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 Vanish - Lance Fisher

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PostSubject: Vanish - Lance Fisher   Thu Feb 28, 2013 5:46 pm

-Character Template-


Name: Vanish
Secret identity: Lance Fisher
Race: Mutant
Age: 20
Day Job: Butler for Hoshi
Character alignment: Lawful Neutral

-Likes and Dislikes-

Likes: Dancing, Wine, Serving his Master, Knives
Love: His sense of Justice, Assassinating, Target Practise
Dislikes: Messes, Fighting, Coffee
Hate: Those who put his Master in Harms way, Mockery or Disrespect of him or his master
Fear: Failure, Death, Being Tortured
Passion: Wine Brewing



Hight: 6'2
Weight: 120lbs

-Important Info-


Lance has always been someone to follow the orders of his Master, being incredibly obedient, he is willing to give his life for them. There is no job big or small that he will not do for his Master, even if it causes him extreme pain or embarrasses him. He takes great pride in being the Butler to his Master, being raised to be a perfect butler, he is used to the demanding and pressured life. He especially enjoys making his own wine to give to his Master to see if they like it, of course he has a talent for brewing wine, he quite enjoys it too.

His sense of Justice is rather interesting, he does not like people who kill for no reason, and will get rather angry when someone does, often going to violent natures which is unlike him. He puts his Master above everyone else, including himself, thus mockery or insults towards his master will result in Lance attacking the individual unless ordered not to and will show no mercy to them. He also feels no one should have control over another unless the servant chooses it, thus he is against mind control, slavery, and even manipulative organizations such as certain religions or the government.

Lance is an incredibly clean person, always wanting things to be neat and tidy, he will go out of his way to look good and make everything around him look good. His position as a butler is perfect for this as he is free to clean whatever he wishes, as well as dress casually in a fancy way. He is a perfectionist in a sense that he will not stand for even specs of dirt or dust. He can however hold himself back whenever he is either ordered or he is focusing on something else, such as a fight.

While Lance enjoys assassinating, killing people without getting caught, he is not a fan of actually fighting. He will however fight if he has to and this does not mean he is bad at fighting, he simply finds it a waste of time when he could of just assassinated the individual without the need of fighting.

As a butler, he was practiced in the ways of dancing. He considers it to be a truly elegant practice, and likes doing it whenever he can. He enjoys doing everything in the most elegant way he can, even his fighting style, never being sluggish or clumsy at all in combat or assassination. He is a rather big perfectionist in this sense as well, not only having a tidy look, but a tidy personality as well. He sometimes tries to combine his dancing skills with his fighting style, thus attacking in a way that seems like dance. Despite the fact he does not like fighting, he was also put into self defense classes, as well as some martial arts classes, allowing him to learn proper counters and attacking techniques, most Jujutsu, allowing him to use his opponents strength to his advantage.

Lance's IQ is also genius level, making him talk with a rather large vocabulary as well as calculating large numbers in his head which can help in the assassination business. He was taught several languages as a child such as Japanese, Spanish, French, Russian, German, along with his original English voice and can speak fluently in Japanese, French, and German. He was also always getting straight A's in his classes, even going beyond that and skipping years due to his overly obsession with being smart at a young age.


May 16th, Lance Fisher was born into a family of servants that were employed into a powerful family also home to the 1 year old Hoshi. From birth his eyes were red, however his family didn't seem to mind, considering it a blessing that made him special. He was destined from the start to become her personal butler however had along way to go before being ready for it. At his early ages he was taught to be tidy and clean for his masters, which he seemed to pick up on rather quickly. He was a rather proud child, always wanting to be the perfect butler for his future Master Hoshi, even at times when kids would tease him for being one, he would not be bothered.

In his schooling, Lance was an incredibly quick learner. Being home schooled inside the mansion of Hoshi's family, he was taught all of the basics of school, as well as many languages such as Spanish, French, German, Russian, and Japanese, and can speak fluently in his original English, Japanese, French, and German. He was considered a Genius and a prodigy due to his impressive straight A's, skipped years, and constant studying despite the fact he seemed as though it was easy for him. He had only one thing on his mind at this point, and that was to be the greatest butler in the world for his Master Hoshi whom he would be officially the Butler too in a few years. He was taught the basics of being a butler, such as carrying several glasses on a tray without spilling, dressing casually in the tidiest of ways, even learning some dance which he took to rather quickly and didn't seem to ever fail except a couple times in dance.

A little older, around the age of 9, Lance had learned about the thieves guild that the powerful family was a part of. Lance was told never to speak of it to others unless ordered to, as well as taught the basics of thievery including how to pickpocket, lock pick, and sneak without being seen. It was also around this time that he began noticing certain things about his body, such as impressive strength that he got whenever he actually tried to use it, cuts that he received seemed to heal incredibly fast, and his eyesight being able to see when others couldn't. At some point during his training, he was running out of time to bring dinner to one of the nobles. In the rush, he was being much quicker then normal, and completely by accident, teleported straight to the table he was to bring the dinner to, making it on time. The family was surprised and seemed to view him as odd, though they tried to hide it, Lance had a different objective, using it to his advantage, practicing it daily at least an hour a day, he quickly determined his limits at that current time and continued to try and improve them. At this age he was also beginning his classes in self defense and Jujutsu, being as quick a learner as ever, though not quite as fast as other things, it took him longer then he expected, though still fast by normal standards.

