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 Rachel Dare, Gate of Dreams[wip]

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PostSubject: Rachel Dare, Gate of Dreams[wip]   Sat May 04, 2013 4:47 pm

-Character Template-


Name: Rachel Dare
Secret identity:
Race: meta-human
Age: 18 normally
Day Job: student
Character alignment: Chaotic Neutral

-Likes and Dislikes-
Likes: [what they like]
Love: [what they love can be people, places, or things]
Dislikes: [What they don't like]
Hate: [what they hate ex. veggies, needles, hospitals, etc... ]
Fear: [ what they fear ex. clowns, snakes, aliens, etc...]
Passion: [what are they passionate about? something other then people the love ex. passionate about music, martial arts, cars, etc...]



Hight: 5 feet 6 inches
Weight: 120 lbs

-Important Info-

  • Spoiled: Rachel is a doorway to dreams, pulling the objects of her desires in to reality. As such she is used to getting what she wants, and if this is a physical thing there is usually no problem as she can create it herself. However, when it comes to dealing with authority or how people behave towards her this becomes a problem. She is used to getting what she wants, and saying no to her can result in a temper tantrum or a fight if not controlled correctly.
  • Energetic: Rachel has an enormous amount of energy, even for someone with a young body like hers. She seems to never tire out, always on the move. She has no trouble running for long periods of time, and it is rare to even see her need to catch her breath.
  • Doesn't trust: Rachel talks to almost no one outside of her family and doesn't have any friends. This isn't because she prefers to be alone, but because she has difficulty coming to trust people. It is like she has this natural fear of other people until she gets used to them, and only then can she start trusting them. However, she seems to get along fairly well with her class president at karakura high school, talking quietly to that person instead of ignoring them like she does to every other student.

Background: How long has Quor Tarai been alive is a debatable matter, some would argue only since humans came in to the picture, others may say since life itself formed, while others may argue since the universe began. However, which one it is is irrelevant in Quor Tarai's eyes. Quor Tarai has no idea when it came in to existence, as far as it is concerned it existed since the beginning of time. For billions of years Quor Tarai let itself go on naturally, allowing the birth of creatures known as the quori, not caring what they did. However, an event approximately 500,000 years ago angered Quor Tarai, and it is on the path for vengeance.

Approximately 500,000 years ago, in a corner of the universe millions of light-years away, the Quori born on the plane of dreams invaded a small planet, intent on stopping all change. However, this was a planet ruled by dragons and a giant empire, and combining their knowledge and an ancient device, the king of the the giant empire, the stormreaver, managed to push the plane of dreams away from our plane, the material plane, making it impossible to open up portals to it, or otherwise travel there except during dreams.

Now, naturally Quor Tarai did not take kindly to this action, on the other hand Quor Tarai knew better then to act at that time, waiting for the giant magic and the emotions to calm down on both sides. However, the Quori were not going to wait, and they started moving on their own. By manipulating beings of this worlds dreams, they managed to get them to breed a being that the Quori could then inhabit despite the giant's magic. As the actions of the Quori forcefully pulled Dal Quor closer to the material plane, the giant's spell started to put pressure on the dimension. This caused pain to Quor Tarai, the same as if a human was slowly being crushed between to walls of steel.

Luckily for Quor Tarai, the Quori were defeated, their scheme figured out, and stopped. Once again Dal Quor was pushed away, the pain fading from Quor Tarai as the giants magic pushed it back to where it had been before. As the years went by while Quor Tarai waited for the giant's spell to fade, it changed how it dealt with it's realm. Taking a more active role in what went on, Quor Tarai made sure to get rid of any remaining Quori who might attempt another act like had happened with those before. While Quor Tarai waited it plotted, figuring out how it would draw itself back in to its original spot in the planescape.

Eventually, the giant magic had faded enough to put Quor Tarai's plan in to action. Using the power of dreams, Quor Tarai pulled the giant energy in to itself, focusing it in to one dream in particular, a human on earth that was dreaming about her 12 year old daughter. Preserving this dream, Quor Tarai focused the energy from the giant magic in to this dream. For a hundred years this continued, until the finally drop of energy went in to the dream, causing the dream to manifest within our realm. The result was, 18 years ago, the appearance of a never aging 12 year old girl in Gotham city, and the trapping on Quor Tarai within this body, that was also a gateway, or portal, to the plane of dreams. Since her arrival, she has lived in an orphanage, talking to the being inside her.

-Powers -

SuperPowers:What Rachel has gained from being the gate to Dal Quor is the ability to pull any dream object in to the material plane, where we live. In addition, since she has Quor Tarai inside her she can cause anything to exist within dreams, allowing her to pull anything in to the material plane. However, even though she may be able to create any item in the dream plane, there are limitations in bringing it in to the material plane. First off, her body is only so big, and as it is the gate she can't pull anything bigger then her body through the gate. Also, it is taxing on her body to pull items through the gate, and there is only so much her body can handle, the more complex an item is and the larger an item is, the more it taxes her.

She can also change her appearance at will, and this does not tax her at all.

Weakness: She will pass out after she pulls 13 items out of her body.

-Weapons andEquipment’s-

Weapon(s): (Example: Bow and Arrow, Power Ring, Shield)

Equipment(s): (Example: Utility belt)

-Roleplay Sample-

Roleplay Sample: Adora ran down the halls of the dorm, turning the corner at high speed and quickly pushing open the door to the dorm. Without stopping, she sprinted off towards the building where all the classes were held. She was extremely worried, as she had taken fifteen minutes extra to eat breakfast, and classes would be starting any minute. She couldn't be late, she had heard the horror stories her dorm mates had shared about when they were late to class.

As she barreled down the lane, she saw a student coming up from the road which led out of the school grounds. She tried to stop, but despite her best efforts, she crashed in to him, toppling to the floor.

"Owww... sorry about that."

Not once looking up at the person she had crashed in to, she quickly picked up her books and dashed off, blushing furiously. Pounding down the hall way, she slowed down to enter class, and looking at her watch she discovered she was five minutes late. Breathing heavily she walked slowly to her seat at the very back of the class. As she sat down she notice there was an extra seat in the class, placed right next to hers.

Does this mean we're getting a new student? Why did they have to place the desk next to mine...
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PostSubject: Re: Rachel Dare, Gate of Dreams[wip]   Sat May 04, 2013 5:00 pm



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Rachel Dare, Gate of Dreams[wip]
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