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 Sloth [WIP] Demi-Celestial

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PostSubject: Sloth [WIP] Demi-Celestial   Mon Apr 29, 2013 7:48 pm

-Character Template-


Name: Sloth
Secret identity: Non-Applicable
Race: Demi-Celestial
Age: Nine Hundred and Seventy Four and Thirty One years old (974,031 yrs.)
Day Job: Non-Applicable
Character alignment: Neutral Neutral

-Likes and Dislikes-

Likes: Exploration, all forms of science, enjoyment, water parks, roller coasters, carnivals, malls, food, music, learning, and new inventions.
Loves: Truth, power, and intelligence.
Dislikes: Ignorance, stupidity, and destruction of knowledge.
Hates: Lies, those which lie.
Fears: The spread of stupidity and things which it hates and dislikes.
Passions: Researching the sciences, and living.


Appearance: While Sloth has the ability of shape-shifting and being able to change its height and weight it does have a standard appearance which it uses most of the time when it does not feel the need to change appearance. Just as its name implies it appears as a sloth, a three toed sloth to be exact, and it has light grey fur covered with various algae and moss. Its eyes have a tint of orange in them.
Height: Two and a half feet tall.
Weight: Sixty three pounds.

-Important Info-

Personality: A neutral being devoted to technology and science, Sloth has decided that its path in life is that of a scientist and explorer, someone who should learn and expand their mind and spirit. Despite being partial to science Sloth is an adventurer at heart and chooses to explore the universe and the many dimensions that are known. It seeks to know everything and anything. Because of this Sloth has grown to become a great intellectual with a fabulous capacity to grow.

While it is an intellectual, Sloth does enjoy exploration, especially uncharted planets and ruins of any form. Sloth has a form of wanderlust so to speak, due to this. But, the demi-celestial is not one to be a stingy scientist, Sloth is rather playful and an old time romantic, and though it is as lazy as its name, it knows how to have a good time. In particular, Sloth is the type who would buy a week long vacation for itself and those of its friends to enjoy themselves after a long month of work.

It has a very loose personality, and while it is not necessarily good or evil in the arbitrary views of the words it does have a sense of morality that is quite different from most. It seeks information as the most prized commodity, right above emotional satisfaction. Meaning that Sloth would rather know the truth and be unhappy then believe in a lie. It is obsessed with truth and facts and because of this Sloth at times may side with darker intentions to learn what is true, rather than help the universe under a pretentious false.

At this Sloth is a neutral, while it is not like a mercenary to help the highest bidder, it does have its own reasons for its actions. While caring to those it considers friends, it can also be quite dark in the deep ends of its mind, where knowledge comes into the picture. Being an immortal has also led Sloth to believe that mortals can be dispensable given the right purpose.

Background: Not so much as born but created, Sloth is the embodiment of the term of sloth. Through scientific means from the pure Celestials, Sloth was created in part of their own image as a demi-celestial a cross between its creators and that of science. Having been formed on the mother-ship of the Celestials, Sloth was more so a lab experiment made out of curiosity by the scientists aboard the ship.

Sloth was the end result of scientific ingenuity and that of magic and emotions, or rather combining technology and magic together to create something better. Though the results were not as satisfactory as the Celestials would have wanted they kept Sloth as one of their own for one millennium, or one thousand years. During this time Sloth was an active lab rat in their experiments on genetics and technology, granting Sloth power beyond comprehension at points in time and taking it away to see what their creation would do.

After these experiments on the ship had ended, Sloth was granted freedom by the Celestials to see where it would go with its life. Sloth would always keep in touch with its creators from time to time as a living experiment. Every thousand years Sloth would meet with them as a check-up and various exchanges would take place of power, information, and other necessities and wants. After several thousands of years of doing this, Sloth soon found its way to Earth after having been told that it was spared by the Celestials and deemed fit for life, or a success in other terms.

-Powers -

Super-Powers: See Spoilers.
Mental Powers:

Physical Powers:

Emotional Powers:

Magical Powers:

Technological Powers:

Weakness: See Spoilers.
Mental Weaknesses:

Physical Weaknesses:

Emotional Weaknesses:

Magical Weaknesses:

Technological Weaknesses:

-Weapons and Equipment’s-

Weapon(s): Sloth does not possess any external weapons which it uses in combat, all of its weaponry and powers coming from its Super-Powers it has achieved.
Equipment(s): Sloth has access to hundreds of thousands of various forms of scientific equipment including beakers, scalpels, medical supplies, acids, test tubes, and much more. These items are more for social use than anything else, and are all stored in a dimensional pocket of Sloth's design.

-Roleplay Sample-
Roleplay Sample: Non-Applicable
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Sloth [WIP] Demi-Celestial
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