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 A Tranquil Vacation? [Open]

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PostSubject: A Tranquil Vacation? [Open]   Thu May 02, 2013 2:29 pm

Letting out a sigh of pleasure, Orange Prototype spread out both of his pale arms to stretch as he relaxed back in the chair, provided for him by the hotel. The day was fabulous, seventy five degrees Fahrenheit, a nice local breeze, and warming rays from the Sun to make the whole afternoon enjoyable. The only thing that was missing was a glass of tequila which the secret Orange Lantern soon ordered from the hotel assistant standing by the pool.

Watching as several other guests entered the area by the pool, Orange closed his eyes, which were covered by his round sunglasses, that he always had on. Listening to the sounds of laughter and enjoyment of others gave him a nice respite from collecting valuables around the universe. While at the back of his mechanical mind Orange wanted the hotel for himself, he knew that in a few days he would purchase it with his money. A five star hotel would prove to be a nice addition to his already growing collection of enterprises and land.

Though some in his outer circle claim him to be frivolous, it was always more relaxing to take things without force if need be. Thinking back on his duties as a Brigadier General, the use of force was not always needed to achieve specific aims anyhow. Orange grinned at that thought, as he sipped his drink casually, savoring the flavor as he played with the tiny umbrella that had come with the beverage. As he stood up from the cushioned chair, Orange walked about the edge of the hotel in his red shorts and loose long sleeved jacket, which complimented the light brown hair of his nicely in the light.

It seemed to be one of those days were nothing could go wrong, but Orange knew that his stay at the hotel would end by the day. Leaving the poolside, the man walked about the beach only a few yards from the vine covered walls of the hotel. The sand feeling nice and cool on Orange's exposed feet. Looking out into the Gulf of Mexico, the man cracked his fingers as he moved along the coast, collecting various shells that piqued his interest. Orange knew he would be safe from anyone searching for him, as his special cloaking ability made him flawlessly human to scanners and the like.

Though as an hour past on his walk, the artificial intelligence named Orange left the coast and entered the city, outskirts of Cancun. This was where the first trouble started, this is where Orange's day went off track. A rusted van, with its white paint starting to peel stopped next to Orange on the street. From his sensing he knew there were five men in there. Figuring what was about to happen, as the stories of people being kidnapped were always in the papers, Orange merely grinned and waved to the driver before four men jumped out from the sliding doors of the van and grabbed him.

With the very first touch of human flesh against his body, Orange whirled around and punched the first kidnapper in the jaw, destroying the man's bone, as the bottom of his mouth hung loosely as he toppled over. There was no point in going all out on mere humans, but the Orange Lantern felt the necessity to make sure they at least leave with one broken bone each.

Before the remaining three could react fully, Orange kicked the next man in the shin, forcing the man's leg to bend backwards, while at the same time, Orange spread out his left fist, punching the third attacker in collar bone, shattering it fully, without the broken bone puncturing the skin. As the two fell to the ground the driver took off, flooring the gas pedal, the van lurching with a screech. Orange decided to let that one go, but as for the remaining would be kidnapper, Orange smiled disarmingly as he looked at the man's scared face. A solid knee to the gut quickly incapacitated the burly man, Orange making sure that his two bottom rips were fractured.

With that, Orange stood in the middle of the sidewalk with his newly found victims writhing in pain or unconscious already.
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A Tranquil Vacation? [Open]
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