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 ~Hoshi (Completed)~

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PostSubject: ~Hoshi (Completed)~   Wed Jan 30, 2013 9:55 pm

♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦


"I will never forgive your stupidity, just wait until the future. You set your own fate, now I shall be on my way"

"Be enchanted by simple trip of a life time, yet get off my foot..."

♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦

♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ General Information ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦

Name: Hoshi
Nickname: The Terrible
Secret identity: Madam Cherrie
Race: Mutant
Age: 21
Day Job: Bartender / (Hotel and Bar Owner)
Character alignment: Neutral
Current Relationship: N/A
Residents: In the hotel Del'shi, Boston
Organization: N/A
Locations to be found: The Wishing Craddle, Hotel Del'shi
Sexual Orientation: Bi-sexual

♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ Personality & History ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦

Likes: Video games, Writing, White roses and Paste related foods
Love: Black hair(On men), Drinking(Liquid), Seafood (All types), Fighting, Dancing
Dislikes: People(Stupid and bringing up the past), Loud people, men (Who can't hold themselves together)
Hate: Men(Who lie and bitch about their own life), Women(Who can't seem to take her serious), Burnt food, Crap Liquor, Spiders and Dogs
Fear:Spiders, Heights, small crammed places
Passion: Bar-tending and possibly wrecking crap with her brother.

Personality:Down right like many say that Hoshi is a complete and utter bitch. Yes yes she is, she is that female who will pick on the weakest kid at school but only for the fact that kid will get stronger. Plus Hoshi is someone people never want to bump into in a dark alley no less in the hallway at school. No more and no less, she will ruin you if you try to blackmail her or anything. It is known in the animal kingdom at she is the Alpha Female. Hoshi will be that bitch who will leave you in the dust while she goes off and does what she has to do. It is Hoshi's nature to be top because that is how she is raised, plus being raised with seven brothers and one sister. She will look at you and push into the dirt if you seem any chances better then her. Hoshi tends not like Rivals as much as any person. She is one who be winning every time, despite other struggle. The maiden will push anyone to get what she wants but something that is always strange about her. Strange enough that this female is evil to strangers and people who annoy her.

People, she just doesn't like them; Well Hoshi doesn't like people to get into her busy because her family is personally insane! This is shown through the way she acts, when people ask to meet her parents she will bash her into the wall normally breaking it. Hoshi doesn't not know how to deal with people. Maybe it is because she ready to go and beat the shit out guy that walks through her door. Hoshi tends to want revenge for things; and she will do it when the people is down to the kick. Even if she has to push the event. This is shown with Ken... She doesn't even BOTHER replying to his stupid comments because Hoshi will get him back sooner or later. When she comes back for a counter punch, it normally blows people way. She just finds the opposite sex mostly being sexist or even a bunch of morons because not one man would help her when she was going through school or even through her family problems like Jen and Len might have. No doubt about it, she tells people how it is when men won't even look at their face when they are too busy staring at their breast.

Hoshi is one who loves to battle but doesn't know when to back down from a challenge. She will be beaten, bloody, and busted up really bad but she will not go down without her winning. She is tenderly that stubborn; It will blind her so that her smarts will not matter. Only her beating the shit out of her enemy even in argument she will have the last word no matter what. It is her nature to be wanting to do everything but she will not care for things that are not interesting to her. It is fact for example; Some kid stole someone's bike. She WILL not go after him unless the woman is offered something unless the person as wanted to take over her territory. Yes Hoshi was boss in hording off the other schools because she beaten the shit of the school rivals. Now for sports, she goes for dodge-ball, Baseball, volley ball and wrestling. Of course those sports are to show off that she always better then them. It is just in Hoshi's nature of just being a show off.

