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PostSubject: Nightmare    Sun Apr 21, 2013 7:29 am

-Character Template-


Name: Nightmare
Secret identity: Aiden Mubarak
Race: Spirit
Age: 4000+ (Exact Date Unknown)
Day Job: N/A
Character alignment: Chaotic Evil



Hight: 5'9
Weight: 160lbs

-Important Info-


Nightmare's biggest trait is his immense love of torturing and scaring people. Inside the nightmares that he gives those he possesses, he enjoys having creative fun in torturing the minds of people, driving them to go to suicidal states. He loves to kick people when they are down, driving them to levels of instability that makes it easier for him to control them even further. He enjoys having fun during fights as well, if the attack isn't magical, he enjoys just letting it hit him, his body immediately turning to mist just to mock them in how pathetic they are. He loves to humiliate people, especially so called "heroes" which he finds are pretty easy to get under the skin of.

Nightmare has no sympathy towards anyone, not taking any mercy on anyone, due to the fact he simply views the world as his play toy. If he feels like killing someone, he will, and he does not have a picky mind, he will do it in any way he wants or any way he can, though he usually prefers to be creative about it.

Nightmare views everyone in the world as evil, not just him, considering "heroes" to be nothing but egotistical liars. Ever since he experienced the trauma in his life by so called "Good people" he has never viewed someone as good ever since, taking great pride in considering himself evil, cause he doesn't think "Good" actually exists. He views fellow villains as "At least being honest" and considers what hes doing which is causing chaos and bringing out the worst in people to be the closest thing to good as he can do.

Nightmare has a love of searching for things that could help improve his power, whether it be ancient relics similar to his ring necklace, or some sort of weapon in modern times. One of Nightmares ultimate goals is to become powerful enough to defeat any hero, even the "great" Superman. While he things it may be a little bit away before he gets to that level, he wants to have fun while doing it. Nightmare is very intelligent in how he goes about things, planning things ahead instead of just rushing in, he knows his weaknesses, and would not pick a fight with someone he feels could defeat him, or at least, wouldn't unless he had some sort of plan to stop them.

Nightmare takes absolute joy from killing people, loving ever moment of it. While he does love the torturing and scaring part of it as well, the thought of someones life disappearing turns him on even to levels of lust. He is not afraid to betray those on his side if he feels they are of little use to him or if they lack any interesting qualities anymore in his eyes, as shown in his past where he killed his lover all because she had done her job and he had no more use from her.

Despite the fact Nightmare clearly enjoys ending lives, he seems to rather enjoy life a lot. The moment he is reborn into the world, he jumped around happily like a little kid. It makes sense that he enjoys life though, as to him the fact that life is so incredible, just makes ending it all the more beautiful.


Nightmare back in the day, known as Aiden Mubarak was a slave to a pharaoh over 4000 years ago, constantly being whipped and forced to do hard labor with no pay or food. He cannot remember anything from when he was a child due to the intense mental trauma he went through every day. The pharaoh had a specific grudge against him as Aiden was caught helping the pharaohs lover. The pharaoh had killed all of Aidens family in the past, which of course, was the traumatic event that caused him to forget what had happened. This of course, only got worse as after being caught helping the pharaohs lover, the pharaoh stated that he didn't want Aiden's filthy hands on her, punishing him with several days of torture and having a watchful eye on him to punish him twice as hard as anyone else for doing the simplest of mistakes.

This caused Aiden's view of the world to be completely screwed up, viewing the pharaoh as an authority figure, yet being a total tyrant, Aiden hated him, and his hate grew to the people that supported him, and soon the people doing the pharaohs work. Aiden decided not to do work, which of course issued him some punishment, though Aiden quickly grabbed the whip, pulling on it and knocking the guard over, causing the other guards to come running, Aiden quickly running about the area, hiding in many different places, he managed to escape their eye for a bit. Eventually sneaking over to the horse stable, the guards finally spotted him, though Aiden took his chance and grabbed a horse, rushing away on it into the desert. The pharaoh decided to let him go as there was no way he could see Aiden surviving.

Aiden eventually found a cave, completely exhausted he rested inside of it. He began imagining the many horrible things he wanted to do to the pharaoh, as it seemed to calm him, he didn't want to die, especially since he just stood up for himself. After resting for several hours, he awoke to the sound of people traveling, looking outside, he saw they were thieves on horses, being spotted, they grabbed him and took him back to their hideaway. Aiden was told immediately that he could be of some use to them, unless he preferred to die in the desert, which Aiden shook his head to.

