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 Dio ~Done~

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PostSubject: Dio ~Done~   Fri Mar 01, 2013 6:23 pm


-Character Template-


Name: Dio
Secret identity: Vincent Chat
Age: 21
Day Job: Toxicology (PHD in Chemistry)
Character alignment: Chaotic Evil

-Likes and Dislikes-
Likes: Poison
Love: Power
Dislikes: Weak beings
Hate: Losing
Fear: being insignificant
Passion: To Rule everything as King of Kings



Height: 6'1
Weight: 180lb appearance (Real weight varies)

-Important Info-

Personality: Vincent is almost the very essence of Sociopathic Charisma. He is more charismatic than a politician, and he knows exactly how to use it. He can act on a show with perfect fluidly and hide his emotions so far that even empathy abilities couldn't find them, however he is far from emotionless. He loves pleasure, one of the the things that bring him the most pleasure is power, power over any thing and everything is what he aims for, as a kid he was close to starting a cult in his honor.

Along with his hunger for power comes his sadistic personality, he is uncaring for the life of anyone and would not hesitate to kill them off, in fact he would be anxious to end a life, it makes him feel more powerful to be able to command over life and death, and he usually chooses to end it slowly. He sees the world as his play thing, a toy to do whatever he wants with. He is also a Solipsist if you haven't noticed, he believes his mind is the only true one, that he is dreaming of this whole world and that anything else isn't even existent. If he were to die in his belief he would just wake up and start all over again. Life is literally a game to him.

When it comes to level of intelligence, Vincent is top notch, his understanding of humanity is so strong he decided to take a different major to learn something else in college. He passed high school at the age of 15 and got a PHD in Chemistry with a minor in Physics at the age of 20. things can hit his interest easily as he absorbs knowledge like a sponge.

Every since Vincent was a young child he had been curious, always getting lost from his parents who were pretty much over protective. He was their apple in their eye. He easily got what he want from his parents, they were the first people he manipulated. He played his parents for hopeless fools, able to get anything he wanted from them as if they were his slaves. However of course it wouldn't end there, during his elementary school, he was always the straight A student. He got good grades and the teachers loved him, the students on the other hand obeyed him. He developed a following of these students turning them into mindless slaves to do what he wanted, whether to beat up older kids, or coerce them for money. It was odd, instead of bullies being older, this child created a gang of younger kids to take down the older ones.

Due to his high grades he was able to skip grades with relative ease, During middle school is when he discovered his own abilities, however unlike many mutants he read on through the internet, he intended to keep his own abilities hidden. He developed the ability to manipulate the Gravity earth has, he learned of his race quickly and found many information boards across the internet. He had to spend a lot of time deciphering which was true and false, sadly this set back his original intention on passing high school by age 13 instead of 15. He spent a lot of time practicing with his own powers, and in order to strengthen himself up, he always kept himself in near triple gravity, making him constantly live under stronger conditions then everyone else on the planet.

He had a lot of fun in middle school. Vincent also learned his ability to manipulate was becoming stronger as well, he always knew what the right words to say at the right time, and decided to put it to the test. Many girls in the school developed crushes on him, he chose one at random and became closer to her then the rest, slowly adding more stress on there relationship seeing how much determination she had, the result he enjoyed. At the end of the month, the girl committed suicide from the stress rather than break up with him. Of course he was able to get out of the situation with the cops easily, he learned the art of lying through his teeth, and better yet, it didn't even cause gossip to stir about him. He was able to continue ruling the school.

High school was pretty much the same story, however he continued to focus on his own abilities making his grades slip mostly due to lack of turning in homework, he already was able to think at a college level, but he wasn't ready for that yet, he was still enjoying the free time. At the same time he developed an interest in Toxicology, the wonders of poisons that effected the human body fascinated him. Despite his extensive knowledge in human psychology, he perused the path of a more direct lethal art. During his year in high school, he only caused the suicide of one girl, two guys who thought they were better than him, and a teacher he was able to receive a crush on, things were to easy. He heard of high school shootings and hypothetically could cause more damage then them without lifting a finger. To mere minds, he wouldn't have to resort to his powers.

During his final years in college he grew bored, he already deduced all possibilities and came to the conclusion that hew as the only truly living being here. Everyone else were just mere pawns in his game, he didn't even have to attend class and he passed by seducing the teacher into giving him the grades. He decided that things should be kicked up a notch. He had seen the news of recent Vigilantes rising up, it seemed that villains attacked more frequently in cities that held a super hero, when he passed college at the age of 20, he moved around to these places and studied the art of villainy, he started small. Robbing banks and such, however he was never caught, he was always able to convince someone else to take the fall. Either that or he resorted to his abilities on very rare occasion, sadly that occasion put his MO at a high watch list.

He has yet to run into any real super hero, but he has ran into small ones here and there, they were easy to rid of, he killed for the first time with his hands, and felt thrilled about it. It was more fun then killing with his brain, the power physically to smash a brain in, it filled him with joy. He then decided to take up a name and become more than just a low down nobody villain. He decided he would become god, god of everything and anything. He decided to use the name Dio, Italian for God.