The better features about Hoshi, well she is sweet to her sex and doesn't bother them as much unless it comes to the Alpha females. Generally her bitchiness and her pissy moods are normally soften by the sweet Jen, who is the better judgment of her along with her cute Jade. Only reason why she lets Jen and Jade in is because they seen her at her weakest point, crying or even bloodied. Hoshi has the tendency to protect her kin so she will on her better judgment. Just People can't really seem to see April who she is. At times, Hoshi is someone who wants to be hold by someone tightly wanting to be adored and everything. Now like her nature to push away, it really is hard for Hoshi do anything in general. Sometimes to express herself, she has to fight or argue! It really how she shows something. Oh yeah, she wants to be a house wife but it is one of those hush hush things; but she always keeps recipes on her in case. Her bag is always at her side... If she is lost, she will find her way sooner or later. Hoshi just that lovable female if you know well enough. Hoshi tends in middle of class, and starts to day dream of how she could be married and having seven kids with a man who understood her perfectly or how she could be riding with her gang.

Her favorite food, well chicken wings with extremely hot sauce or pasta with a white sauce with sea food. There is nothing so bad about that, it is just Hoshi has that black hole called a stomach! She tends to rack up the bill but of course being rich as they are from close family member donating money. Hoshi needs enough energy to run her tank of a body, if you make her food like Jen did. Oh you made her love list quickly. Her likes? Watermelon! Well there is a large story behind her and the watermelon, lets just say she will spend hours chasing after the walking watermelon. One of the reason she loves watermelon because she can spit them at Ken and Ryou, hours of fun when they don't know who is doing it. Black roses... Well just to say that she is a bit romantic it is because the story of prince and raven. The black rose shows beautiful and secrets maybe even being the blind to any emotions at all. She loves the story Prince and the Raven, it is something she wishes to be in. She always wanted to be a princess like the rest of the females were. Hell her dislikes, well... Men who will not both to listen with her. That is one thing that sets her anger off! Ken in general really just pisses her off because he acts like he understands her, when he doesn't. People who pretend to be her best friend. No less, it is fact that so many people have done this so many times it is something she grown to known. There are several other things she gets pissed from but they will show soon.

Oh My so many people judges Hoshi's sexuality and calls her lesbian, well sadly she is not! Only for one woman she is that is Jen, it is friendship that could rocket off but she doesn't want to Ruin Jen's life. Plus Hoshi sees Jen as her best friend for life. Now why people judge her sexuality is because she doesn't find Ken or any man really appealing. Well like they say, Males are brightest of birds to attract the female. No one them seem to match Hoshi's listing... Now alright she loves guys who are taller then her and she will deny this because she would not be the in control then. She loves when tend to take control over her because not even one man has shown that they could do it. It is easy as swepting her fucking feet off the ground... Yes it is hard to lift her no less moving her but Hoshi just one day to be normal and not be that fucking bitch that everyone hates. Hoshi loves soft looking men but she likes rough looking men but they most look neat and clean. It is something with her adoptive father she can't stand. Hell maybe be treated like a princess. It is nothing much people have to do. To Truly see that romantic part of Hoshi but it now hard for her show anything towards anyone because of Ken always fucking cockblocking men from her. Yeah her ex, well he is dead because he actually listening to him..

History: June, 9 this little package of sexiness was born into a rich and powerful family who specialized in thieving and social abilities. Her father was quiet a looker just in his mid twenties when his daughter was brought into this world, and her mother was a beautiful maiden who would grace any table with her presences. It came to the fact that this child was going to bring her family to a higher ranking upon this world where thieves are locked up maybe for life. Of course this family having the police wrapped around their ring finger. It was nothing much to the cost but it was worth it..

At the age of four years old, Hoshi was already stealing items from expensive and well-guarded jewelers and banks and of course nothing could catch the tiny lad for an odd reason, and her parents took that quickly. Their daughter was something more then they would have ever imagine having, someone who change their own status and how much power this child could have! They quickly took this chance and began to train her within the thieving guild. Of course Selena had no idea what her parents brought him into but about a few months later that placed inside was blow up... Our little Hoshi was not going to piss with anyone that messed with her... So she decided to destroy the place along with her greedy ass parents. Since Hoshi was not a part of this school preschool, this genius forced the owner of the Thieving Guild to be his guardian, to pay for it. Until he is 18 years old, he can't not touch the funds of his parents, so she had to make do.

