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 Kalia "GHOST" Nero Reeves(FIN~)

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Kalia Nero Reeves


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PostSubject: Kalia "GHOST" Nero Reeves(FIN~)   Fri Dec 07, 2012 4:06 pm

-Character Template-


Name: Ghost
Secret identity: Kalia Nero Reeves
Age:Twenty Four
Day Job: -
Character alignment: Lawful Neutral


Hight: Five feet and Seven Inches
Weight: One Hundred and thirty seven pounds

-Important Info-

Personality:Nero is a very different type of woman, she’s manipulative and very good at mocking people. The two key traits that seem to run her life. She seems to only care about herself. However, she does have morals, skewed but still there, she knows right from wrongs. She just has a bit different view. She doesn’t see anything wrong with taking from the rich when opportunities have it, however she does see senseless killing as a waste of blood.

Nero is good at what she does, when she sets her mind on something she becomes more so a predator if anything. She’s cold and precise, always calculating, a brilliant mind, with a sharp tongue to add to it. Nero doesn’t really get the point of chain in command, and even if she can’t openly insult some one higher then herself, she sure will be one passive aggressive jerk, that being said- if some one tells her not to do something; she’ll be damn sure to do the exact opposite.

Nero maybe a bit cocky but she isn’t stupid, she weighs up her options before she goes into something, and rarely acts on impulse, few things seem to even bother Nero actually. She can take the beating of her life time with pride, but if some one threatens her friends in any way, Nero is one dangerous girl, if she doesn’t strike her revenge personally- which is her preferred way, she will eventually, which leads us to the next topic. On the topic of revenge it is something that constantly plagues her mind,

She has an excellent memory, she can remember almost every event in her life, it’s more so a curse to her. Something that tends to keep her up night by night- however it is something she’ll never admit to. If one would ask she would gloat about sleeping like a rock, but in all actuality she finds herself almost never sleeping. Nero’s one thing is not to show fear, she hardly does- it has been something she trained herself to do, even when she is scared she tends to smile, grin- a wise man once said, the best way to hurt an enemy is to smile, and that’s what she does when she’s nervous, or frightened- just gives a proud grin.

She has demanding voice, and when she speaks she demands to be listened too. If she should waste time explaining, that person should show the courtesy to listen, but over all Nero can be explained as lot of things, the main traits, mysterious, proud, and mainly she can’t seem to trust anyone, only herself- she doesn’t need anyone else, right?


Kalia had been born in the ever beautiful New York, to Natasha and Ryan Reeves. Her father a hardworking man, who rarely had time for his family, and her mother an alcoholic who constantly cheated on her husband. Growing up Kalia had always been a sick child, constantly catching some sort of flu, constantly going in and out of the hospital, it caused her father to leave the two eventually. Around the age of ten, her mother had no issue remarrying, a rather rich fellow named Lee Angel, the girl had grown up alone- so knowing her mother had a knew toy to chew on and spit out, she did her best to focus on the only thing she knew- her school work.

As a child, she had always been a bit awkward and different, and the fact that she had been constantly sick caused her to be a bit of an outcast. As the teen years began her mother felt it best to pull Kalia out of school and place her in home school, the doctors explaining that Kalia had Autoimmune Disease, in short her immune system considered itself a pathogen and had been attacking itself, ignoring the actual illness’ that attacked her bodice.Being home schooled left the girl lonely often, and she had felt out of place in her new home, which pushed her to the park, where she would often play chess with strangers, using her own set of course- extra careful not to get sick.

At a young age she showed excellent skills at just about anything she focused on, often defeating grown adults at the game. It passed her time having completed her school work incredibly early, she eventually met a kid a few years older then herself when she had been fifteen, he had been her first challenge in the game, and his name had been Vincent, the two’s game actually lasted for two days, before he beat her. That day he became her rival and first friend. Vincent had been just as smart as her, and he expressed a great interest in the military, having nothing else to do- she followed him like a shadow, he didn’t seem to mind- in fact little did she know that he had enjoyed it a lot.

The minute she turned of age, she quickly joined the military, following after Vincent. She had quickly rose in the ranks, but had not found her long time friend, but rumors had spread that he had disappeared, she followed the rumors that took her to a military base in Russia, where she found him on her twentieth birthday. He had been apart of a very special unit, and that was all he was able to tell her. The ever persistent Kalia had finally gotten the information from her friend Vincent, and he even offered her a deal, he’d tell her everything if she would join his unit in an experiment.

Little did she know, she happened to be that experiment.

Vincent had done this for her and his own goals. The experiment would obviously make her a super soldier, messing with her genes- fixing her immune system also. When she awoke she had been extremely happy, her abilities being super human and her choice of weapon.. not so up to date, and it took her two years to perfect her abilities. She had grown sick of everything though, the killing- the blood, but what made things worst and Vincent didn’t even treat her human anymore.. she was a weapon. She decided that she’d have to leave.

But it was easier said then done, the moment she told Vincent she had thought about abandoning the team and becoming a deserter, she found herself in containment, and without her weapons. She would feel a betrayal she had never exactly felt before. She had thought Vincent would understand, but here she had been- trapped. When she was twenty- two she had decided to think of a plan to escape.

It took her two years until she could escape, and in the process she took many lives- but not that of her old team.. not that of Vincent’s. She was almost certain they’d hunt her down eventually. She had fled back to America, it wasn’t like she could take up any normal job after that, it wasn’t like she had a choice, she had become a monster- even if she didn’t look like it. She would have to spend most of her time observing.. and so she would.

