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 Percival Ingram Lankin WIP

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PostSubject: Percival Ingram Lankin WIP   Sun Dec 09, 2012 12:59 am

-Character Template-


Name: Ingram
Secret identity: Percival Ingram Lankin also answers to Percy
Age: 25
Day Job: N/A
Character alignment: Neutral


Hight: 6'0"ft
Weight: 175lbs

-Important Info-

Personality:Percival carries himself with a sense of pride and self-accomplishment. He, unlike most witch-men, he doesn't wear the traditional Witch-men/Croatoan garb. Individually speaking Percival is often very calm and level-headed. He can take any form of information, despite how insulting or disappointing it may be. He shows uniqueness about this, as he is seen to quickly lose his temper, but can easily and almost instantaneously regain his serious composure.

During battle, he tends to separate all forms of existence except for himself, his opponent(s), and his surroundings. Percival has a fondness for the use of lethal force, he will almost always do whatever he can to turn a spar session into a "fight for their lives", he believes strongly in sparing with real weapons instead of fake wooden ones. Percival seems to take after the man he hates the most, his father. He is a cold hearted man, and speaks in a very typical southern accent. In battle he remains stoic, always observant.

Though beneath this veil, lies a soul of arrogance incarnate. Even with his cold facade he exudes an aura of confidence with his mere presence. When he faces an opponent, there has never been any doubt, only an indomitable resolve that will never allow him to lose against an opponent. Though unlike his father, Percival seems to find a particular thrill in battle, relishing the feelings of supremacy that it gives him whenever he completely dominates his opponents.

Background: (2 paragraphs iMin!)

-Powers -

SuperPowers:Psychic Link: Percival has an innate psychic bond with his three eyed raven Balankin, allowing him to communicate with Balankin and see through Balankin's eyes.

Sorcery: Being born in Limbo Town which has a deep magical history that has been passed down from generation to generation, magic and religion are one in the same for them and as such Percival is highly skilled with magic since he's used it his whole life.

Dimensional Travel: He can travel between Limbo Town (a deep underground magically blocked society), Castle Revolving, the world we know and beyond through his own power.

Energy Projection: He is able to use magical items to project all sorts of energy without any sort of difficulty; he has not been seen actually producing energy from his hands.

Energy Absorption: He is able to harness any type of energy from Shazam to Felix Faust.
Necromancy: Even without the Cruciform, Percival is adept in summoning and controlling the dead.

Divination: Through the use of the magic’s he learned as a young boy, Percival can divine many events and situations ex: searching for something.

Eldritch Blast: Percival has been able to fight off magical enemies through often haphazardly throwing eldritch bolts.

Possession: Whether or not this is an ability or a power, Percival’s eye glow and he can control anyone whom he focuses on.

Phasing: Percival has the ability to phase through walls.

Size Alteration: Whether this was a product of his energy absorption or in fact a combination with it is unknown but Percival has shrunken a fake witch and kept her in a magical ball.

Transformation: He can combine his entity with that of his familiar to create a Horigal. When merged with his raven to become a Horigal, only a witch-woman can undo the spell. The Horigal is a large monstrous creature that retains its intelligence and skill despite becoming a large beast.

Occultism: Percival is extremely skilled in the use of magic, and knows several advanced spells (such as the forming of a Horigal, soul-brokering, and how to steal magic from others.)

Deception: He is also incredibly skilled in beguiling and tricking people.

Separation: Percival is unable to remain separated from Balankin for long periods of time. Whether this is psychological in nature of mystical is unknown.

-Weapons andEquipment’s-

Weapon(s): Cruciform: A small wand that allows control over dead flesh.

Equipment(s): (Example: Utility belt)

-Roleplay Sample-

Roleplay Sample: [Show us what your made of]

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Percival Ingram Lankin WIP
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