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 ~{Wish once upon a time}~ Hoshi's Timeline

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PostSubject: ~{Wish once upon a time}~ Hoshi's Timeline   Wed Feb 13, 2013 12:36 am

♥ · ♥ · ♥ · ♥ · ♥ · ♥ ·♥ · ♥ · ♥ · ♥ · ♥ · ♥ · ♥ · ♥

There always a time for anything but there a time for the important events...
I regret doing wrong things in my life yet I regret the best things the most.
Yet my anger only grows over the years...

♥ · ♥ · ♥ · ♥ · ♥ · ♥ ·♥ · ♥ · ♥ · ♥ · ♥ · ♥ · ♥ · ♥


Name of Threads:Good Grief
Type:Social/Meeting Thread
Details: Just a normal day in the bar until a young lad named of William walks into the Wishing Cradle


Name of Thread: What A Bummer
Type: Social/Meeting Thread
Details: In despite of the lovely dovely holiday around the corner, Hoshi meets Terry then an distasteful event happens...

Name of Thread: Captured
Type: Rescue thread
Details: Lance, ex-Boyfriend had kidnapped lovely Hoshi and Terry goes out to save her.

Name of Thread: A New Home: Unknown Times
Type: Social/Meeting Thread
Details: The meeting of her new Son, Nickcca. Both of them now getting used to such feelings.

Name of Thread: Scars
Type: Social thread
Details: Hoshi meeting of Terry at his home to continue on the adventure.

Name of Thread: Recruiting Non-Hero Heroes
Type: Social/Meet/Recruiting
Details: Rain is seeking alliance with Hoshi.


Name of Thread: Welcome back Butler
Type: Social/Meet
Details:After a long Week and and half Lance her lovely butler as finally returned to her.

Name of Thread: Hopeful Wishing
Type: Event-//-Meet
Details: The WORST night... EVER.


Wish Upon a Star; Hoshi's goodies
Timeline -///- Relationship Board
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~{Wish once upon a time}~ Hoshi's Timeline
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