About six years old, a new Thieving Guild had formed back over the burned and busted one, and Hoshi was already pass the second grade. It was because of her parents at such a young age had force this destiny of thieving and hacking, etc this young lady had to only continue to grow more and more. Every night in her 'new' father's library of such old books filled with such wisdom along with some of the new novels, Hoshi would take all night to read the books one at a time. This child was surly something special. Through and through each book, her teachers would grasp at this child's ability to learn so quickly but this came nothing new to the Owner of Guild. The reason why this child was there, was to become the legend that they all heard from the parent's parents. A fierce name came upon those elders, Sweet little Hoshi was the sinister yet most powerful thief to be. Yet unknown to her own destiny this child continues to go blindly in the murky mist. One day within the forest she found herself at a pond... Something very large but invisible had shoved her into the water, the problem was she didn't know how to swim. Hoshi laid there for few seconds at the floor level before drowning, until someone with purple hair came down to save her. It was too blurry for her to see clearly... Waking up by her house... It was strange...

At the age of Eight, her training began to become quiet intense this was coming from the owner who was tortured at birth and trained all his life. Hoshi brought miracles to those impossible and quiet dangerous techniques to the possible. It was not that hard of task only if one could put his or her mind to it. Practicing French kick-boxing and after school program of acrobatics. Something that gain such praise that she perfected more and more every day, many tried to get in within a contest and tournaments but both of them, Hoshi and the owner would decline it every time. Hoshi in the case didn't want anyone on her case saying that he is that mysterious thief when she really wasn't. It only made her upset even more that this placed upon his shoulders when he didn't want it. Hoshi just wanted to be normal like everyone else. This could not be helped... Normal people wished had super powers but those that have those... Wish to be only normal..Hoshi could never be normal for a reason because she was to be this female who be looked up to from all thieves and kids as if she was this super hero.Hoshi was pull into scientific testing and something was strange. The female was didn't allow anything such at it. It was like if someone just told her that she is GOING TO be test subject.

Yet they learned her mutant of a simpler of a bull... This Testing subject had her bones pumped with all types of metals, rendering it practically indestructible. This made her whole DNA, twist and spread into the rest of her genes making her whole bone structure into a complete set of metal bones; revealing her rather surprised mutant gene in her. Now Sciences looked at each and smirked.. More... They had to test her more.. but just for a second they thought they were going to loss her when her bone was reshaping.. It was that the heart was flipping out... Now They took her into weapon training and into hand - to -hand training. Hoshi was like the unbeatable thing but her uncle... Pulled her out of the program to send her back into school again.. About a few years were flying by like a blink of an eye At the age of 10. Oh my... Her immune system was stronger then ever.. She was complete physical shape, and every time something just pissed her off. Everything that she would touch or grasp onto would break..

Those this was not going to stop her from going farther in her search of great power. She wanted this power to save that special someone when she comes up.. When she hit 11 years old, she grew about 2 feet and 6 inches making her about 5'8 feet tall, much taller then anyone in her class and taller then teacher. It was her growth was something that made things much more harder with his training. He failed at some of the things she could easily done when s was much shorter.. So ever night he would train so hard until he would pass out... That lead to the meeting of her. This girl who found her passed out cold in the forest, took him to her cabin... She could not remember it was a boy or a man.. Her vision was not clear only thing she could remember was that sweet scent of roses and jasmine that rush it brought to her nose. She was bewitched by him... When she woke up, she was at her house..

Unknown about the man's name or even looks... only the special scent that he had. So the years few by she came upon 16 years old and High school so fast for her. A perfect student, and a very desirable female upon the men even most of the females. Every pair of eyes watched her closely, they all followed this female no matter of course not the locker room and the bathroom. The locker room well, they had to sneak cameras within there when there was no one else within or even looking to see the hot body she had. To Hoshi, these were failures in the progress. She only wanted that natural scent. that one master's pure scent, Hoshi knew from the fake ass scents that human had made. They didn't even come close on near her pure and quiet lustful scent. Hoshi just was amazed how men were stupid and stubborn to say she is love with me and argue about it.

Now several years pass by the same woman as before with a bit more mature; after all those years, she found herself in Boston owning her own bar and possibly happiest since she found herself in the black. One would not believe Hoshi could be an owner of Bar but she made it within an instant. It was most likely a black eye for any man who really tried to flirt with her; but it really doesn't bother her as much as it did in high school.

♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ Appearance & Others ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦ ▬ ♦

Appearance: Hoshi is a 5'9 female of course. Her hair is a bloody red hair about lower back length, and her eyes are sky blue. Her clothing tier is that of a classic wife, she will were the casual sun dress, tank tops and jeans. Her eye's pupil is that off a normal person, but she is very active. This giving her a good body poster, it is something most of the guys really only look at when she is playing sports.Her Chest is more developed then she wanted it be but she wraps it up in bandages so it doesn't show, but it does! April's legs are normal size but she is more active legs, her leg muscles are very strong. Her hands are fragile looking but they are not.
Height: 5'4
Weight: 150 pounds
Hair Color: Blood Red
Eye Color: Aqua Blue

Natural/Mutant Abilities:

(M)Immense Strength: Her immense strength came from her past and the face she was training non-stop. During the time when scientist were simply playing with her DNA break down, She tends to be rather destruction the entire city by her bare hands. Hoshi of all people, broke her childhood boyfriend's right arm by accident. 50 tons is the amount that she can weight off the bat.

(M)Bull horns or Devil horns?: Yes well being a mutant came with a price, she got a pair of devilish horns in the process. Not really going into it with much nor did she want to go into it.

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: This came from all of her teachers in Academy classes, taking lessons from theives' right after she wiped them into the dirt. She doesn't know about how good she is but some how she able to do it. Ever since the scientist's had their way with her as well, has training of agent making her only deadly.

Enhanced Durability & Endurance: She can be slapped around by any other person so much stronger still be able to get right back up but when that people hits her, their hand will hurt for the next week or so. It felt like they smack the shit of 50 ton of pure metal.

Nibble Thief: Well, since she was a little girl being raised by theives and all of above; her hands are quick nibble. She could pickpocket most people without them even feeling a thing, As one would say. Practice makes perfect.

Boobs of Steel: Most people think she is joking half the time about how big her breast are, currently then are able to stop throwing knifes, swords, and possibly anything sharp without a scratch..

Keen Intellect: Despite her somewhat bubble attitude she is a rather keen person on details. April has shown herself to be analytical, perceptive, and deductive. April appears to be able to determine the pattern of her opponent's battle methods and correctly deduce a proper counter-strategy to defeat her opponent's attacks.

(M)Regenerative Healing Factor: It is a current unknown factor, that Hoshi has this but her partner has noticed this. It is quite fast but it enough to heal her from most cuts, gun wounds and burns.

Keen Senses: Her senses of sight, smell, and hearing are all superhumanly acute. She can see with perfect clarity at greater distances than an ordinary human, even in near-total darkness. Her hearing is enhanced in a similar manner, allowing him to both hear sounds ordinary humans can't and also hear to greater distances. Hoshi is able to use her sense of smell to track targets by scent. So thanks to others.

(M)Juggernaut: Almost unstoppable being. She has the mystical attribute of being near completely unstoppable: once she gets into motion in a given dire. Any tons of rock, will be paved out of her pace considerable. Only way to knock her the hell out is by gas closed off area, or calm her down with really good social skills. The capabilities of an ordinary human and renders him immune to nearly all toxins and diseases. She is virtually immune to "fatal" dosages of toxin. Plus she a mental block unless the person touches her, it is due to her skeleton cover in metal.

Weakness: there are a couple of toxins that can knock her off of her feet, along with the sight of a needle despite the past. If you grab her horns as well while they are visible and pull on them it is enough to really make her pass-out. Weakness are all over being metal and possibly somewhat of fiery temper.

Weapon(s): There is no such thing as just one weapon; anything she can grab if not her steel baseball bat. Tend favorites; Baseball bats, Brass knuckles, a staff and her fists.

Equipment(s): Advil, Painkillers and possibly the tends of icy-hots, hidden in the bar of course. Only things she really needs being a hand to hand combat.

Side note: The head admin will be checking this muwahaha~

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PostSubject: Re: ~Hoshi (Completed)~   Thu Jan 31, 2013 11:56 am

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~Hoshi (Completed)~
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