-Powers -

Super Powers:
Minor Space Time Migration
Dio has powers that fit within the Space and Time category to a small extent. His time powers being much more limiting. His area of influence is 30yards.

Gravity Manipulation~
Dio can bend the space around him to change Gravity. He can change its direction by 100% in either direction. At the same time he can go up to 10 times gravity force downward. He can also control his own personal gravity as well. He always has 10times gravity force on himself making him move and punch with the power of a human. Think of 10times being his 0% power, 10%=9times ect.

Dimensional Harboring~
Dio has his own small pocket dimension he created using his powers. He resides in there and is able to warp freely between the two places however this ability is negated during a battle due to the concentration. He can also create small short lasting white holes that send out a strong shock wave of force in its orb. Also he can pull anything in his Dimension out with ease. His dimension is on a different speed as well, a year in the dimension would be a minute in the real world.

Reality Splice~
Dio can cut through space and time to create a shield around him, the shield can take strong hits and lasts for one post. Super man's heavy punch could bust it. Anything that breaks the shield is completely stopped after breaking. Lasts until hit, 3 post cool down.

Time Slice~
Dio+ for one post can cut the velocity of anything in his area of influence in half. So something running at him would for move half the speed. Has a 4 post cool down.

for the time frame of a minute Dio can stop time. However he can not touch OC's during this pause. He can however interact with npcs.

Internal Clock~
Dio is able to set his own eternal clock speed. He can make himself move up to 5 times his normal speed in all aspects. Along with doing the opposite and going 5 times slower. This ability would last 5 posts with an equal 5 post CD, also he would experience symptoms of high blood pressure, muscle aches, a small headache, and near heart attack experience. They wear off after 5 posts.

Time and space Coordinates.~
Dio always knows the exact time and dimension he is in. he knows time every time zone as well. So in America he could say japan's time is 6am. Pretty much always knows when and where he is

Time Leap~
This is a very strong ability of his. Dio can leap back and forth in time. However he does have a universal time Zone, or his “Present”. He is completely unable to interact with any large event in the past. The future he can only go in random time. He has no real knowledge of the future for the one he visited may not be the one he will live. Since time branches out depending on significant choices, he can't choice which one to go in.

Spacial Leap~
Similar to Time leap, he can jump between dimensions and always has his universal dimension. Which is the one he was born in. it takes either an entrance, or a post concentration to use this. “no post concentration needed for introduction post to a thread if its meant for his entrance. Also he can go 5 times within his current dimension within his area of influence before needing a 2 post cool down. Or once for an entrance or exit.

Spacial Rend~
Dio slices/punches/kicks the air and disturbs the fabric of space and time causing a violent wave to shoot out. The wave could easily blast a hole in a steel wall, he can only fire off three a post. It contains attributes to the medium, sword=peircing/slicing damage. Punches are blunt force.

Magical Cylinder~
Dio can open two connected portals in space and time that last for one passage with a 2 post cooldown. It works on people and projectiles.

Dio lives really in his own time frame, making Time based attacks other than his own rendered useless, at the same time he does not age from his current age. The attacks are only ineffected if aimed at him. So if someone else stops time, he would move normally, but if they speed their own time up, Dio would not change.

Natural Abilities
Expert Weapons~ Almost anything that can be used to kill, Vincent is an expert in it, not a master however. He can use anything from guns, to swords, to brass knuckles with ease. He has an innate talent for fighting as well making him very adaptable to situations.

Charismatic~Despite being so evil, Vincent has one of those faces that are hard not to trust, he is extremely good with manipulation through his charm and can easily convince strangers of almost anything.

Intelligence/Learning~Vincent can learn things extremely quickly, his logical thought process is always in high gear, as well he can remember near anything he ever learned making his range of knowledge widen every day.

Enhanced Speed/Strength~ Due to training at a young age with 3x gravity, Vincent muscles have become very dense and powerful, he has inhuman strength and speed if he takes the gravity off of him, however with the gravity on he is as strong as a normal human. His own bone structure is stronger as well from the constant stress, making them much harder to break.

Toxin Immunization~ Vincent's has slowly injected himself it chemicals and toxins to build his immune system, he isn't completely resistant to sickness such as someone with healing factor, but he is immune to all poisons, a bite from a king cobra would only hurt.

Lack Of Oxygen~ Dio's body creates oxygen inside the lungs from a mistaken poison, instead it introduced a bacteria that lives in his lungs that turn carbon dioxide into oxygen, making it so Dio can not drown, or even have to breath.

Dio may have strength speed and intelligence, but he doesn't have good durability, he can't take to many hits. Along with that his own stamina is quite low, better than a human's but compared to most mutants or other races its weaker.

-Weapons andEquipment’s-

Weapon(s): in terms of what he carries on him, Vincent carries a Katana and many needs with poisons in them.