At the age of 11, he had graduated from his schooling, much faster then even his parents expected. He began to dedicate his entire time to training his body and power, along with the continued classes of being a butler, though he only had another year left as he already learned almost everything there was to being a butler. He improved his teleportation at this point, and began using it more frequently to perform more tasks in a more effective way as well as studying his regeneration and figuring out the details of it, how it seemingly only worked at night under the moonlight.

At the age of 13, he officially became the butler of Hoshi, laying down everything he has for her, even if it means death. After a few years of being her butler, they grew close to each other, Lance having complete trust in his master, he did everything she said, including assassination jobs which he seemed to enjoy, and was great at. While he disliked the many fights he had to deal with, he was never defeated in combat.

-Powers -


Teleportation: Discovering this ability at a very young age, Lance is able to teleport anywhere within a 700 meter radius and only to areas that he can see. Before teleporting, his body begins to spiral in shape before poofing into black smoke, spiraling back into existance when he reaches his destination, which is in 0.08 seconds. If he is unable to see where he is teleporting he is still able to teleport, however only a maximum of 5 meters radius of his position and he is unable to tell where he will end up when he does.

Hawk Eyes: Lance also gained his red eyes which have enhanced vision, allowing him to aim more accurately then normal, often combining this with his teleportation and knife throwing. His eyes also allow him to see in the darkness and bright lights making him immune to blindness unless stabbed in the eyes. He is also capable of seeing through mists.

Enhanced Speed and Strength: Despite being rather thin in appearance, when he flexes his muscles, his strength and speed increase immensely, making him easily have the strength enough to lift 2 tons, capable of jumping 100 feet in the air, and receiving no fall damage. He can only keep this up for a total of 4 posts though with a 2 post cool down, however if he takes breaks in between the there will be no cool down needed.

Progressive Lunar Regeneration: During the night, Lance's body will regenerate progressively so long as he is touched by the light of the moon. Small cuts are regenerated quickly, though larger things such as a lost finger will take 5 posts to fully regenerate, larger parts such as a hand or an arm will be regenerated, but not during the thread due to the wound being too severe and taking too long.


Lance's regeneration will only work under moonlight, so if he is in the shade or it is during the day, he will be unable to regenerate at all.

-Weapons andEquipment’s-

Weapon(s): 4 Bowie Knives

Equipment(s): Belt with Knife holders, Watch, Cellphone

Black Hawk Mask:

-Roleplay Sample-

Roleplay Sample:

Standing straight on the roof of the mansion owned by the beautiful Hoshi, he was inspecting the area, looking for any misdeeds done by other workers. His eyes widened for a moment when he saw a man failing to rake up one of the leaves. His body began to spiral into darkness followed with a "Poof" sound caused by black clouds covering the area he was just in, disappearing completely only to near instantly appear beside the leaf, picking it up and walking over to the leaf pile, tossing it on top, turning to the man who failed to rake it up, "You are a disgrace to Mistress Hoshi... Do not let it happen again..." He spoke in an intimidating way, scaring the man for a moment before he began walking back to the mansion.

Hearing a ringing sound from his pants, he pulled out his cellphone, flipping it open to read the message of a man to assassinate, to which he closed his eyes and flipped it closed, putting his cellphone away back into his pants as he looked up to his room, his body spinning again before poofing into smoke, appearing in his room by the window, he walked over to his closet, opening it up to reveal a circular mask that pointed down like a black hawk, putting on his assassins outfit along with the mask over top to conceal most of his face, he began to jump out, teleporting over and over again in the direction he was supposed to head towards.

Outside the yard of a large mansion, he was targeting a man with black hair, square glasses and a moustache, having his picture on the phone, he looked at it again just to make sure before putting it away. With a gentle smile on his lips, his eyes honed in on the window of the building, seeing the man inside of it, he poofed again, appearing in a tree just outside of the window, he pulled out a knife from the belt around his costumes waist, he flexed his muscles, increasing power immensely as he tossed the knife through the window, smashing it and sending it right through the targets head, immediately poofing inside, grabbing the knife out from the man's head, and before the guards could even react, immediately poofing out to the yard with the knife.

He teleported over and over again until he was a fair distance away, flipping his phone open to send a message that the job was done, putting it away as he teleported again until he reached his masters mansion, being sure that no one saw him enter. He pulled his mask off and put it on the hook in the closet, seeing as it was night already, he went to the kitchen, cleaning off his knife until not a speck of blood was on it, fixing his appearance again, he walked downstairs to join a ball that was currently going on, acting polite as though he hadn't done anything at all, walking into the kitchen to come out with a tray of wine and small treats, serving them to the people, and joining Hoshi by her side.

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PostSubject: Re: Vanish - Lance Fisher   Thu Apr 18, 2013 2:06 pm



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Vanish - Lance Fisher
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