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 Rainmaker [Post-Crisis] Updates.

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PostSubject: Rainmaker [Post-Crisis] Updates.   Wed Apr 24, 2013 3:45 pm

-Character Template-


Name: The Rainmaker
Secret identity:Kazuchika Okada
Day Job: Formerly Freelance Photographer
Character alignment:Chaotic Evil

-Likes and Dislikes-

Likes: Blood. Fresh Air. Music
Love: Hoshi
Dislikes: Humans
Hate: Quiet. Darkness. Heros.
Fear: Being returned to NullVoid
Passion:Returning the justice to the world.



Height: 6'4
Weight: 210

-Important Info-

-Powers -


SpeedForce Control
Complete control of the speed force after spending 3 years inside of the NullVoid Prison.

The basic power set of a speedster is fully under his control.

-Weapons andEquipment’s-
Red Lantern Ring
The rage that grew inside him from being trapped inside the NullVoid has grown to give him this power ring.

Small Spaces: Spaces smaller then a football field will not allow him to get to max speed. Only allowing small burst of speed in these spaces.

Darkness: His intense fear of Darkness Keeps him from running into shadows or dark areas without a light source..

High pitched noises: The sharp ringing noises will cause an instant freeze of Rainmaker's body keeping him from using his powers for a few seconds.

Hoshi: Extended periods of time around Hoshi will cause Rainmaker's heart to slow to a crawl. His speedster body prevents him from instantly going into cardiac arrest when feeling the emotion of love.

Max Speed; Mach 8 from stop. Mach 10 with a running start. Able to run as fast as the speed of light. But must become one with the speed force. and it shaves 2 years off his life with each use.
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Rainmaker [Post-Crisis] Updates.
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