Aiden walked into the thieves area, noticing that they all treated each other far better then the pharaoh ever did to his people. Aiden became happy, knowing that there were still some nice people out there. He didn't care if they stole everything, that was a small little con compared to what the pharaoh did. As he sat down to eat some fruits, the thieves surrounded him, smirking. Aiden was a bit nervous, though they began to speak highly of him, "So you are the guy who escaped the pharaohs clutches? That's incredible..." Aiden looked to them with a smirk, "Yes... Yes I did... It was rather easy really..." They all seemed impressed, which just fueled Aiden's ego more.

Over the next several months, Aiden went with them on expeditions, proving to be incredible at thievery. His talent eventually got noticed by the head of the thieves, who became jealous of all the attention he was getting. The leader sneaked out one night, coming back hours later, Aiden was confused about it, though didn't think too much about it.

The next expedition, Aiden was sent on a mission with a group, attempting to steal a large pile of riches from a cave north of the pharaohs kingdom at night. Upon reaching it, they took out the guards, though for some reason the thieves didn't kill them, but Aiden didn't mind, he preferred not to take lives anyway. What happened next truly came as a surprise and filled Aiden with horror. Upon walking into the cave, it was immediately closed off, as he was surrounded by the pharaoh and his men, looking back to see the leader of the thieves with a dastardly smirk on his face, "W-why...?" Aiden asked, completely confused. The leader just stood there with a smirk, "Like hell I'm gonna let some new blood like you take my place..." To which Aiden stopped, looking at the man weapons around him and realizing it was futile to fight, he was going to die, "Heh... heheh..." Aiden began to laugh maniacally, "Huhuhuhuhu... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" To which they all seemed nervous, several of the men stabbing him in different areas, Aiden only letting out a small groan of pain, "You are all so evil... I should have seen it before... there isn't a single one of you that cares about the other... You only say such things... Because you feel like you need to be that way... Because you think if you aren't that way then you are evil, but that's just it... you really are all evil aren't you? HAHAHAHAHA" The pharaoh was irritated and everyone around seemed confused as the pharaoh lifted his arm, all the soldiers stabbing him in all the vital areas, and then pulling the blades out, leaving Aiden to fall to his knees.

The pharaoh was smug, smirking at him, "How do you like that you traitorous dog?" He spoke cruelly to the fallen Aiden, as Aiden suddenly coughed up some blood and began standing, to which everyone backed away in horror, "What the...?" The pharaoh said, stunned, "I am not... going... to die... you disgusting freaks... don't deserve to take my life!" The pharaoh angrily raised his arm again, "KILL THIS BASTARD" he yelled, the soldiers stabbing Aiden once again all over the place, and as Aiden's body fell to the ground lifeless, the pharaoh took a pike, stabbing it into his head, and with a smug look, his eyes widened as a mist began to form around Aiden's body, "AAAH, WHAT IS THIS!?" The pharaoh yelled, the mist surrounding him before disappearing.

Everyone seemed scared, though the pharaoh raised his hand to calm them, his eyes had changed color to that of purple, "Relax everyone... it was just a little dust..." Aiden contemplated what was happening, though it seemed he was possessing the pharaoh, he confirmed it as he looked at his appearance and his dead body to the feet. The leader of the thieves walked up to them, "Now then, what about my reward?" The thief asked, Aiden in the pharaohs body simply smirked, "Right, your reward... guards... kill all of them except for this one..." The thieves all had widened eyes as they were suddenly all killed, the leader getting angry, "WE HAD A DEAL YOU SON OF A-" the guards put their spears to his neck, "Chain him up..." The guards did as they were told, chaining him and putting him to his knees, "Leave us..." Aiden stated, the guards leaving as he put a knife to the guys neck.

The man looking up angrily, "We had a deal... I deliver the traitor to you.. and you pay us 300 pounds of gold and leave us alone for 3 years..." The man stated, but Aiden just put his free hand to his cheek, "Oh but Mr. Thief... I am not the one you made the deal with..." Aiden stated boldly, "W-what!?" Aiden chuckled a bit, "Huhuhuhu... Look into my eyes..." As the man stared into them, seeing the same color as Aiden's eyes, "N-no.. you are dead.. Your body is.. Right there!" Aiden continued to laugh, "Huhuhuhu.. HAHAHAHAHAHA, that it is... I am just as shocked as you are.. but you see.. I think we can all learn from this... For one.. I learned I cannot trust anyone.. I also learned that no one is good, you are all disgusting freaks that deserve to die... Oh isn't life just so much fun? Now its time to end yours!" The man shook his head in response and fear, "S-shit, PLEASE NO!" With that, Aiden sliced his neck and killed him, walking out, "We are heading back to the kingdom..." The guards nodded as they headed back on horses.

