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 Spain Aflame [Open]

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PostSubject: Spain Aflame [Open]   Fri Apr 26, 2013 3:42 pm

Stretching nonchalantly in the European heat, Orange heard the popping of joints as it cracked its knuckles in a volley of pops that echoed quietly in the hallway. It was a dismal state of affairs for the Brigadier General, as he took each step with resolution, as the bundle of reports were carried by his aide. The government building of Spain proving to be an odd place, as hallways broke up into rooms which in turned opened up into smaller rooms that had access to a different hallway. The place was complex, but complexity was needed with so many villains running about.

Entering a small office, Orange took the reports from his aide and was soon left alone, to go over them, as the door closed Orange merely sighed as he shed his uniform jacket, the heat not particularly bothering him so much as he was just bored. He knew that the reports would be an easy task to read, thanks to his advanced intellect. Taking a chair from the corner of the room the man slumped down as he stared at the ceiling, the papers on his desk not disappearing.

Today had not been a good day, though he received a promotion to his new status of Brigadier General of the United Nations Orange was still unsatisfied, he wanted more that just power, he wanted wealth, he wanted control, he wanted everything. Despite his palace of a house in Italy, the man's greed was never fully sated, even putting coating his bedroom in gold did not help his nature. The want for more never went away ever since he obtained the Orange ring, a peculiar specimen.

It gave him power he could not imagine, but at the price his ambitions were expanded to possess anything and everything. Shaking his head, Orange took of his military cap, setting it on the wooden desk in front of him, revealing his short cropped light brown hair. Though his green hazel eyes were still hidden beneath his pair of sunglasses.

Shuffling through the reports out of defeat the orange lantern finished the work and set the paper aside, he wanted t do something, he needed to take something that was not his.

Sighing gain, Orange laughed to itself as it knew nobody would disturb him for several hours. With this information, the man's body started to shift as his once pale skin seemed to liquefy in mere seconds, as he assumed the appearance of another. A younger man in his early twenties, grizzled black beard, mid unkempt black hair, and his uniform had changed to that of a homeless man's garb. Thanks to his inner abilities outside the Orange Ring, Orange grinned beneath its new beard and dark complexion. Knowing that no one could detect that it was not truly human, but rather an artificial intelligence, thanks to its special cloaking ability, Orange teleported out of the capital building without a trace.

Looking up at the sun through a different pair of sunglasses Orange wandered through the alley ways of Madrid looking at the various humans around it. Taking to the streets, Orange found its way to a bank, several miles away from the capital. Grinning darkly the shapeshifter entered. Stepping up one of the clerks, Orange quickly lashed out as he jumped the desk, shattering the window with ease that separated him and the clerks. Shouting that this was a robbery, Orange charged a security guard in the back section of the bank, knocking the guard out cold with a swift punch to the neck, and another to the temple.

It was an easy heist so far.
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Spain Aflame [Open]
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