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 Jimeineo (WIP) suggions little stuck?

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PostSubject: Jimeineo (WIP) suggions little stuck?   Tue Apr 16, 2013 5:13 pm

[center]-Character Template-


Name: Jimeineo Cando
Secret identity: unknown
Race: Asguardian

Day Job: Ex Vatican assassin
Character alignment: Chaotic, Evil

-Likes and Dislikes-
Likes: To be a god.
Love: To be a god.
Dislikes: to remind he is only asguardian
Hate: Anyone who is not human.
Fear: None to mentally unstable to fear anything
Since he found out this "truth" of the world his only one obsession
to become a god and wipe out all non humans or anyone who defy him.



5,3 Foot
Weight: 19 stone

-Important Info-

Jimeineo is a one full blown psychotic with a extreme god complex all that matter to him it wipe out all non humans in his world. To do this he think he has to do whatever it takes even if means wiping out a whole county to do so he does work well with others. He is a major perfectionist in battle in out if find any fault he will destroy or kill it. This he think this not perfect world was made by an god who became lazy he wants to replace him and become the new god. In other word he does play very well with others will work with them if has or he got use for them, but this mean he not a team player to expect if
fighting along side him expect he will kill if get him his way.

He hate his home land Rome because his old job he thinks now all people in there deserve to die due they praise a weak god. Once he has his mind set he becomes and tank he will stop until he wins but he will know when he about to be bested so he will back of if need. In spare he spend way to eliminate keypeople who he think are unworthy to live in this case he always working around
the clock.


Jimeineo was born in Rome Earth with a asguardian mother and a human father during the medieval time and was raised in the catholic crutch learning the bible and everything he need to know about he wanted to work in gods name. The monks talked him hand to hand combat or armed with every weapon that was made in this
world of the time with that the monks also put a lot of stain for endurance training with little to his know they planning to make him an immortal. They he make a shining bacon of hope for what is to come with the great crusade around the corner and all they rush his due the recently dead user of the phoenix gem.
They knew it enough to let people be the bearer and then live and die as pass. They wanted to do more I inbound the gem into a soul so Jimeineo becomes a true immortal.

his asguardian blood is the only thing that can have his soul fused with the phoenix gem without getting killed, plazylized for life or burn to ashes. When Jimeieno was ten body, mind and soul was ready for infusion. Jimeineo was stood before the phoenix gem and they perform an old asguardian Noah’s ritual which in a second Jimeineo burst of flames and turn a living phoenix incarnate. With
that he became the most powerful weapon for the vacation that they ever have little did that their greatest hero will become they worse nightmare.


enlisted for great crudse at the age of sixteen when he fully trained with his new found powers of the phoenix he sent to holy to reclaim it to killing the unpure ones. Even he went with hope in his heart to bring peace but something was not right with this war. Little did he know this war and put his name down into the vacation history as a new found war hero.

-Powers -


:on going

:Undying Flames:

The flames can not be put out unless they flame is detached form his body since his soul is attracted to phoenix gem.

:Flames Of Healing:

is the power where he regenerate form any injury using the flames of phoenix but are limitations due depending on the injury and how life treating the wound is how long it take for him heal form it.


Search, scarps or Cuts: 1 Post
Wound punchier: 2 posts
Wound slash: 2 posts
Internal injury: 3 posts
Wound gouge: 3 posts
Limb cut off: 4 posts
Limb blown off: 4 posts

Very light: +0 post
Light: +1 posts
Medium: 2+ posts
Harsh: 3+ posts
Critical: 4+ posts
Life Threatening : 5+ posts

:Revival Inferno:

Jeimieno can not truly die he come to life but there are limitations due depending on the injury’s he had before his “death” Form the day the dies.

of death:

Stabbed, shoot or bulgen: 0 day
Cut up: 0 day
(but can not come back in the same one)
Crashed: 1 day
Bleedingto death, brunt to death frozen, drowning: 1 days
Blown up: 2 days
Destroyed: 3 days

Very light: +0 days
Light: +0 days
(but can not come back in the same one)
Medium: +1 days
Harsh: +2 days
Cirtaul: +3 days

:Active Power:

:Holy Flame Binding:
Jimeineo can bend flame into any or form 2 mile radius deaping how big the flame is depend how much damage he can do
if like a sword if would be weak. But like a huge fire blast it would a
lot stronger also the closer the flame are the stronger as well.

:Phoenix Mode:
This is make into what his gem is a huge flaming phoenix length of three buses long and height of fourteen ft tall but he can shot anything he fight in close combat or air aerial close combat and had
fight like hawk does.

:Inferno Tower:

One of Jimeineos most
powerful attacks with form he make a towering inferno can destroy most thing in
a twenty miles radius but the draw backs is he can’t two weeks later form when
he uses it.

:Phoenix Claws:

This Jimeineo’s trump card
attack this turn his arm into two flaming talons which hands which also into
flaming claws itself which on contact if
not aware can alley set on fire if he stab you with them you inside might catch
fire as well only thing is it range is only for close combat so arms length.

and Experiences:

[b]:Vacation Assaian training
and experience:

Due to his time in vacation
he been training to both settle and unsettling tactics he know when to do what time to do things this alone make a dangerous man. Also he kill various people of different races and origins so he know how to deal with most opponents.

[b]Easily Angered and God
wanna be

Because of his god complex he easily angered and can forget his training at times which can count as weakness but sometimes for unpiarured his greatest strength when he becomes unpribaile.


Phoenix Gem
As this and his soul are where his powers rised in this also his greatest weakness even he can not truly die there ways around that. If ear him part and take the gem off him and staccher the part and the gem a cross the world or universe he can not come back. But the gem like also since it is attached to his soul he call for his master and try to find it way back. Petty much like the one ring out of lord of the ring instead I can at times if they are weak process them I most the tiem there a huge probability it will drive people mad.

But the gem can smashed by the Nightmarian scythe that weapon can only be wielded by someone of nightmare bloodline even it wont destroy it very long time for Jimeineo to recover form.

-Weapons and Equipment’s-

The holy Saber of
Jovnoanh the only blade that is adaptable to Jimeineo powers and badle is solid sliver itself so it can kill most monsters who a weakness to sliver.

Equipment(s): none
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Jimeineo (WIP) suggions little stuck?
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