After the death of his former comrade that he had done himself, Aiden became overjoyed by the thrill of killing, causing him to smile the entire way back. Upon entering the kingdom again, he witnessed people whipping the slaves, normally it would disgust him, but for some reason, he had changed, he didn't care what happened to them, he knew that if he let them go, they would just riot or something. Everyone noticed he was acting weird, and upon meeting the lover of the pharaoh, Bahiti, he remembered that moment they shared, but he didn't care anymore.

Eventually he was found out, people noticing the change in personality, they backed him against a wall, "You traitors... Going up against your king like this..." Bahiti walked up to Aiden, "At nights you act strange... It is witchcraft... It must be.. there is a demon inside of you..." She explained. Aiden smirked, "Sheesh, it took you guys that long to figure that out? The pharaoh sure doesn't have much in terms of intelligent workers does he? HAHAHAHAHAHA" They all got angry at his statement, Bahiti lifting her arm, "Kill him, he is no longer the pharaoh..." To which the guards stabbed Aiden with their spears, only to see Aiden laugh, "Huhuhuhuhuhuhu.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" They all backed away in fear as the pharaohs body fell, the mist coming out of it to reveal Aiden's true body, though it turned from mist to a solid form, "So that's what happens when the body dies... Considering I could leave it whenever I wanted to, I figured it wouldn't kill me.. interesting..." Bahiti was shocked to see it was the boy she had help her, "No.. you... but.. you died..." Aiden looked to her with a smirk, "Clearly not your majesty..." As the guards attacked, Aiden turned his body into a mist-like form, the spears going right through him and doing no damage, "Sheesh... How pathetic.. might as well kill you all, HAHAHAHAHAHA!"

In a completely one-sided battle, Aiden had taken out all the guards and Bahiti herself, floating out of the palace as he landed on the ground, he murdered more guards until they surrendered, "Now then, all of you will follow my command unless you all want to die..." He stated, everyone agreeing as they didn't have a choice. Word of course broke out around the area that Egypt had a new rising king, which he called himself, "The King of Thieves, Nightmare" which everyone referred to him as, or just "Nightmare".

Nightmare had become a tyrant, over the next couple decades he was far worse then any pharaoh before him. He seemed to take pleasure in killing, torturing, insulting others, and no one could stop him. People agreed he had to be stopped but there was nothing they could do. Eventually a rebellion had started, and a wise man spoke of an incantation in a book known as the Necronomicon, the book of the dead. People thought he was crazy, but it was worth a shot.

Nightmare was strolling about again, only to be approached by the rebellion, "This better work..." One of them stated as the wise man walked out, Aiden smirking, "And what is this? Is this really everything you got against me? Sheesh I figured my enemies would at least have more fire power then an old man with a book..." The wiseman stepped forward, "Klaatu, burrada, NIKTO!"rrada, NIKTO!" He said loudly, only to have the book open up and causing a rift in space to occur, Nightmare getting nervous as it began to suck him inside, "S-shit! WHAT IS THIS!?" He yelled out and asked, the wise man answering, "This is your weakness.. Magic... It seems Magic is the only thing that can counter you... How ironic that you lose to something so simple as a book... Now... Be trapped inside it for all eternity!" Nightmare was sucked inside of it, trying to get away by turning into mist but it was failing, "NO NO NO NO! GAH!!" As he was swallowed up, the book closed, the wise man taking it with him, "I am going to hide this somewhere no one will find it..."

Many many centuries later, over 4000 years, the book was indeed discovered in a lost crypt by an archaeology known as professor Knowby, who brought it to a cabin deep in the heart of America in the woods where he could translate it undisturbed. Unfortunately, upon translating the words, he spoke the incantation that awakened Nightmare, as well as all the other ancient demons which filled the area with evil. Nightmare began to fly around, trying to figure out what happened, leaving the rest of the demons to mess with the old man and his wife.

Over the many years in the book, Nightmare's magic had grown stronger, and he was well versed in everything that was the necronomicon. Upon leaving though, he discovered an ancient ring, which was found on the site of the necronomicon, putting it around his neck curiously, it seemed to attach to him. Nightmare turned to the man Knowby, picking him up, "What is this ring old man? Tell me or die..." Knowby nodded his head as he was let down, "That ring is the ancient ring necklace which was noted in the book, its official name is scratched out... But.. supposedly it was meant to keep you inside. The ring is stated to always point in the direction of whatever you want, as well as can capture souls..." Knowby stated, which caused Nightmare to smirk large, "Thanks old man, its been swell, enjoy the rest of my friends... huhuhuhuhu HAHAHAHAHA!" Nightmare laughed as he left the cabin.

