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 Daybreak: The RainMaker Cometh [Rainmaker][Open]

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PostSubject: Daybreak: The RainMaker Cometh [Rainmaker][Open]   Sun Apr 21, 2013 1:08 pm

Characters In this Thread: Rainmaker
Character Color: DarkRed

The sun would crest in high noon. The hustle and bustle of city life in New York would go on as usual.Honking car horns and street vendors peddling their wares. All oblivious to the hurricane of distain that waited above them. A lone figure stand upon the roof of a mirror glass skyscraper. His body clad in a dark leather jacket with a fur neck. His leather steel tipped boots resting on a cast iron railing. His body rocking back and forth over the edge of the building. The sun would dance across the glass. Casting a ray of light onto the face of the being. Revealing a familiar grin which rested under stagnant red eyes. The Being would be rather slender in form. Body clad mostly in leather. His hands drooping down to his sides. His right hand would bare a vocal point of any passerby's eye. A blood red ring of unknown origins. This ring the embodiment of the rage once felt deep inside this mans heart. It had grown and twisted the heart of This once caring man. Changing and twisting him into a savage monster. A beast wearing a suit. His moral code would be disgarded. This rage filling his heart. This rage would eventual come to form a light. To form a ring. The Ring of A Red Lantern. Tho Rainmaker was a speedster by Birth. His rage had altered him granting him this scarlet power ring. He would drop down from the building. The sudden force of his body stopping would cause a crater to form under his feet. The resulting shockwave would blow out windows in a half mile radius. Screaming and shrieks of terror. Filled the streets. The fear of a new terrorist plot unfolding would be on the minds of all. The Rainmaker would raise his hand slowly. Red light emerging from his powerband. The light would twist and form into a firearm. He would slowly walk down the middle of broadway avenue. Raising the Machine Pistol up. Firing arounds into the crowd. His eyes a darker shade of burgandy at this point. He would continue this. Slaughtering a few dozen of the crowd. Bodies falling to the floor blood leaking into pools around the area. He would keep this mayhem up. His lips pursed whistling. White earbuds when out his jacket into his ears. His eyes giving out a almost satisfied looked as he murdered women, Children and Elderly. He would gone on like this for almost ten minutes before a set of squad cars arrived. A call going out to the heroes of the world.
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Daybreak: The RainMaker Cometh [Rainmaker][Open]
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