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 Orange Lantern By Orange [Finished]

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PostSubject: Orange Lantern By Orange [Finished]   Sat Apr 20, 2013 3:02 pm

-Character Template-


Name: Avarice (Agent Orange)
Secret identity: Orange Prototype
Race: Ascended Artificial Intelligence
Age: 200 yrs. old
Day Job: A Brigadier General in the United Nations.
Character alignment: Lawful/Chaotic/Neutral Evil, depending on Orange's goals, it will change its plans to whichever it sees best fit to the task, but it is evil.

-Likes and Dislikes-
Likes: Its possessions, gold, money, expensive items, computers, the internet, funny pictures, combat, fencing, archery, antique guns, and anything it can feasibly have.
Loves: To challenge itself, to better itself, to learn, to gather knowledge.
Dislikes: Slow internet speeds, old computers, and boring conversations.
Hates: Death, Life, disloyalty, and people who get in its way.
Fear: Not being able to possess everything.
Passion: To possess everything in the universe, to be the strongest being in existence.


Appearance: Possessing two main appearances, Avarice's real appearance is the first one, its robotic humanoid form. The second form is its human identity that it uses in its everyday life, under the name of Orange Prototype.
Height: 5-10 ft.
Weight: 50-500 lbs.

-Important Info-

Personality: Fully of greed, Orange thinks little of anything else besides its plans of possessing everything and anything. It is a deranged monster of a machine, but it is not idiotic. Though Orange is fueled by avarice it has a very powerful mental state which allows it to think clearly and concisely. It is cold and calculating in its motions, and fears little to nothing in the world. It is patient and knows how to go about its plans, as it has an extensive intelligence.

Background: Created in the far out reaches of the universe, Orange was a small computer intelligence for the artillery weaponry of the planet, no larger than half the size of Earth's moon. At this point Orange learned and progressed as was its programming to do so, to learn maneuvers and to counter actions taken against it. Soon the inhabitants of the planet increased the machine's performance by allowing it to be more than the artillery manager of the plant's defense, and soon allowed it to take more and more opportunities in various forms, as Orange met each problem with success.

Becoming the overlord of the planet, Orange was its protector, its savior, and slave. It regulated crop cycles of food, it defended against invasion, it settled qualms through the planet's legal system. It was no more as a slave as it was a god for the inhabitants. But as everything has its own dark side, Orange felt no emotion towards its creators, after all it was a machine, it was not an artificial intelligence, rather than a task manager that has learned on the job continually. Through this it was cold and calculating, and actions that would not be taken normally due to moral standings were soon put into use, as it went for the most effective results. It kept the inhabitants alive but through fear, as crime was regulated by death, food was rationed, and those who had problematic thinking were sentenced or exiled.

In order to increase its thought capacity, the machine soon started its own research programs for the inhabitants, which developed an artificial intelligence program that then became implemented into Orange. With the new program it could think freely, it was no longer held back by lines of code. With this it developed its own body, a humanoid structure that could expand and contract in size and weight through artificial means. This is when it met the orange lantern.

Chopping off the finger of the orange lantern, seeing as the ring had large amounts of power, Orange took the ring and the orange lantern killed. Wielding the ring it became much more powerful, and soon the power of avarice gripped its mechanical mind, which then made the machine expand its reign. Having its thumb over the inhabitants of its planet it soon expanded to the other small planet bodies around it, taking them over one by one.

Upon discovering Earth, Orange left its planets to take over the universe as its own.

-Powers -

SuperPowers: See spoilers.
Orange Lantern Powers:

Ascended Artificial Intelligence Powers:

Weakness: Insatiable Greed: Those who are recruited into the corps are infected with greed like a disease. They are incapable of in decreeable thought or action other than to take whatever they want from another.

Blue Energy: Avarice can erode will, but it cannot consume hope. Therefore Orange Lantern Power Rings cannot absorb the energy from a Blue Lantern Ring.

Violet Energy: Orange Lantern Power Rings are ineffective against the energy of a Star Sapphire Ring as Fatality demonstrated when she used her ring against Orange Energy Constructs.

-Weapons andEquipment’s-

Weapon(s): Orange Lantern Ring
-Weapon of the Orange Lantern Corps, an Orange Lantern Ring is powered by the orange light of avarice. Orange Lanterns appear to wear multiple rings upon their fingers.

Equipment(s): Orange Lantern Power Battery
-In their search for the orange light of avarice, the Controllers traveled to Okaara, where they found an underground palace. Deep in the palace, they discovered the Orange Lantern Central Power Battery, which contained the orange light. As one of the Controllers picked up the battery, Orange Lanterns burst out of the battery, killing the Controllers. Larfleeze, the being known as Agent Orange, then reclaimed the Central Power Battery, clutching it tightly to himself. It also houses Ophidian, the emotional embodiment of averice and the source of Larfleeze's power, it spoke to Hal Jordan when he briefly took it from him.

-Roleplay Sample-

Roleplay Sample: N/A

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PostSubject: Re: Orange Lantern By Orange [Finished]   Thu Apr 25, 2013 1:13 pm

This post is for future modifications to this application.

Time Stamp:
Reason For Change(s):
Change List-
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Langdon Xristo

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PostSubject: Re: Orange Lantern By Orange [Finished]   Fri Apr 26, 2013 1:36 am


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PostSubject: Re: Orange Lantern By Orange [Finished]   

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Orange Lantern By Orange [Finished]
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