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 R.N.G.- The Zombie Who Hates Himself

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PostSubject: R.N.G.- The Zombie Who Hates Himself   Sun Feb 03, 2013 11:53 pm

Name: R.N.G. (inscribed on pocket-watch - presumably stands for "RobNonGrata" or whatever that means)
Identity: Please tell him!
Race: zombie (formally human)
Age: Unknown (Deceased)
Occupation: Unknown (in life), Unemployed, Adventurer (zombie)
Alignment: Chaotic/ True neutral

Likes and Dislikes
Likes: Remembering, concentration, quietness, the wilderness, rocks
Loves: His locket, Friends, Animals
Hates: Everything, Himself, Forgetting, Insults, Being attacked, People that attack his friends
Fears: Too many to list
Passion: "Trying to remember...."

Appearance: (See Avatar)
R.N.G is a reanimated corpse, complete with pale green skin, long unkempt curly hair and goatee, and bright yellow, lifeless eyes. Despite being dead he has maintained a very muscular, burly physique and is quiet tall but this may or may not be the result of the magic that presumably reanimated his body. Oddly enough, his flesh, while obviously that of a lifeless man, is extremely thick and durable. His body does not appear to rot often- again, most likely due to the enchantments placed on him. Though a corpse, and otherwise impossible to tell, R.N.G seems to resemble a man in his early twenties. He generally wears a simple black button up, black slacks, and black business shoes (These appear to be a uniform of some sort). His clothes and of course the pocket-watch he carries inscribed with what seem to be the initials "R.N.G.", are the only clues to who he was in life.

Height: ???? (Tall)
Build: Large
Weight: ???? (Quite heavy)


R.N.G. or "RobNonGrata" as he calls himself, does not know who he is. He cannot even pinpoint how long he has existed in the fashion he has. The only thing he knows is that he despises himself deeply, and though he does generally want to remember who and what he was, and to find a way to regain his mortality, he cannot deny the guilt and animosity he tends to feel for himself. R.N.G is his own worst enemy. Though he hates himself, R.N.G greatly desires friendship but he knows that because he is a monster, no one could possibly accept him. As such prefers solitude and as such tends to spend most of his days wandering the outskirts of civilization aimlessly and enjoys the company of animals.

Due to his own inferiority complexes, R.N.G. becomes even more depressed than usual when insulted and as a result becomes weaker due to lack of willpower and concentration. Though he is a massive and intimidating zombie man, R.N.G would not hurt a fly and does not crave human flesh like most zombies. The only time R.N.G is not completely docile is when he is enraged. Due to the fact that he has had little to no positive human interaction in the life he can remember thus far he can be easily manipulated by those who claim to want to be friends.

R.N.G having the brain of a dead man, is quite slow. The guy refers to himself in the third person. As mentioned earlier he can be manipulated easily by most people, and due to his memory problems, tends to get people and events confused, which can easily be taken advantage of. However, although he is not the brightest individual, he possess an almost instinctive high intellect for battle, which he can access if he concentrates hard enough. This however is a difficult feat for him to do as his brain has only limited functionality and when angered enough can actually lose control of himself altogether.

Powers and Abilities: (Though normally R.N.G possesses abilities high on the superhuman level they fluctuate based on his mood and concentration: R.N.G is at his most powerful when he is able to concentrate and believe in himself )
Super Strength (max strength is comparable to the Hulk or Solomon Grundy), speed, durability, smell, and hearing. A keen battle intellect.


R.N.G has poor anger management, self esteem, willpower, and concentration, and as a result his supernatural abilities are affected based on his mood. When insulted and depressed he is severely weakened and will barely be able to defend himself. He also is prone to blind fits of rage. While anger makes him powerful, it also diminishes his judgment and critical thinking skills greatly and cripples his ability to thin rationally. Attacking his friends is the quickest way to get him to lose control.

R.N.G as mentioned earlier, possesses a low intellect and poor memory can be easily manipulated by liars and those who claim to want to befriend him.

R.N.G has little to no defense against mental attacks, and as such is extremely weak against telepathy. Mind control is very effective against him.

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PostSubject: Re: R.N.G.- The Zombie Who Hates Himself   Mon Feb 04, 2013 6:22 am

This all looks good Suda but I need you to post a sample of your role play skills, I know you can roleplay but everyone has to do it for their first character, the code for the section is: [b ]Roleplay Sample:[ /b] (no spaces) It should be about ten sentences. so far looks good or approval.
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R.N.G.- The Zombie Who Hates Himself
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