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Toga Party

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 ~Mission Rules~

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PostSubject: ~Mission Rules~   Thu Nov 29, 2012 9:34 pm


To create a mission, fill out the template below. Each field in the template is described below. You will post a thread in the Mission Creation board, and once you have two staff approvals, it will be moved here to the general listings.

Also, below both templates, a list of rewards for the mission-creators themselves is listed! Yes, now creating a mission gives YOU a reward too, not just those completing your job.

Name of Mission:
Pretty self-explanatory. Please keep it the same as the title of the thread.

Who is hiring you to complete this mission?

Power Tier Rank Needed:
What Power Tier Rank Heroes or Villains is required, and how many? Please make note of stuff like that.

Any additional requirements? Need a Hero or Villain that can go under water, or fly, or one especially stealthy? Does this require a coordinated team instead of a few lone members? Post those in this field. If not, leave it blank.

Reward Offered:
Remember, if your reward is too small or too big, we will not approve it until you fix it. Also remember that if it is a fighting mission, members will be getting posts from their defeated enemies, so the mission reward doesn't have to be huge.

Plot Description:
What is the backstory leading up to this mission that makes it so important? This is the crucial part of the mission, so make sure it's at least two paragraphs with five sentences each, for those of you who count words.

Mission Description:
This is the area where you describe what exactly the members will have to do to complete the mission. Please use as much detail as you can to make it clear, at least a five-sentence paragraph's worth.

Objective Summary:
This is just for reference, put most of the key objectives into bullet format here. Basically a summary of the above field.

[b]Name of Mission:[/b]
[b]Levels Needed:[/b]
[b]Reward Offered:[/b]
[b]Plot Description:[/b]
[b]Mission Description:[/b]
[b]Objective Summary:[/b]

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~Mission Rules~
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