Nightmare spent several years figuring out how the ring worked, capturing several peoples souls and using its tracking ability to test it. Nightmare figured it was way farther in the time line then where he was, and began planning to take over this world next. He wanted to show the world the true colors of mankind, that they are all evil, not just him, not just the obvious ones, but the so called heroes that he saw on the news and on the streets, Superman, Batman, all of them were scum to Nightmare, and he would make them pay for misleading everyone they spoke to.

-Powers -


Soul Mist:

Nightmare can transform any piece of his body into a magic composed mist. This ability is instantaneous and can allow him to move around unseen by most or even surround a foe. No physical attacks can hit him when he is in this state and he can be in it as long as he wants. He can move the mist in such ways to resemble his body or body parts. He is also capable of only changing certain parts of his body into mist, leaving the rest into its physical state. If in his physical state, his arm were to be cut off or any other part of his body, he could simply turn into mist and the severed body part would also turn into mist. This only works for reattaching body parts though and cannot heal burn wounds, or anything that has been destroyed. While in this form, Nightmare is also capable of walking through walls or even the ground if he so wishes to.

Nightmare has slight teleportation with this ability as well, once transforming, any part of his body can appear in a physical state anywhere within a 200 meter radius from where it first disappeared. You can tell when he is teleporting parts of his body due to the fact they simple disappear instead of appearing in a physical state. The gif above shows what it looks like when he is teleporting rather then when he is in his regular Soul Mist state.

Bakura is capable of going into the minds of weak willed people, for example; Someone suffering from depression or is overly angry. While inside the heads of a person, he will act similar to that of a drug, causing the person to begin hallucinating, and have mood swings at random times. While sleeping, the possessed ones mind will experience terrifying nightmares, while at the same time, as they sleep, Nightmare takes control of their body, allowing him to do crimes among other things with their body. Nightmare can enter the body by transforming into his Soul Mist form and can leave the body anytime he wishes to.

Soul Steal:
If someone has recently died, Nightmare can take the soul of the individual and move it inside of the ring necklace that hangs from his neck.

Super-Human Strength:
Nightmare has super-human levels of strength, capable of lifting 5 tons with just 1 arm, with a maximum lifting with both hands being 12 tons, though he would have difficulty lifting that much.

Super-Human Endurance:
Similar to how he can lift up 5 tons with 1 arm, Nightmare's endurance is enough to get hit by a 5 ton truck without receiving much damage besides a bruise.

Connection To The Spirit Realm:
Due to being an old spirit, Nightmare is capable of seeing ghosts and otherworldly beings and is capable of accessing both the spirit realm and the physical world at the same time, even capable of touching ghosts.

Nightmares body is capable of regenerating much faster then an average person, being able to heal a 3rd degree burn in just a couple days, small cuts would close up almost immediately.

Magic Sorcery:
Nightmare is capable of creating magical weapons similar to those that green lanterns use. Nightmare however is limited to only making small items, such as magical daggers, small lightning bolts or small bombs and can only make them with his hands.

Nightmare is able to fly. He is able to fly at speeds of 10 thousands miles per hour, however going at this speed he would most likely crash into something. He will usually only fly at speeds of 8 thousands miles per hour or below.



Nightmare's greatest weakness is Magic. In his Soul Mist state, if hit by something magical, whether it be a hammer made by a lanterns ring or lightning conjured by Dr. Strange, it would immediately revert Nightmare back to his physical state, all of his separate body parts would instantly be reverted back to his original body. Magic does not harm him a lot more then physical attacks do, he is still capable of taking lots of hits, however a magical attack will cause burning on his body and loss of concentration on his Soul Mist ability.

-Weapons andEquipment’s-

Weapon(s): N/A


Ancient Ring Necklace:

This ancient relic from Egyptian times was stolen by Nightmare thousands of years ago, and was also buried with him. It has the ability to absorb souls, with each soul it will grow in power. At times where Nightmare is looking for something, the points dangling from the bottom of the ring will point in the direction that specific thing he is looking for is. If tossed away, the ring will also appear back around his neck within a day. The eye in the middle of the ring is capable of firing off a magical blast, its power depending on the amount of souls that are inside the ring. Currently Nightmare has 47 souls inside the ring, thus making the magical blast, if hit, is about as strong as

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