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PostSubject: Kryptonians   Sat Dec 01, 2012 11:44 pm

Kryptonian Origin

In most of their incarnations Kryptonians have been displayed as a very technologically advanced race though their space program was extremely limited. In most of their incarnations they also didn't display any superpowers. Their red sun Rao suppressed the superhuman potential that the Kryptonians had.

Very few Kryptonians survived the destruction of Krypton. Most of the survivors ended up on the planet Earth. Their numbers have been largely increased by clones, humans who have been spliced with Kryptonian DNA, and alternate reality counterparts from different Krypton's.

Krypton had a great civilization based on a planet whose ecosystem and very energies were self-destructive. On their own planet, the Kryptonians were nothing like humanity and crystal life populated the forests. The Kryptonian bodies were as flawed as their planet was. Because of a religious taboo against leaving their home-world, only a few Kryptonians left the home world before Krypton was dying as their planet. On Earth, the Kryptonian bodies would cure themselves of any disease. They would also gain powers that they never dreamed of on Krypton. The Kryptonians may look similar as humans but their DNA is entirely different.


The Kryptonians also display many powers similar to Superman. These powers include:

The Kryptonians were able to alter their gravity when charged with yellow sun radiation. However, they couldn't fly on their planet, Krypton due to the radiation from their red sun suppressing their powers.

Super strength
The Kryptonians show great strength being able to lift more than 1,000,000 tons.

Super speed
The Kryptonians can travel faster than a speeding bullet train. Although they cannot achieve the Flash's time travel ability, they can travel to different locations on earth in an instant and traverse the galaxy within a matter of hours.

Super Hearing The ability to hear any sound at any volume or pitch. The only Earth creature who can detect sounds at the frequency they can is a blue whale (0.01-200,000 Hz).
Super Stamina
The Kryptonians can survive in the deep reaches of space. They don't need to sleep, eat or drink. Their body cells are powered by the Earth's yellow sun radiation

Heat vision
The Kryptonians are able to produce rays of extreme heat from their eyes.

X-Ray vision

The ability to see through anything except lead.

Microscopic vision
The Kryptonians can see anything microscopic.

Telescopic vision
The Kryptonians have the ability to see far distances. They can also see throughout the galaxy without using a telescope. But it wasn't mentioned how far they can see through.

The Kryptonians can create whirlwinds due to their massive lung capacity by forcefully exhaling.

The Kryptonians mass is much denser than human mass which makes then nigh invulnerable. They are weak against Kryptonite and various forms of magic though.

Ice Breath
The Kryptonians have the ability to freeze any object or person by blowing which is similar to Super Breath.

The Earth's yellow sun radiation allows any Kryptonians to live longer than a normal human being. They are however not immortal.

Healing Factor
Even if they are some how injured they have a rapid healing factor.

Photographic Memory
Kryptonians can read a book at high speeds and are able to remember every exact detail what is being said.


The Kryptonians also have weaknesses such as the exposure to various forms of Kryptonite, magic, high sound frequency, and advanced weaponry such as the gravity gun and other types of technology. These weaknesses include:

Various forms of Kryptonite can affect the physiology of Kryptonians. Green Kryptonite can affect the Kryptonians and gives them pain. The green Kryptonite acts like a radiation exposure that can kill a Kryptonian in long periods of time. Red Kryptonite can remove the inhibitions of Kryptonians which would make them dangerous. It can also affect the Kryptonian's actions while they are using their powers. Clark Kent was seen using red Kryptonite in various forms of TV and movies where he becomes the bad guy and his actions couldn't be controlled. However, it wasn't mentioned that a red Kryptonite can affect the bad Kryptonians such as General Zod and Ursa. Blue Kryptonite can strip off the Kryptonians' powers temporarily. The blue kryptonite also acts as a radiation exposure that can affect Superman's imperfect clone, Bizarro. Black Kryptonite is used to split a personality from a Kryptonian or a human. In Smallville, the black Kryptonite was used on Clark that tries to separate him and Kal-El. Gold Kryptonite can be used to damage a Kryptonian even though it can kill them. This was mentioned in Smallville episode, Luthor where Earth-2 Lex used the gold Kryptonite to brand an L-scar in Clark Luthor's arm. The gold Kryptonite can also strip off Kryptonian's powers permanently. The silver Kryptonite can cause the Kryptonians to have hallucinations. Although, this form of Kryptonite didn't exist in the comics, it was only mentioned in the Smallville series where Clark experiences hallucinations thinking that everyone is turning against him.

Various forms of magic can affect the Kryptonians. Including Black Adam and Captain Marvel's magic powers.

Advanced Technology
Gravity guns can be developed to change the gravity of Kryptonians which causes their weight to slow down. Sonic weapons or devices can also cause a Kryptonian great pain, making their ears to bleed. There is also Kryptonian technology that can remove their powers as seen in the Superman 2 movie when Clark wanted to become a normal human being.

Solar Power
Kryptonians gains part of their power from the Earth's yellow sun. If deprived of all Sun light or are placed within the vicinity of a Red sun, the Kryptonians lose all of their powers.

Kryptonians are vulnerable to telepathic attack.

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