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 Herro folks

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PostSubject: Herro folks   Mon Feb 04, 2013 2:45 pm

My name is Hoshi or many people know me as Momo,or some people on the more personal side know me as April. I have been role-playing for twelve years now not counting the past two years, due to work, stress and actually having good timing on most things. I am planning to stay for a good long while, and will do my best to keep myself active. On a writing level when I am not rusty as all hell, is rather... a killer for most people. In a good thread with others writing as much, I think the largest post I have ever made contained about 80 - 90 paragraphs, each paragraph with 10-15 sentences. I am a detail freak along with a romantic nut. I will do fighting just I might not be fair....I try to keep things some-what realistic I can.

I have admin over at least five dozen sites, so I gotta resist the urge to back hands small details in profiles, mary/gary-sue and posts, so I understand how it is. I have been around the block and across the bloody ocean and back on over one-hundred thirty one sites in total now. I am nice if I get the same respect or else I am not the sweetest person there is. I met some old and new faces like the three students, Hiro, Loki, and Nickcca. But there are those who are silent and not on the xats/chat. it is nice to meet ya'll.

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Herro folks
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