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 Kronos/Lance Bennett

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PostSubject: Kronos/Lance Bennett    Fri Apr 19, 2013 9:05 pm

-Character Template-


Name: Lance Bennett
Secret identity: Kronos.
Race: Mutant.
Age: 21
Day Job: Lance doesn't work at all, he is to busy traveling the world looking at things and exploring.
Character alignment: Chaotic Good.


Hight: 6'2
Weight: 156

-Important Info-

Personality: Lance is a person that is somewhat.. "Outgoing" you could say. He is insane, but like someone before Lance has said, an insane person understands the world more than a sane. Lance will do random things, but their would be meaning behind it all
Background: Lance was born by an explosion in space, right in front of Earth. He had no blood, only energy coursing through his veins. His true form is unknown, the only person who has seen it is Lance himself. Lance was made from an energy from The Source, raw energy that could barely be contained.
Lance saw his first planet Earth, and within curiousity he traveled towards it and landed in Mexico, and at the same time he looked around and watched people become scared of his true form, the people who saw him in that dark allyway had died, eyes burned out of their sockets somehow. Lance then took the human shape of a man who had died whilist seeing him
This man had simple short, jet black hair. He was turned over on his stomach so his face couldnt be seen. The reason behind why Lance put on the mask is because he has no face. Just blankness, like The Question, though the Question has a mask.

-Powers -

SuperPowers: (Just immediatly tell me if im wrong for doing this, shame on me, just an expirement. Call me out if you see Godmod.) Lance is able to stop time at a minimum. Lance has created a machine inside of his body that can control his body itself, and the thing is a lump on his brain that can not be seen out of a x-ray or someone who has super vision. The lumb in his brain glows and he is informed on if he is going over the limits. When he attempts to stop time while he is going over limits he is stopped by a screetching sound that makes his head bleed, and his ears also, causing him to be a lump on the floor for several hours. Just incase he also has some kind of watch on his right wrist, if it goes onto 200 then he will collapse, and be unconcious for a month maximum. He is also able to teleport at no minimum but he is not fast, he can be sliced quickly and injured.

Weakness: If he is stabbed in his solar plexus, he is then stopped teleporting until the wound is healed.

He also has time stopping at a max, but is not really time stopping at all. The world around him just goes slow. The only one that can notice is the one he is focusing on in a battle. He can also use it to sneak.
If he is stabbed so many times, or even ripped apart. He will explode into a shining bright light that would destroy Mexico itself, half of the population would be gone. The explosion starts as bright rays coming from his form, and the person who injured him has chance to attack.
With the Pocket Dimension Coat, it has its own rule of not having other beings inside of it, only body parts and weapons that it is attacked with, or is ordered to attempt to grab.

-Weapons andEquipment’s-

Weapon(s): His coat was made by the Source itself also, he walked through the universe only wearing that. The coat is a pocket dimension itself, if someone tries to hit him then their whole hand or foot is sucked in, or the weapon they attempt to hit them with.

Equipment(s): N/A
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Kronos/Lance Bennett
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