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 Tier System

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PostSubject: Tier System   Mon Dec 03, 2012 2:31 pm


What Is A Power Tier: Essentially, a power tier gauges where your characters overall energy levels are once your application is approved by a staff member. It ranges from lowest to highest; which is 6-0- to 0-0++ in extremely rare cases. However, in the long run, it is your skills in roleplaying that play the largest part. But, this isn't to say that tier doesn't matter. If Darkseid were to fight Frog Man, who would win? Most likely Darkseid due to his immense power. Even if Frog Man’s Role-player’s skills are better, the scale is still tilted towards Darkseid.

Sub Tier Levels: You see things like "2-1, 2-2, 2-3" and etc? Those are the different levels that are within tiers. These are used in order to tell about the different measurements of power for within their respective tier groups. For instance, if a 2-3 were to get into a fight with a 2-1; while they may be in the same tier class, the 2-1 would definitely have the upper hand based on him being further along the line in the second tier. The same effectively applies to all tiers listed below. The higher the - dash is, the higher up on the chain a character is in their tier level. So it goes: 6 tier < 5 tier < 4 tier < 3 tier < 2 tier < 1 tier < 0 tier. And for sub-level it goes: 5 < 4 < 3 < 2 < 1 < 0.

What Are the plus' (+) and minus' (-): The plus' (+) and minus' (-) are used to put a character closer or further behind those on their level. For example, if someone were a 0-2+, that would automatically put them on a somewhat higher footing then a regular 0-2. The reason for this is that the plus (+) represents how close someone is to unlocking the next tier above that. So, with that said the minus (-) represents the opposite. It allows for someone to become, in this situation, a 0-2. However, they would probably be a higher disadvantage against a regular 0-2 or a 0-2+. With that said, Plus Plus' (++) are rather rare and represent a character who is dramatically more powerful than others on his/her tier. For example, someone like Doomsday would be 0-0++, while someone like Superman who has died at the hands of Doomsday, would be a 0-0-. Thus, this is mainly seen with 1 and 0 tier type characters; but can be used for lower tiers. And yes, it is possible for a character to reach a minus minus (--) level as well.

Short Summary: So, in short, six tier is the weakest character possible and zero tier is the strongest possible. The same apply for all sub-tiers that you see a Plus (+) mean you have an edge up on those in your tier class, while minus (-) make you have less of an edge.

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Tier System
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