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 Docks of Water [open]

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PostSubject: Docks of Water [open]   Thu May 02, 2013 1:55 pm

"How about fire?" Whispered a soft voice in the darkness of night.
"No." replied an equally soft, but tender, voice.
"Well then, perhaps monsters?"
"Yes, that seems reasonably fun."

The conversation ended. The sounds of voices ceasing in the dim lit alley of Detroit, one of many such areas that were dark from lack of lighting. It reeked of garbage and filth; the odors wafting in the air due to the soft breeze that came by through the streets. Scents of rotting food and discarded waste proving strong in the fenced in alleyway, where a single figure stood. Its skin, or what could be considered skin, a dull neutral grey; the creature's eyes nonexistent on its round circular face. The figure that was Confictura stood silently in the dismal crevice of the large city, taking in the smells of humanity even without a visible nose to speak of.

"Such inefficiency..." Confictura sighed as it wandered closer to the metal fence that closed off the alley from the sidewalk. A simple metal mesh, nothing that could not be moved by the looming figure. However the stick figure, as it was, did not move the fence, nor did it decide to hop over such a weak excuse of a blockade. Rather the grey toned being phased through, its body separating as the metal wires passed through its cylindrical body without a qualm. "So weak..." It spoke again.

Entering onto the all but abandoned sidewalks of Detroit, Confictura gazed up at the moon above, before taking steps on the cold concrete. It was an hour past midnight, and all but the most rowdy of drunks were asleep, a few cars passing by every so often, but in all the city was asleep. Advertising signs lit up the buildings with their luminescent glow. As Confictura walked it could not help feel disappointed, the area was boring, too boring. Remembering the conversation it had had with its other personality it almost wanted to stop the boredom and bring the city to life, or at the very least a part of humanity awake.

But spreading sparks of fire was out of the question, so was the fact of sending a surge of water. After all, Confictura The Grey, as it was named, did not feel like causing mayhem, but rather something to pass the time, for it did not need sleep. Continuing to wander without purpose, Grey found itself at the the docks, and there Grey sat on the edge of the water, wandering what it should do for the night, seeing as it did not feel like destroying anything at current.
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Docks of Water [open]
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