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PostSubject: My Character App   Fri Feb 01, 2013 8:12 pm

-Character Template-


Name: Swift Kill
Secret identity: Harakiri Valentulus
Day Job: Nope
Character alignment: Chaotic Neutral

-Likes and Dislikes-
Likes: Freedom, Snow, Cold, Fighting.
Love: The top of the tallest building she's currently in, and her dead partner.
Dislikes: Bugs, fire, and unneeded pain on a citizen.
Hate: Spiders, arrogant people, losing battles.
Fear: Buried alive, or fire.
Passion: Music, finding the one, dancing, fighting.


Hight: 5 foot 4 inches.
Weight: 120 Lbs

-Important Info-

Personality: Harakiri is a girl who is bold, strong, not scared to do anything she wants. She can be clingy and sweet/innocent like - to only those who get close to her. It's hard to crack her shell. She usually doesn't laugh because of her past. But when she does laugh it tends to be the most beautiful sound heard. Her smile has melted many men and her attitude has captured many hearts. A nice girl on the surface but a killer underneath, she always wrestles with her dual sides. Unable to either be a hero or be a villain. She herself see's benefits to both sides. She ca lip her switch in a heart beat, one second a girl you can see yourself married to, another a trained killer.
Background: Harakiri was left in a city when she was eight years old. She grew up all by herself without the help of anyone. She had to steal food from traders when she was young, and water. She had to bathe in the lakes in the cold even during the winter to the point she was used to the cold. When she reached sixteen she started to fight. She started to help police get murders and grow more popular. She is known as a villain and a hero, killing people yet helping them. She soon came to understand that her living in the snow and water some how had given her control over the substances. She loved her power and soon she realized it could buy her a better future, she would sell out her powers to good and bad people alike. she realized the bad people tended to pay more but she liked the feeling she got from helping the good.

-Powers -

Snow Flight: She can "fly" by creating a vortex of snow flakes that lifts here off of the ground, this flight itself can be an attack capable of freezing enemies solid.

Ice hard: Her skin is much more dense than your typical humans. she can take a bullet, she can even take three seconds from superman's laser eyes. She can take a hit though from some tough mother truckers

Affinity for Cold: She can control temperatures, she can move ice and snow with her mind as well.

Snow Control: she can make constructs out of snow ad ice that she can bend to her will.

Affinity for Water: she can move water to a limited degree, she can bust pipes and move water jets but that's about it. This can be coupled with her affinity for cold as well.

Whiteout: she can create a snow field that makes sight near by impossible, she can see and move clearly in it but others cannot move easily.

Weakness: Fire.

-Weapons andEquipment’s-

Weapon(s): Katana, and gun.

Equipment(s): Stealth belt for her gun and katana, and a pouch of throwing knives.

[left]-Roleplay Sample-

Roleplay Sample: Sitting atop the tallest building in the city, the girl perched on a wooden ledge that happened to be frozen cold. Her vest blowing back at the icy cold winds. Her eyes resting on the humans below, her katana hitting against the building as the clock seeming to now go off, the Dong like sounds echoing through her sensitive ear drums. She sighed as she looked up at the gray clouds; thick was a fluid that fell in a crystallized material of snow. Her hands gripped the frozen like snow; leaning forwards to see water, she only exhaled a cloud of fog from her lips. She smiled and sat there, remembering the days she used to have with her partner before he died in a fatal mission. (short since zenaki said to make it short since he knows my rp.)
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My Character App
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