The needles do not look like ordinary doctor ones. They are in an odd shape similar to a larger sewing needle, the inside is hollowed out with the toxins he developed himself. The dull sides of the needles are soft and he uses them similar to a bee, he squeezes the dull side to shoot the toxin inside. If he sticks on in and someone attempts to yank it out, most likely they will end up squeezing the dull side. However as like a bee sting, if you take the stinger out in stride by taking something like a credit card and scraping it, or pulling it out without applying pressure to the dull spot, then the poison will not inject.

Vincent carries many needles on him, and each one is filled with a toxin.

Red Needle~Influenza~ This toxin infects the target with influenza, making them heat up and sweat along with feeling tired and vomiting, the effects only last 5 posts with the 2nd post being the high point of the fever. After being infected the body develops an immunity to it for 3 posts.
Green Needle~ Blood Thinner~ This Toxins thins the blood in a body making even small cuts bleed much more than normal, along with clotting being near impossible. The effects only last for 3 posts with a 4 post immunity.
Blue Needle~Pain~ This toxin effects the nervous system causing a large amount of pain in the area, it spreads throughout the body within 5 posts, so its last post is the most painful, 2 post immunity
Black Needle~Hallucinogen~ This toxin causes mild hallucinations throughout its 3 post duration. The hallucinations are horrific memories of ones past, horrific is a relative term, so if someone hates nice things, their hallucination would be nice. However how it works is it takes an innocent memory and turns it horrific. 1 post immunity.
White Needle~Knock Out~This needle is only to be used on NPC's and on characters with permission, otherwise it won't even be seen. All it does is knock the person unconscious with optional death.


~Custom Katana.
Dio in the lab of his old college developed a very special katana using materials he had smuggled from a high military factory. His katana is made out of Adamentium. And whats more is the hilt contains an internal combustion generator, it sucks in oxygen from the air around him and ignites it creating a small jetpack he can use in various ways. The jetpack can lift him a total of 10ft however thats when the burst would end. There are many ways to use the burst, he could set it to a weaker constant flame, or a welding like flame. Always originally in his Dimensional pocket

-Roleplay Sample-

Roleplay Sample: ]
it was a nice and sunny day as a young man walked down the street of Chicago. The sky was as blue as the sapphire he read in the newspaper this morning. The man looked both ways before crossing the street to the museum, his piercing lime green eyes reflecting the museum off them as he walked right up and into it. He wore and Emerald green long sleeve shirt with a night black hoodie on over it and blue jeans. On his back was a new looking backpack, oddly enough his clothing seemed to hang down as if they were weighed down. One of the security guards stopped him. The boy knew this was going to happen, and planned today specifically for this reason.

“Excuse me kid, but where do you think you're goin?” the security said with a stern face. The young man only looked at the security guard and smiled. “I'm sorry Sir, I was separated from my college class, we are studying  paleontology today and the Professor said it would be better to see the actual bones.” he said with a perfectly straight face, no hint of lying as the guard hesitated for one second, however the man sealed the deal with a generous smile as he walked on forward before the guard even gave an answer. As he walked away his kind smile turned into a venomous grin. He walked into the bathroom of the museum as a man was standing there washing his hands.

'why should I wait' the young man shrugged as he walked by the older man washing his hands. He put his hand upon the man's neck as the man almost instantly dropped to the floor, a small needle could be seen in the young mans hand as he pulled out out backpack and placed it onto the counter unzipping it to reveal a new set of clothing and an odd mask with black design on it. “ Time for my Debut” he smiled changing his clothing and places the mask over his face. His blonde hair was hidden behind his hood of his new white hoodie. He then hid the backpack into the bathroom and walked out into crowd. He headed straight to the sapphire that was his target and punched his hand right into the glass, it went through quite easily as he pulled his hand out holding the sapphire, his hand hardly scratched. Alarms went off as the people seemed rather frightened and confused, however soon to lose that when the realized the man was the only one, no group, no guns, just one lone young man.

One of the larger men in the crowd attempted to tackle him only to be smacked down into the ground as a large 6ft diameter crater smashed into the ground, the man completely knocked out from the force. The young man himself began to fly up a little as he looked around at the now completely scared civilians. Such insignificant bugs they were as the young man laughed at the top of his lungs. “ Be Honored my peasants, for you are in the presence of your new God, for I am Dio, the one who you will all fear” he smiled as he snapped his fingers, another crater smacked in the middle of the crowd and the people began to scatter.

A line of cops came out now holding their guns at Dio, telling him to freeze. However Dio just let out a small sigh and held his hand out at the cops, they all began to shoot him however a strange mirage seemed to shoot from the villains hand, and as the bullets passed through it, their speed dropped dramatically and they fell to the ground. The Cops were now shivering in fear as Dio dashed forward and quickly jabbed each one in the neck with the white needles making them all drop behind him. “Sigh, I thought I would get more attention with a debut as large as this” he chuckled as he readied to leave the museum. What a nice day.

App Changes
-Temporal Immunity
/ Spacial Rend= 3 a post
/ Dimensional Harboring=added in own time fram
/ Magic Cylinder= 2post cooldown

Key= -,took out +,added /,Modified

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Changed abilities
added an itme


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Dio ~Done~
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