-Powers -

Super Human Abilities Kalia had been created to be a super soldier, able to withstand temperature and climate changes, when it is snowing she does not need a coat or anything to keep her warm. She doesn’t get sick, and it is rather hard for one to break her bones, even if it is possible. She holds super human strength, able to life up things up to three times her size, along with a speed that is hard to detect with the average eye. That being said it takes more then just bullets or anything else to break her skin, or bones- but it can be done with other super human abilities. Another part of her super human abilities is that her body has enhanced healing, which for a wound would take a person about two weeks to heal up, would take her about three days- depending on how deep and if it is in an important area. However during those three days it is imperative that she does not fight cause her abilities are weakened when she is in this state.


Kalia hold’s two ring blades on her, and they are more then just an offensive weapon. She is able to throw one of the rings, and they will go spinning at a speed that most would find hard to keep up, but the point is not to harm anyone, but to help her escape, as long as she holds one of the rings on her, she is able to use it as portals, so to speak, any where she can visualize, and once she goes in the rings- the portals it takes her to the location of the second portal. This is able to take her almost any where she would want, thus why she earns the name Ghost. She is able to take objects and people into the teleportation as long as they are touching her in a way.

Energy Conversion

The main ability that helps her out is that her body is a sponge so to say, hit her with anything that isn’t such as a physical attack(ie: Fighting, any melee weapon) it will do damage, however hit her with an energy bolt, or lazer beam, any form of energy her body and convert it to her own, however the only way for her to be able to use this energy is if she has her weapons on her- her blades or her glove, which she can use to let this energy out, it however will not be as strong as it was initially- in a sense she is just reusing the energy.

-Weapons andEquipment’s-

Weapon(s): Blade-Rings.
Metal Clawed gloves.


-Roleplay Sample-

Roleplay Sample: Her eyes remained closed, breathing deeply. She tried to count her blessings, she tried to think of something else. But her mind, it just was there.. at the edge, between revenge and hatred, between Hell and something much darker. It felt as if there had been pin needles in her lungs, each inhale had been a sharp pain. The eyes would open, a lilac color that seemed to shine in the darkness of the room. The eyes had belonged to a woman, who looked rather malnourished, the woman had been pressed against the cold wall, something she had been use too, she could hear them. Coming to feed her- they always kept their distance.. they always seemed to stare to her.. a monster.

The woman looked anything but a monster however, one could even go as far as calling her beautiful. The woman's dark hair had been at least to the small of her back, and covered her face and eyes like a dark curtain, her lips had been chapped and a few cuts had made their way there. A prison's uniform gripped her body tightly, and she hung against the wall- one would be able to see chains behind her, wrapped around her legs and neck, her arms tied from behind her. She could hear them coming, her ears twitching at each loud chuckle, at each quick words. Her eyes held nothing, but it wasn't the type of nothing that was filled with emptiness- it held the nothingness that could drive a man mad, and it was full of rage, and hatred.

Her muscles would tense as she heard them press the buttons of the key pad to get into her room cell. She had been storing this energy since the last of her escape plans, and this would get her out, her muscles tightened more as the doors began to open, and with a tug she could feel the wall crack behind her, one more tug and she'd be free- she kept her hands behind her back, and slide to her knees, her hair covering her face, her head low to the ground. The two guards would walk forward with a tray of food in their hands. "Reeves." one of the guards spoke in a harsh tone. She didn't respond. A few minutes would pass, and the other guard spoke up. "Is she... or something?" she could hear the scoff of the other guard. "You go check, it's not gunna be my ass if she escapes." the one snorted.

She remained there, letting the two speak. "We'll it'll be your ass if she is dead." "No, it'll be yours, and as your commanding officer I demand that you check on the prisoner- be careful though." he spoke, she could hear the footsteps, slow- hesitant, it was almost if she could hear the man's heart beat fluttering in his chest, like a mouse approaching a cat deep in slumber, the moment she saw his shadow near her, she moved- she would have moved faster if she could, but she tugged at her arms, the wall freeing her of her chains, as she moved forward, grabbing the closer man by his neck and moving her arm the chains that had once bound around her would wrap around the other man's arms. A snarl soon showed on her face, as she snapped the closer man's neck, the teeth chattering snap that would echo through out the room, it was so brittle.. almost like cutting paper to her, pulling the other man towards her. "Make a sound and i'll kill you." she snarled coldly. She only needed one alive after all.

The beast was coming to life.

She looked up and her lilac eyes seemed to shimmer against the little light in the room. "Where are my weapons.." she snarled. “Like I’ll tell you." the man snapped back, she could see the fear swimming in his eyes, the shivers going through his body, she tugged him towards her as she moved close, her eyes locking with his. She had no control, any one and everyone that would approach her.. she would kill. Moving swiftly, she pulled behind the man, along with it went one of his shoulder blades- popping out of place, her free hand tightly smacking against his mouth, muffling his scream in pain. A smirk twitched at her lips, causing another crack to appear and a small line of blood to run down her chin.

She waited until she was certain he was done screaming, and leaned into his back, making sure to touch his wounded shoulder. “Wher-” "Go to hell." she grinned at his words. "I'll kill you again when I see you there.." she would purr and with a sudden jolt she turned his head to face her, and then she let him drop to the floor. She could sense her weapons, she would take them and then she would end everything. Walking towards the doors slowly. This was her freedom.
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PostSubject: Re: Kalia "GHOST" Nero Reeves(FIN~)   Fri Dec 07, 2012 4:15 pm

Aproved 1-2+
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PostSubject: Re: Kalia "GHOST" Nero Reeves(FIN~)   Wed Mar 27, 2013 2:55 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Kalia "GHOST" Nero Reeves(FIN~)   Wed Apr 10, 2013 11:31 pm

active again
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PostSubject: Re: Kalia "GHOST" Nero Reeves(FIN~)   

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Kalia "GHOST" Nero Reeves(FIN~)
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