You will go by nickname here-
Profile Link:
Rank: Which rank?
Reason why he or she is in this guild: Is there a good reason why? Did they just fight one of the ranks by accident or what?


[b]Name: [/b]
[b]Nickname: [/b]
[b]Profile Link:[/b]
[b]Reason why he or she is in this guild:[/b]


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United Assassins Association (UAA)
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